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  1. Adult Site Blocker

    The real stumper is why would someone want to install something on someone elses system without their knowledge that blocks content, regardless of our thoughts about it. Almost sounds like what adware, spyware does. Just telling him what it (porn) does to his system may be the best blocker available!
  2. Having CCleaner clean the RegSeeker backups could very easily spell catastrophe for your system, especially if you don't carefully look at the backups! In RegSeeker you can right click a backup it lists and delete it from within the program.
  3. What type of Firewall do you use?

    I tried Outpost Personal Firewall for a very short time a few weeks ago. The configuration first looked much different than any other firewall I had ever used, however after reading the guides (some of the best ever for a firewall) I understood it a little more, but ultimately it is rather old. That's the reason I went with ZoneAlarm (free edition) since there's not too much hassle configuring it, and after rridgely pointed out that the pop-up alerts that really annoyed me could be disabled I started to like it even more. Even though Zone Labs states it works with Win98 SE and above, I installed it on my Win98 system and runs fine. To me ZoneAlarm is perfect regardless of it's ram usage for the fact I don't have to fiddle with it by adding custom rules which got old and became rather unappealing over the past few years (Tiny, Kerio, Sygate). I won't use Sygate Personal Firewall ever again since it has the tendency to start messing up after it's been installed for awhile, which could be days, weeks, months, it just depends. I had thought the problem with it was just my WinXP system, however when I dusted off my Win98 system to update it I was confronted with the same exact problems. If you want to know just how problematic it really is look on the Sygate Forums.
  4. Port open,closed ,stealth

    I also like eTrust EZAV. It's one of the few av's I've seen that automatically scans all hard disks not just the C:\ drive. Plus there's essentially no configuration to mess with since it scans everything by default, components have to be disabled for it not to scan everything. Also the 2005 v7 edition seems as if it's using a different more thorough scan routine compared to the older v6 since the scan time takes twice as long on my system.
  5. Port open,closed ,stealth

    If you want to learn more with some of the best documentation I've ever seen come with a firewall look at Outpost PDF guides listed on the right hand side of http://www.agnitum.com/products/outpost even if you don't use Outpost there's some good info in those guides.
  6. Sound is very quiet.

    @ DjLizard We're not worthy, we're not worthy! You did it again!
  7. Meaning of the BEEP Sounds in PC

    @ Dheeraj I stated before I may say this to you, here it is in beeping language. Decipher this from the letter number in the alphabet: 16 beeps, 9 beeps, 19 beeps, 19 beeps 15 beeps, 15 beeps, 6 beeps
  8. Ad-aware Update not working

    I don't know if you use MS AntiSpyware or not but yesterday after I ran its update program no other security update program I tried would work, e.g.; Ad-Aware, eTrust EZ Antivirus, Spybot SD. Had to reboot to fix the issue.
  9. Adult Site Blocker

    Along with filtering software blocking sites via the browser, and the HOSTS file will also work and I'd recommend it, hence filtering software can be easily shutdown. In the meantime tell your friend to get a girlfriend, or hook him up then he won't need to visit such sites.
  10. ZoneAlarm tvdebug.log file

    @ pudelein Very cool, it works perfectly. And a nice first post to Here's a .bat script to do it: 1. Open Notepad, save an empty file as (use the quotes): "%windir%\Internet Logs\tvDebug.1" 2. Now copy these switches into the empty Notepad window (use the quotes): cd "%windir%\Internet Logs" copy "tvDebug.1" "tvDebug.log" exit 3. Save the Notepad file where you wish, as for example (use the quotes): "ZoneAlarm tvDebug.log Emptier.bat"
  11. i have finnaly done it

    Yes, and to give you access to your CD or DVD drive. You may want to copy the file(s) (unpacked) onto a CD-RW disc using your working system that way you won't have to fiddle with too many command line tools.
  12. Nude eBayer flashes 19in monitor

    I'm surprised eBay allows that to happen.
  13. What type of Firewall do you use?

    A dog and a shotgun are effect security. If the dog don't get 'em the shotgun surely will.
  14. Sound is very quiet.

    And another possibility is to open the PC case completely unplug the sound card. Look at the line of connectors, if they're dirty (or just for the fun of it) cleaning them with a pencil erasing can help to remove any clag.
  15. i have finnaly done it

  16. What Operating System Do You Use?

    Main PC: WinXP Pro SP2 Secondary PC: Win98
  17. Fake Microsoft Security Bulletin Email

  18. Sound is very quiet.

    Yeah, and make sure nothing has mute check marked. You may want to try some headphones on the output jack as well just to make sure the soundcard is alright. Probably wouldn't hurt to check Control Panel->Device Manager->Sound, video and game controllers.
  19. Program files folder

    Easiest solution is to fire up your file archiver and zip the remain folder contents (settings) storing the full folder information.
  20. Installing CCleaner

    Empty your browser cache ("Temporary Internet Files"), download CCleaner and try to install.
  21. I'm thinking about building my own site?

    Auto racing, automobile, motorcycle, women in bikini's, etc.
  22. Windows ME

    The underpinnings are still MS-DOS if I'm not mistaken. It's a bit late to worry about the reputation of WinMe, does Microsoft even support it anymore? I know they stated Win9x was obsolete and no longer supported, however the laughable thing is Windows Update still finds critical updates for Win98. After going through the Win98 era of format+reinstall every 6-12 months, completely avoiding WinMe due to hellish horror stories I read online, and now WinXP which took me time to like since I initially utterly hated it and still hate it a bit since my old videogames won't run properly on it. I really don't care what the OS looks like. The main features should always be stability, security, and great functionality. The "Mickey Mouse (or Goofy to some)" buttons and menus can come after the thing is proven not to crash due to OS related files.
  23. IE 7 pics!

    I don't care if they make it look like a rip-off of a Corvette Z01, I still ain't gonna use it for everyday surfing, only for Windows/Office updates.
  24. What is the advantage of sysinternals defrag?

    PageDefrag has never showed more than 1 file fragment for pagefile.sys on my system, don't know why. Hmm, just looked in PageDefrag and noticed some new entries in "Windows\System32\Config" called ACEEvent.evt (don't know), Antiviru.evt (don't know), and Antivirus.evt (left over from me trying avast and it giving two false positives).
  25. Jittery Wavy distortions in monitor

    If it's an old style glass tube monitor play with its settings buttons to see if it has a built-in degausser. If it does then degaussing may help.