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  1. Like Nergal originally stated it's better to just post a picture in an actual picture format like .JPG, or .PNG. Even the PDF people won't like to mess around with and it's generally frowned upon to use such a file format to show a picture since PDF's are also an avenue for infections.

  2. 12 hours ago, Sniktbub said:

    Piriform still makes sure their products are fully compatible with XP.

    While Piriform products are still compatible with good ole charished XP SP3, that might not necessarily be the same for the NSIS installer/uninstaller they use.

    With the way CCleaner installs which is minimal by my books by not creating a bunch of stuff all over the system in files and registry settings I'd be rather confident in the abilities of both Geek Uninstaller Free and especially Revo Uninstaller Free removing it after a reboot in case Smart Cleaning ("used to be called Monitoring") is enabled in CCleaner -- even though the default built-in NSIS uninstaller is failing.

    I thought not too long ago someone else reported a failure of it uninstalling, can't seem to find that topic. Maybe the uninstall failure has something to do with Smart Cleaning if it's enabled on the system, since it causes so many failures to merely update/upgrade CCleaner with it running resident in the background.

  3. Try to get it from the official CCleaner site, you could manually edit the download link to reflect the version you're wanting

    Example change the resulting file name in the URL from ccsetup561.exe to ccsetup540.exe or whatever it is you're after. Might work on download sites too, then again it might not.

    Just tested it by downloading CCleaner Portable v5.58 from CCleaner.com, merely by copy+paste+editing the URL and it worked.

  4. One reason IE cleaning may not work is if there's any software installed and resident that utilizes it for cache, cookies, etc., then CCleaner won't be able to clean IE.

    The IE lag or unresponsiveness to clean it I had thought they fixed, but maybe that just fixed it for Win10, I don't know exactly, but it did have that lag in multiple versions of Windows.

    Back when it was taking too long for users that were reporting it including myself on my system I just unticked those items for IE that were taking too long. Then once per week on Friday I'd clean those unticked items with CCleaner - that way I wasn't always waiting on it to clean IE during my multiple daily cleans

  5. 4 hours ago, JDPower said:

    Well it does have a habit of sending 2 email notifications for any new post there,😃

    Just an assumption but perhaps you're getting two because someone later edits the annoucement with the checksums/hashes (MD5, etc.,) of the downloads.

    Months ago I got so tired of seeing notifications in my email that I set up a spam filter for them so they go directly into the spam folder and don't consume any of my allocated lowly 2 or 3 MB amount on my free email since trying to configure my settings on the forum are completely ignored and always send them. But as of late I haven't been getting hardly any.

  6. Open Task Manager and EndTask any running CCleaner processes, then try the uninstall again.

    If that doesn't help perhaps uninstalling it by a different more robust means will work with either of the two freeware uninstallers linked below. Both do the same task by scanning for leftover files, folders, registry settings, and remove as much as they can. You may need to restart your computer after using them.
    * Geek Uninstaller Free
    * Revo Uninstaller Free

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