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    In other browsers you can also grab it from the cached files which is much easier if the browser uses actual file extensions. It's however a bit time consuming to do it that way. Also if you try to copy it from IE's Temporary Internet Files it will give warning prompts about copying it can be dangerous.
  2. Now you know. It only works with IE though, however I don't see that as a current problem. The thing I really like about it is I can disconnect my dial-up and once it's loaded it will function so long as the IE window remains open. I only found it after skimming through someone's HijackThis log and noticed the reference to it.
  3. In the Device Manager right click a CD/DVD drive and click Troubleshoot to bring up Windows Help topics. Also right click a CD/DVD drive in Device Manager and click Scan for hardware changes.
  4. That sounds like a very good ideal. Thank you MrG!
  5. My new on-demand is RAV AntiVirus Online Virus Scan. Whatever Trend Micro has did to HouseCall it now won't get to step 3 and endlessly loops trying to load the page so I had to ditch it. Also I noticed RAV's online scanner is quicker to download on a dial-up, it only took a few minutes whereas Trend's was taking approximately 45 minutes. It also doesn't even come close to putting as much stuff on the system compared to Trend's which will make it much easier to remove.
  6. For people customizing CCleaner via winapp2.ini who have had CCleaner crash this is a possibility that I stumbled upon today purely by accident. You add a program to winapp2.ini that has the parameters inputted incorrect, example: [RAV AntiVirus Online Virus Scan (Log)] LangSecRef=3024 DetectFile=%windir%\Downloaded Program Files\rave\avirexe.vdm Default=True FileKey1=%windir%\Downloaded Program Files\update.log Notice that FileKey1= is using an incorrect path variable "\" that CCleaner doesn't support for files, this will resort into a crash dialog when running Analyze, or Run Cleaner: This is the correction: [RAV AntiVirus Online Virus Scan (Log)] LangSecRef=3024 DetectFile=%windir%\Downloaded Program Files\rave\avirexe.vdm Default=True FileKey1=%windir%\Downloaded Program Files|update.log Notice that FileKey1= is using the correct variable "|" that CCleaner supports.
  7. Andavari

    Unusual PM.

    Could possibly also be because of a members status, e.g.; the amount of posts a member has made that for some unknown reason prompts someone into thinking such a member knows more, etc. <Andavari I'm getting old, and cranky mode: On> I've personally got some PM's I could do without, however not one of them have wanted an email contact, something which I would refuse. I've been asked things like what do you think of <insert software title> vs. <insert software title>, blah, blah, blah. People seriously need to make a decision based upon their own opinions, and how certain software products perform on their systems, hence trying to recommend something over another isn't foul proof due to different system configurations, capabilities, and if someone has the knowledge of what they're doing so they don't royally screw up their system in the process. For people wanting to send useless PM's, I say: Try to find the answer yourself first by searching this forum, and use a search engine, there's probably an answer somewhere if you would only search for it first. I won't single the person out, however I found this comment completely unnecessary "I am truly suprised that the person who started this is an advanced member" I say: The number of posts and member status based upon post count doesn't mean we know everything, hence we're human and we ourselves make mistakes! And, sometimes we ourselves are the ones in need of help. </Andavari I'm getting old, and cranky mode: Off>
  8. It doesn't even have display the drive letter in that utility. The small partition size 39 MB pretty much makes me think it is the utilities partition containing Dell's OEM utilities that I don't even like since there's better freeware and open source programs to check system integrity. The only info it has is:
  9. I love how the F.A.Q. goes from technical details to geological details and back, kind of interesting.
  10. My system has a B: drive listed however it's "invalid," with a red question mark, and can't be opened, virus scanned, chkdsk, etc., so perhaps it's the utility partition on my disk, however I don't really know. I just hide it with MS Tweak UI. Perhaps it's those motor vehicles: Aston Martin (oh yeah DB9), Bently, Jaguar, Lotus, Mini, Noble, Triumph, etc. Perhaps it's those awesome autoshows now being shown in the U.S.A. with a European twist that makes autoshows in the U.S.A. look cheap and silly: Fifth Gear, Top Gear Perhaps it's because of British comedy. Um, no. I don't consume fish anymore after nearly chocking to death on a bone whilst my cousin was sitting in the chair next to me hysterically laughing to the point where his face colour was starting to change as mine already was, thanks to my aunt I survived. I think the richer people get the more money they want, and the poorer everyone else gets makes the rich richer. Just my take on it. Ask your friendly superhero Spider-Man, he's all over the web. We're on Earth? Because someday they may find a bundle of "good" paper.
  11. Forgot to mention that v6.0.631.002 would sometimes loose the ability to use the Windows theme displayed and would use the Windows classic theme instead.
  12. When I was using ZoneAlarm Firewall (Free Edition) v6.0.631.002: * Install/Setup: Had to try multiple times to get it to install since some "glb*.tmp" file couldn't be read. That should've been the big warning that I shouldn't have even attempted to install it. * Removal of a program that was allowed temporary Internet access: If the program was allowed temporary Internet access on more than one occassion it would reappear sometime later in the ZoneAlarm Program Control. I found that the program had to be removed the same number of times it was allowed Internet access. Note: This is also a problem with some SFX RAR archives and is also present in v5.5.094.000. * System Startup: At random times WinXP would get stuck on the startup screen with a neverending progress/loading bar. Had to resort to holding the power button to force a shutdown, and then try to startup again. * System Restart/Shutdown: zlclient.exe would stop responding and sometimes restart/shutdown wouldn't properly work. Had to resort to holding the power button to force a shutdown, a bad shutdown nonetheless which then; makes it necessary to run "chkdsk /f" to fix any possible errors. * Updating Some Programs: Some trusted programs weren't allowed to access the Internet, no solution for that (reminds me of Sygate Personal Firewall).
  13. Andavari


    I also use Ewido Security Suite and only found out about it since it was mentioned in various threads. The scans are blazing fast and it can dig through multiple archive formats. One of the best things about it is it's nearly impossible to keep up with the updates since it's updated so often. One thing though is antivirus software resident shields need to be disabled during an Ewido scan, this will reduce any conflicts (none of which I've been able to find) and drastically reduce the scan time. Edit: Forgot to mention that if the whole program itself is updated, it will download and upgrade itself without any need to download a setup file.
  14. Well I had and discovered even more issues than what I detailed above. The only reason I'm even sticking with ZA was because you told me that the constant pop-up alerts could be disabled, had you not told me that we wouldn't even has this thread hence I would've never even bothered giving ZA a try again.
  15. Thank you for the information, however I already know about cleaning up after it's "uninstalled." It leaves a ton of stuff in the registry and on disk, and always has. It's an old issue which to this day they haven't got right with their uninstall routine.
  16. You're more likely to get carpal tunnel from a keyboard versus cancer, unless of course you've been smoking a whole pack of cigarettes at one time Cone Heads style whilst typing.
  17. I haven't had to use any CCleaner backups, hence I don't even use the backup feature however I do know that in some other registry cleaning programs their backups are useless, meaning you can save a backup try to import it and the importing fails. For this reason I recommend when using other registry cleaning programs that may be potentially unsafe (not CCleaner) that an actual, good full registry backup should made using ERUNT, make sure all check boxes are selected to backup the registry for the whole system. Also; some registry changes can't be undone by System Restore!
  18. I found the best solution was to downgrade to the previous version, now I'm not experiencing any problems.
  19. Do you have some sort of firewall alert, etc. Perhaps MBSA needs a firewall allow rule created for Internet access. Also using filtering software in the proxy settings of Internet Explorer can foul up some software when they want to download something.
  20. Although not free IdeaSoft Scrapbooks Plus and Greating Card Factory Silver are two of my fav's, and they're inexpensive at $9.99 USD each.
  21. CCleaner gets rid of start menu deleted folder references using: Issues Edit: For instance lets say you installed a program named "Some App" which created a start menu group, and you started Some App via its start menu group which instantly places its start menu group in the registry. You later uninstall Some App thinking it's gone, only to find a start menu folder reference in the registry; so in theory the uninstall isn't really complete. You run the CCleaner Issues to remove the folder reference.
  22. I would've verified the names but I wasn't about to go upstairs grab my Win98 system, drag it downstairs, etc., etc., just to find out.
  23. Alot of what Mastertech has posted lately has already been talked about before on here, and it isn't just this thread.
  24. It doesn't matter if you use Internet Explorer or not! Since it's so deeply integrated into the system you are actually using it even if you never open the browser yourself. Many programs that have a built-in update feature utilize Internet Explorer's Temporary Internet Files folder and utilize Internet Explorer's Cookies to download and install the updates, therefore there's no way around it. Since you know Firefox will get it's cookies deleted you can now avoid it by having the option de-selected. Also when installing a new version of CCleaner just install over the old one to retain your settings. If this works with Firefox I don't know, I previously did it with Mozilla Suite when I downloaded mp3's from mp3.com many years ago: To keep preferred cookies to sites you like visit them to get cookied, and then zip the Firefox cookie file in the same directory it's located. Now if the cookies get deleted via CCleaner or via Firefox just unzip the backup to restore your preferred cookies.
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