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  1. Bye Bye NIS2005

    Most likely, along with several freeware registry cleaners. And only if you know what you're doing you may have to manually remove things from the registry after running the several freeware registry cleaners.
  2. i have finnaly done it

    Copy/unpack the file from the .cab on the install CD to a floppy if it'll fit if it won't use a CD-RW disc. Then use a Win98 bootdisk and copy it when in DOS to the proper location.
  3. What is the advantage of sysinternals defrag?

    After I run the Window disk defrag program PageDefrag no longer shows any fragments.
  4. CD Drive not working

    If your system is still under warranty phone Dell support! If it can't be fixed whilst still under warranty they'll send you a new drive. In the mean time check this out: http://forum.CCleaner.com/index.php?showto...indpost&p=11283
  5. False positives?

    Suppose if it's at all sophisticated enough to know it's being scanned it may "deactivate or hide" itself. Or your antivirus/antimalware may have already taken care of it since trojans, worms, etc., are usually automatically deleted since they aren't necessary executibles.
  6. Virus?

    Does jotti scan archives, such as rar? Edit: Nevermind it scanned a zip file. Now to notify Esset and Grisoft about a false positive.
  7. To Many Anti-Spyware programs?

    I've never had a problem with PageDefrag. Something of interest after I defrag using the Windows disk defragmenter PageDefrag no longer shows any fragments of the files it can handle, and since I defrag everyday I don't have too much use for it. At least I don't think I do, could be wrong in my assumption. Perhaps the registry was in the process of doing something whilst the registry defrag program(s) was processing/compacting the registry. I'm only going to use RegCompact.NET if I run into problems again like when my mouse acting slow, jerky, and plain frustrating to move.
  8. Ewido inquiry

    In Ewido Security Suite after the full featured 15 day demo expires what features does it disable to become a free edition?
  9. Unlocker

    Yay, cool! Now to kill this damn un-removable empty folder on my D: drive. Soon it will be ist death!
  10. Ewido inquiry

    Well whatever it disables is alright. The weird thing is the shortcuts its installer creates show it as starting in the Windows Fonts folder, had to fix that. At least my security defenses are working as it didn't find anything. The only thing I don't like about it is the gold/yellow icon, it's difficult to see in the systray using the XP silver theme, and forget about it being on my desktop.
  11. Rustybrick

    I've noticed with Google the past few years that more and more b.s. links show up even when looking for something as simple as Ford GT.
  12. Itunes Skins

    http://www.google.com/search?q=itunes+skins I don't use iTunes so if you download anything you find scan it for malware, spyware, etc.
  13. Norton Antivirus 2006 Beta

    They release a new version every year for what I see as multiple reasons: * Mo Money! People whom don't know any better will open their wallets and buy it because they think their system will be at risk. * To actually fix bugs from a prior version by rewritting the program in part, or whole. Too bad this introduces some bugs as well.
  14. Definitive Best Free Firewall Opinions

    The U.S. gov should hire him to help defend the systems!
  15. To Many Anti-Spyware programs?

    That's the one thing I don't like about these types of programs, they seriously need a bootable CD that can restore the backups they made without someone having to go through loops, or a dreaded reinstall of everything. It's another reason why I don't use them too often, even though when I used NTREGOPT it did fix my mouse problem.
  16. Windows Media Player

    This happens even if it isn't running? Does the shortcut property in "Accessories\Entertainment" show as: "C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe" /prefetch:1 Also does the shortcut property have a shortcut key inputted? From reading the help file under the topic "Keyboard access." it seems as though keyboard access is interfering somehow, how, why, perhaps another marvelous bug.
  17. Norton Antivirus 2006 Beta

    Emm. I wouldn't personally try it since their final versions of software even contains issues.
  18. Definitive Best Free Firewall Opinions

    What if your ISP gets hacked, or infected? I'd be using something if I was you.
  19. CCleaner behaviour

    It works fine on my Win98 system, however what DjLizard stated has me thinking that perhaps some other software, or driver could be conflicting, e.g.; antivirus, antispyware, firewall, something else. It'll take Mr.G to figure it out.
  20. Norton AntiVirus 2002

    @ Dheeraj Not only is the warez crap getting old so are the big ass screenshots that have absolutely nothing to do with threads. I try to be civil and polite, however the mood I'm in today I could easily tell you to piss off.
  21. CCleaner behaviour

    WTF? If you install the VB6 SP6 runtime like already suggested it may actually fix the problem. And like already stated many programs require it, it's a Microsoft distribution, if CCleaner isn't working because of it you'll eventually run into some other program(s) that require it.
  22. ZoneAlarm tvdebug.log file

    Thanks for the heads up on this bloated file! For now here's a way to delete it with CCleaner. 1. Open Notepad and input the following:[ZoneAlarm (tvDebug.log)]LangSecRef=3022Detect=HKLM\SOFTWARE\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarmDefault=TrueFileKey1=%windir%\Internet Logs|tvDebug.log2. Save the file in the CCleaner program folder as:winapp2.iniIt will now display under the other ZoneAlarm log cleaning in CCleaner.3. In order for CCleaner to delete the file you must right click the ZoneAlarm icon next to the system clock and select exit. If you're using an always on connection (broadband) this isn't recommended hence you won't have any firewall protection when you exit ZoneAlarm. If you wish to use a simple batch file here's how to delete it, again you'll have to exit ZoneAlarm. 1. Open Notepad and input the following:DEL "%windir%\Internet Logs\tvDebug.log"EXIT2. Save the file where you wish as (just an example name):Delete ZoneAlarm tvDebug log.bat
  23. I'm building a new pc, need some help guys & gals.

    I'd personally go for a LCD T.V. that can work as the display for the comp and T.V. viewing, of course it'll cost more than just a monitor.
  24. Kaspersky, Kashmersky

    I gave the free trial a spin many years ago when it was "all the talk." I liked the GUI. The scan time was too slow compared to anything else on the market at the time, I don't necessarily think an AV scanner should take so damn long to scan files. I didn't like the configuration, there's way too much for the average to experienced user to screw up. I remember trying it's rescue disk which used Linux as the core on my Win98 system back when I didn't know jack about PC's and was still a newbie and it asked to mount the C: drive, being a big dummy I let it do its thing, which resulted into ScanDisk taking over an hour to fix all the file errors. Edit: Although I had gripes about it, the virus detection is supposed to be among the best.
  25. Anti-Virus question

    That's why the forum needs an agreement that must be accepted before someone can actually post. I don't know how Mr.G feels about it, however by detailing in an agreement that no illegal cracks, links, serials can be posted and won't be tolerated would in the end offer him some level of protection, many forums have such agreements hence the site owner is seen as responsible.