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  1. Almost the same for me, however I downloaded on my Win10 machine, went to archive it onto the USB external hard disk and low and behold it was already there. It was one of these moments.
  2. Automatic cleaning has been available for years. You just need to create a custom shortcut or .BAT or .CMD script to do it. In short it's: CCleaner.exe /AUTO All the command line options can be viewed at: https://www.ccleaner.com/docs/ccleaner/advanced-usage/command-line-parameters
  3. Someone posted about that WinXP security update on here before, I already had it archived on my portable USB hard disk from not that long ago. Moot point, but Microsoft who at least on Win10 likes to shove updates down peoples throats is perplexing as all hell in regards to supplying a security update for an unsupported OS. I really don't get why they don't just enable these "critical" updates via Automatic Updates and Microsoft/Windows Updates since they seem to still "give a damn" to release the patch to begin with. Then anyone affected would be offered the update who likely isn't looking for anything new whatsoever, but allot of XP installs probably have automatic updates turned off anyways.
  4. New entry [MiniTool Partition Wizard *] LangSecRef=3024 Default=False Detect=HKCU\Software\MiniTool Software Limited\MiniTool Partition Wizard FileKey1=%ProgramFiles%\MiniTool Partition Wizard *|log.txt
  5. That would be circumvention, i.e. illegal in most countries if your trial has expired. As with all commercial software buy it if you wish to continue using it. In regards to CCleaner there is a freeware version available: https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds This topic is now locked so that someone doesn't post some spam link or whatnot on how to circumvent.
  6. Usually those online scanning sites are using a Linux/Unix version that might detect something, whereas their Windows versions may not. Classic example is ClamAV detecting something when for instance scanning on Jotti, then the Windows version ClamWin detecting nothing. Also if an online scanning site has integrated a Chinese AV those seem to pick up allot of English language software.
  7. Windows 10 built in defrag tool won't defragment files over 64MB in size. Allot of 3rd party defrag tools will defrag with no file size limitation - which in turn can cause System Restore Points to start disappearing. More strange is the potential loss of overall hard disk space supposedly not tied to System Restore Points, etc., with hard disk space that mysteriously can't be reclaimed - just search the forums for that. In my opinion when using 3rd party defrag tools on the system disk where Windows is installed it's better to just have them defrag only the fragmented files, i.e.; via the file list like what Defraggler and umpteen others have and then let Windows itself deal with optimization. If you do things that way your defrag's will be done surprisingly fast, you won't have to disable the built in optimization, and the built in optimization won't have to undo a ton of stuff 3rd party defrag tools do differently.
  8. Win10 has all on it's own sometimes has issues with USB devices, the last thing it needs is additional help breaking something.
  9. Try it again without the profile names ticked onto the end of it, i.e.; have it end with just ..\Profiles I could be looking at this all though since I only use the portable versions of browsers. Edit: Also you don't need two CustomLocation entries for the exact same profile, maybe that is tripping up CCleaner.
  10. Something else that is glitched in v1803 and v1903 is when selecting a small 4x4 pixels wallpaper and tiling it. Go back into there to change the wallpaper and it's blank as in the whole page that allows you to change wallpaper - at least in my brief testing. Rebooting however remedies it, and not a huge issue if the OS is installed on an SSD for fast rebooting.
  11. I got it too immediately after seeing your post. As always thanks! Plus it gave a reason to turn on the old XP machine to update something on it.
  12. Would be nice if they were just detectable without adding in anything additional. But I suppose having the ability to use CustomLocation1=FIREFOX|, etc., is better than nothing.
  13. If it is by chance calibrating the screen Windows 10 has that feature built into it. Via Cortana/Search just type in Calibrate, and click the Calibrate display color result.
  14. Perhaps check Intel's download site for an officially compiled setup version: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/ Or your PC manufacturer's website, which even for an older computer should really still have drivers downloads still available based upon the device serial number, etc.
  15. Mine has the error on v1803 (which I restored a disk image to use because of issues in v1903.) Not that I'm in the Event Viewer at all though!
  16. I don't know about those older versions. However, with the newest 2019 driver you can open the Intel control panel via two ways: * Right click an empty area on the desktop and select: Intel Graphic Settings * Go into the Windows Control Panel, change the view from Category to either Small Icons or Large Icon and it will list everything. From there select: Intel Graphic Settings
  17. Just go onto YouTube to look them up there's a ton of videos, and with E3 2019 press conferences there's more to come.
  18. If you go into the Cookies to Keep list located in: Options > Cookies Just right-click on the Cookies to Keep area and select Intelligent Scan, then it will add in the Avast/CCleaner/Piriform cookies to keep.
  19. Well 1903 does have some issues just search YouTube for them. For some they're losing their Wi-Fi. For me it was undocumented the highlight color (an awful color at that) we see when selecting files would randomly blink/glitch on the screen every time I'd insert and remove a USB device looking as if my laptop screen was about to die and it kept getting worse over the three days 1903 was installed and would then randomly do it on its own. I've downgraded via a disk image backup I had made before installing it instead of waiting on them to fix the issue at their leisure.
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    Wouldn't it be easier to use the SSD manufacturer toolbox (if one exists for whatever brand of SSD is being used) to write zeros on the drive?
  21. Unfortunately I think they will now display those every now and then in an attempt to get people to upgrade, I don't think they'll stop doing it over a few forum complaints either.
  22. It's had that extra number for years, a few years ago I asked an admin who explained it to me but I forget what he said.
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    I think you still need to explain it better.
  24. It's just a forum etiquette-type of thing to not post such things that; A): Aren't displayed by default in the web browser without anyone having to download it, especially if it's just text. B): Could pose as a possible threat that can easily infect computers, i.e.; via macros, etc., in Office documents. I.e.; See this search: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=office+documents+spread+macro+virus I'm surprised the forum software even allows it (maybe it has to be configured to disallow it, which would be wise). In the past a different forum software was very restrictive against allowing in theory "infectable" files from being uploaded.
  25. I've been using CCleaner v5.40.6411 with Win10 v1903. Albeit Microsoft will without doubt inevitably disallow it at some point, probably sooner than later.
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