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  1. The default location it will store the backup in is the Documents folder, so look in there to see if there's any in there, they will start with CC*.reg and have the date+time, etc., after CC. If it isn't offering to do any registry backups the settings could be corrupt, you can reset it to the default settings: 1. In CCleaner go into: Options > Advanced 2. Click: Restore default settings Note: You will have to re-configure it to your liking after doing that, such as what to clean, and also which Cookies to Keep.
  2. The lost hard disk space may be in System Volume Information ("System Restore"), many have reported it causing them to loose allot of available disk space and for some undoing it proves difficult.
  3. Skype

    You can grab a cleaner for Skype from the Winapp2.ini community file here: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/32310-winapp2ini-additions/?do=findComment&comment=175835
  4. The Standard installer from Piriform here is not being detected by Windows Defender with Threat definition version 1.283.3221.0 on my Win10 system. The VirusTotal scan is at: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/04b7ab2b5062d01ea640279cbc5d1977df32420a9962fb254acf3ea7948d2d7b/analysis/1547826728/ Here's the file Hash: ================================================== Filename : ccsetup552.exe MD5 : B62D4496CEE15094AC4C82785DFA7A06 SHA1 : CAB1D85A3FFB4F255E7847C892587D160831B86F CRC32 : E34B9382 SHA-256 : 04B7AB2B5062D01EA640279CBC5D1977DF32420A9962FB254ACF3EA7948D2D7B SHA-512 : 428694AEEB782137EBC003B7FFB1EE244199CFDE9AFA3EFC92733F1789F25D982836314569FF524B7C0C589C394354D3ED6961563C2C61F3B178AF804497FF55 SHA-384 : BB14DEC00C8FFA3090934567975879BE4731BD3B1DB286FC4FB9DF7CF81B9EFB96A1C80F604857A46ECCE9AF47A846BC Full Path : E:\Downloads\ccsetup552.exe Modified Time : 1-18-2019 9:46:15 AM Created Time : 1-18-2019 9:46:13 AM Entry Modified Time: 1-18-2019 9:46:15 AM File Size : 19,341,880 File Version : Product Version : Identical : Extension : exe File Attributes : A ==================================================
  5. bug reprort latest version of c cleaner

    You shouldn't really have to disable your anti-virus or anti-malware to install or update CCleaner.
  6. bug reprort latest version of c cleaner

    For anyone that is having that exact issue try the instructions in this post by Nergal: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/53111-fail-to-install-ccleaner-pro-v5516939/?do=findComment&comment=302097 Edit: Those instructions by Nergal seem to be working for some people!
  7. stop deleting chrome history

    See this screenshot for the location:
  8. 1809 Edge

    They really should update that page with correct information, this is the second post where someone has noticed the error. Here's the correct information: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/53177-how-to-disable-pre-launching-and-pre-loading-so-ccleaner-can-fully-clean-edge/
  9. CCleaner lag super-bug

    It's not always because of a big Winapp2.ini file though. For reference their Recuva software takes absolutely forever to load on Windows 10 to the point someone could compare the launch time to a huge program with tons of DLLs and dependencies, CCleaner loads ages before it.
  10. The cleaning abilities (or lack there of) are not different between free vs pro (sure pro has a few more paid for features but it's not a vast difference). You don't have to take my word for it just scour through old posts where even paying pro users have issues with some things not being able to be cleaned (such issues were and still are pretty much non-existent on old OSes like Windows XP). Some of the lack of cleaning issues "could possibly be sorted" if they'd go back to being able to delete things after a system reboot using 'pending file rename operation to delete a file(s)' that's existed as long as dirt, but they took that ability out many years ago.
  11. chrome history

    There's also one for Download History if that might be one of the histories you wish to keep too. Also see the help documentation: https://www.ccleaner.com/docs/ccleaner
  12. As for disabling Cortana in Edge advanced settings I don't have that available either, however I'm still on Win10 v1803 because Acer hasn't approved it yet for my laptop model. The Windows Defender Security Center is the only one I have left enabled. Even with everything else disabled Edge is still able to load in the background during startup and sign-on of my system (maybe something to do with being on Win10 v1803). It's the reason I just open Edge and then close it manually, so far works every time for me and it allows CCleaner to clean both Edge and IE without any warnings.
  13. hangs at IE history

    That's a duplicate from the other topic. I answered the question in that other topic here: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/53175-ccleaner-pro-551-6939-does-not-clean-edge-or-ie/?do=findComment&comment=302693
  14. I called it a "solution" because the hanging or slow cleaning of IE History has been going on for perhaps two years now, and may not be something they can easily fix. Most of what people have reported on the forums is a few seconds delay before it cleans, up to perhaps 6 seconds and that alone has been enough for some of us to recommend unticking/bypassing the cleaning of IE History. In your situation with it hanging like that for so long and you having to manually kill the CCleaner process I would personally never let CCleaner attempt to clean it.
  15. Could also be caused by all sorts of things, even automatic Windows updates installing in the background.
  16. I was thinking more like 5-7 minutes, 30 minutes is beyond way too long. Something else to try would be to defragment the hard disk, after you've first verified using other disk tools that the hard disk isn't starting to fail since they all eventually will fail.
  17. hangs at IE history

    The solution is don't clean IE History with CCleaner, see here: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/53241-ccleaner-lag-super-bug/?do=findComment&comment=302660
  18. The work around that I do that allows both of them to be cleaned is when I start my computer I open Edge, and then I close it. Then later on when I run CCleaner it will clean without skipping either. Edit: There's also this if you have Windows 10 v1809 (October 2018 Update) installed: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/53177-how-to-disable-pre-launching-and-pre-loading-so-ccleaner-can-fully-clean-edge/ The solution is don't let it clean IE History, as seen here: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/53241-ccleaner-lag-super-bug/?do=findComment&comment=302660
  19. CCleaner lag super-bug

    The slow loading has been noticed by people since there's some other topics about it. As for the slow cleaning that's supposed to be the side-effect of how Microsoft changed Edge and Internet Explorer. So if you have Internet Explorer's History (perhaps Cookies too) check marked to be cleaned it takes roughly that 4-6 seconds you mention. The only way around it is to disable the cleaning of Internet Explorer's History, then that delay should disappear, on the cleaning side of things. Also to periodically clean Internet Explorer's History just right-click upon it in CCleaner to clean it when you deem it necessary.
  20. If you have allot of add-ons/plug-ins installed in your browser try the browser with them disabled. Might also happen if your boot drive is a mechanical hard drive and if you've just started Windows because even after the desktop is available Windows (at least on Windows 10) it's still loading everything in the background which could take a few minutes to complete on a mechanic hard drive, and subsequently opening a web browser before all that loading has finished can result into a slow experience. That slow loading disappears if the boot drive is an SSD.
  21. You could either get a second opinion running disk tools from the computer or drive(s) manufacturers, or use something like GSmartControl (freeware). Whatever you choose I'd recommend making a backup or clone of that drive onto another drive of suitable size first because any thorough testing of it with S.M.A.R.T. surface scans ("hard drive confidence tests") could completely kill it. Something else to look into is make sure the drive is in the preferred and fast DMA Mode, and isn't stuck in PIO Mode. On a modern OS like Win10 it shouldn't get stuck in PIO Mode unless there's something wrong with it such as it's dying. Here's a search for: Restore DMA Mode in Win10
  22. See if anything in a recent topic sheds any light and helps, someone else is having a similar issue with bank cookies: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/53201-cookie-removal/
  23. Wizard won't let me specify a location to scan

    If it's misbehaving like the first post states perhaps reinstall Recuva. You can have it scan the drive letter you want in its Normal window by using the drop down selector, it's not the Wizard but if that part isn't working at least it's an option.
  24. CCleaner Lite

    No. However the closest thing would be to use the Portable ZIP version. The Portable version does not have Smart Cleaning (formerly called Monitoring) enabled and it cannot be enabled.
  25. Files not possible to clean

    The problem with running a Take Ownership tool (right-click Menu option that I installed via a .REG file) is even after a reboot it doesn't always set some folder locations back to protected, it will re-protect important Windows areas but things outside of Windows such as a Windows Disk Image made with the built-in disk imaging tool are then left unprotected.