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  1. Doesn't seem to matter how much oomph a PC has, and even fast SSDs (NVMe or SATA) won't help.
  2. See if anything in here helps: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/5739-solution-when-ccleaner-wont-install-or-download-windows/
  3. Drive wiping/free space wiping tools have the ability to screw up a hard disk if they hang/freeze and even if the user cancels what they're doing. Usually the disk will be marked as the RAW format and a utility like Microsoft's own FDISK would have to be used to repair the disk. If it freezes again and if I were you I wouldn't push my luck with it!
  4. Thinking back on why it failed with a USB 3.0 flash drive -- perhaps it runs some test on them or whatnot to see if they'll actually boot, I know some USB 3.0 flash drives from reading Amazon.com reviews won't boot and I have a few of those myself I suppose from ADATA and Transcend. Dirt cheap, old design, and frustratingly super slow SanDisk Cruzer Glide USB 2.0 flash drives are bootable.
  5. I wonder if first running ChkDsk /r (which will take several hours in of itself) on that hard disk would fix the issue, i.e.; maybe CCleaner is stuck on a bad disk block, or some other error causing it issues.
  6. After installing the mentioned KB in this topic is anyone else also having the issue of Focus Assist keep re-enabling itself and issuing notifications even after supposedly fully turning it off. It's happened to me multiple times, especially if I've did a cold boot or restart.
  7. Seems like many Win10 updates/upgrades are just a beta experiment, always fraught with issues, some of which could be avoided.
  8. Maybe it wants to phone home to work, check license server, etc. I know another software Malwarebytes complains an absurd amount of times on-screen if it can't phone home during a scan to contact the license server -- or at least it used to in v3.x.
  9. Making this registry change before re-installing it worked for me. Might/should work after the fact too.
  10. Thanks for sharing the info on the camera and microphone. Mine were disabled in Device Manager, the update re-enabled the HD WebCam but not the microphone. I've re-disabled the cam.
  11. Another laptop which isn't mine that doesn't use any of those O&O tools had the exact same buggy behavior, so it couldn't have been the cause.
  12. Paint.net can at least update itself if allowed.
  13. Of course I did and still do use O&O ShutUp 10, and O&O AppBuster. From other reports on the web they seem to not be the issue, but the update itself. Strange how changing a single Bing related registry setting could make such a drastic difference.
  14. I had just restored from a Macrium Reflect image. And decided to give it a go once more after using the registry editing instructions in that link before allowing it to download and install, and this time it worked without issue. Have to say with every big change Microsoft makes it's making Windows 10 seem stupid to keep using because there's always some damned issue, which is getting very old very fast.
  15. Hold off installing KB4512941 for Windows 10 v1903. Immediately after 2019-08 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1903 for x64-based Systems (KB4512941): * Cortana is now using 290MB up into the 330MB range of RAM, as reported by Task Manager. * Cortana is now constantly using at least 30% CPU, as reported by Task Manager. * Cortana power usage is very high, as reported by Task Manager. And there's no uninstall for the update. I reported all the Cortana related issues to Microsoft.
  16. See the community Winapp2.ini for Edge Chromium cleaning: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/32310-winapp2ini-additions/
  17. Depends upon what type of install package created the entry rather it can just be uninstalled from the program folder, if something was installed with an .MSI installer it could be opening a can of worms deleting entries in there, and there's also some lesser known rival installation maker programs to the likes of freeware like Inno Setup and NSIS that didn't create an uninstall.exe in the folder where a program is installed, they instead place an uninstall list (.LST) or .DAT file in the program folder however the uninstall EXE file (may not necessarily be named uninstall.exe) is instead placed in the Windows directory and a command had to be issued to it to uninstall the software properly - I haven't seen those type in ages. I think the only reason it exists is perhaps since some programs can be uninstalled but leave an orphaned uninstall reference in there even though it had successfully been removed, and when attempting to uninstall again an error is shown. Although that can still happen even in 2019 it all seems so legacy to me - I remember the Windows 95/98 era (and CCleaner supported Win9x many years ago) seeming to have issues with poorly written uninstall routines leaving references behind in Add/Remove Programs hence the reason there were more than enough standalone tools to remove uninstalled orphaned entries.
  18. Media Creation Tool with Win10 v1903 back when they were having USB issues maybe they still are (mentioned on this very forum somewhere else) is hit an miss when trying to create the USB Flash Drive version. When I made mine back in May 2019 it failed to create the USB version on a USB 3.0 Flash Drive, so I made the DVD instead - restarting it the stupid thing re-downloads everything too. Then later on I tried to make the USB version again but with a USB 2.0 Flash Drive instead and it finally worked - and the stupid thing re-downloaded everything again.
  19. The bug I'm referencing I was able to re-produce with every version 3.xx release they had from the get-go, so I gave up on version 3 last year . That and the myriad of upgrade failures where something would always get broken or missing in the process, although that never really bothered me much since I prefer to always do clean installs of anti-malware and anti-virus because I've seen several of them damage themselves attempting an upgrade (Panda Free Antivirus comes to mind). What the annoying bug was: After awhile of doing multiple scans of the Downloads folder version 3 will eventually fail; wouldn't be able to scan anything, stopping and restarting the service had no effect, etc., and the only solution was a system reboot, ultimate solution was to uninstall it. Pretty much not usable in that regard. Of course I know someone might chime in and say, "just scan the Downloads folder once and problem solved."
  20. Your topic has been answered here with a solution. Try to only ask for help in one topic since you'll potentially get multiple answers, etc.
  21. See here for the solution: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/5739-solution-when-ccleaner-wont-install-or-download-windows/
  22. Andavari

    huge UI

    They did that a while back because computer displays are getting bigger, and some programs that haven't changed their default resolution size look too small. The solution given back then was to just hit the maximize button and make CCleaner a full screen program.
  23. A slow down could be from a number of things: * If you've added an un-trimmed Winapp2.ini file, either the community one from here, or elsewhere, which has apps in it that aren't installed on your system it will likely cause CCleaner to have a significant delay. * In CCleaner's Applications (tab): Untick under the Firefox list: Compact Databases * Secure File deletion, which you've already ruled out. * Possibly some corruption in your Firefox profile.
  24. Make sure you haven't enabled any Secure Deletion method found in CCleaner at: Options > Settings
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