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  1. I think it's just a coincidence that your fans are running louder! In any case if you use RegEdit (Start > Run > regedit) and right-click and manually delete what's under this key location, in particular what the .REG file added into it which was AllowPrelaunch and AllowTabPreloading, and then restart your computer: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\MicrosoftEdge Note that removing it will cause CCleaner to start complaining again when you attempt to clean Edge with it.
  2. Options > Actions: Restore folder structure
  3. Where are the advanced features

    Should be in 'Tools > Startup'. If you aren't seeing that perhaps provide a screenshot.
  4. Software Updater in free version?

    Could be a "tunable" a term used to explain how some online games can enable/disable something in the installed software without any need for an update. Just speculation though.
  5. Maximize the CCleaner window and you'll have no issue using it. Leaving CCleaner out of the picture you haven't seen anything yet; the problem gets even worse if for instance on Windows 10 and the scaling size is set higher than Microsoft's recommendations (which is silly and sort of required on a 15 inch or smaller laptop with aging eyesight), then allot of programs run off screen at the bottom and the most annoying are those that have no ability whatsoever to be maximized during operation (Samsung Magician, 7-Zip when compressing an archive, etc.,). It's the main reason should I ever buy another laptop I will never get a 16:9 screen size again because at 16:9 it's great for movies/videos but is crap when using many apps/programs.
  6. Bug? Misuse? Missing feature?

    It's one of the reasons years ago they had to remove the ability to clean the SoftwareDistribution folder in Windows, because it was breaking things. I think 3rd party cleaning tools who wish to clean Windows will need to play according to what Microsoft wants because if they are breaking Windows installations they could easily get blacklisted, i.e.; the software won't install or gets uninstalled by Windows. Not that long ago Win10 was removing CCleaner, and current day it won't let anyone use a really old version like CCleaner 5.28.
  7. This is the whole contents of portable.dat from CCleaner Portable and has been for years, it's not infected in any way shape or form: #PORTABLE#
  8. Bug? Misuse? Missing feature?

    You can add the functionality back into it by going into: Options > Include, then add the path the Windows.old folder is located in. I'd still call it possibly dangerous though because with Windows Updates you never know what Microsoft might change even in Win 8/8.1 they could easily inherit something from Win10, and having CCleaner remove it could mess up your system.
  9. Bug? Misuse? Missing feature?

    CCleaner used to be able to clean Windows.old several versions ago but it was removed because it could break Windows 10 which two users reported. The safest way to clean Windows.old is with the built in Windows tools: Disk Cleanup, and/or also Storage Sense in Windows 10.
  10. Electronic Arts game Anthem is bricking Sony PlayStation 4 consoles Allot of videos about it on YouTube, here's a search: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=ea+anthem+game+bricking+ps4
  11. I don't have the game and won't get it due to my disdain for anything EA. However if my PS4 locked up or crashed so hard it seemed bricked (multiple EA games over the years have caused that) I'd just take the hard disk out and format it on Windows, and then attempt to install the PS4 OS again.
  12. Firefox Send

    Thing is even with "algorithms" to detect such things they can be defeated, for instance just pack something in an archive that needs a password then it can't get a fingerprint on say a music file.
  13. CCleaner Update

    You'll probably have to do that every time, that is until they fix the installers ability to successfully update.
  14. More info on Software Updater required

    It's was speculated for many years, and then some findings on the Internet helped validate it, but not "from the horses mouth" since they've never stated anything about it.
  15. Firefox Send

    And how long will it be for copyright holders/owners to force that site to get taken down, like so many other file sharing sites in years past due to illegal sharing of music, movies, etc.
  16. Well, in order for CCleaner to properly clean Edge without it notifying that it has to have that registry fix in place I'd say it is in fact a CCleaner problem. They could easily remedy the issue via the installer by creating those registry keys, or even supply an official .REG file for people to import instead of those incorrect instructions they've been told about in posts on more than one occasion where those registry keys do not exist instead they have to be created. Not everyone is comfortable manually editing the registry which was why I supplied those instructions for creating the .REG file in the first place. It would take them an insignificant amount of time to post an official .REG file people could download and import! Of course the other option is to configure Edge in its settings to automatically clean itself after it gets exited - all browsers have that ability and do a good enough job.
  17. Many icons system tray

    There's been a couple of other reports about multiple instances running, so they know about it. Those other reports are located at: * https://forum.piriform.com/topic/53537-many-clones-of-dummies-много-клонов-чайников/ * https://forum.piriform.com/topic/53479-ccleaner64-wont-go-away/ Edit: Maybe try what's suggested here by admin Ben Piriform: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/53537-many-clones-of-dummies-%D0%BC%D0%BD%D0%BE%D0%B3%D0%BE-%D0%BA%D0%BB%D0%BE%D0%BD%D0%BE%D0%B2-%D1%87%D0%B0%D0%B9%D0%BD%D0%B8%D0%BA%D0%BE%D0%B2/?do=findComment&comment=304345
  18. Winapp2.ini additions

    There's been bug reports with it's cookie cleaning abilities (or lack there of) in v5.54 and 5.55, just one topic that explains it: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/53534-ccleaner-554-not-detecting-or-deleting-cookies/
  19. CCleaner Update

    See if anything in here helps: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/5739-solution-when-ccleaner-wont-install-or-download-windows/
  20. Software Updater in free version?

    CC v5.40.6411 is still good (last good version in my opinion since dealing with v5.55), it's what I downgraded to and will stay with until Windows 10 doesn't allow it anymore -- but at that point I also won't update to any newer version.
  21. CCleaner does not respond to my request

    I've left a note for the admins in our staff area discussion. And I've moved this to the bug reports area of the forum.
  22. Ccleaner can not be downsized

    There is already a topic about this located at: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/53546-last-ccleaner-v5547088-window-not-resizing/ Since there's an on-going previous topic I'll now close this one.
  23. Updating may have created a restore point, although I can't recall in the past if it triggered one to be created or not. Then again yesterday was updates Tuesday for Windows so if your computer has installed those that would've gobbled up some disk space including making a restore point.
  24. My take on modern computers with Windows 10 and defrag programs is this: I only use them as a file list defrag tool, meaning click Analyze and only defragment what it lists in the file list as fragmented, and the defrag process is vastly faster using that approach. Some of what's in that file list of the 3rd party defrag tool Windows Defrag & Optimize Drives couldn't begin to bother itself with if it's bigger than 60 ~ 65 MB or thereabouts (which to me is too small of a size to ignore), which makes a 3rd party defrag tool still handy in that particular situation. Although with really big files with only a few fragments it's generally a huge waste of time to defragment them.
  25. See the pinned topic here: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/53177-how-to-disable-pre-launching-and-pre-loading-so-ccleaner-can-fully-clean-edge/