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  1. Registry, AppData, Program Data

    First it's because of sloppy uninstallers that leave junk behind. Second get into the practice of uninstalling using Geek Uninstaller or Revo Uninstaller (both have a freeware version) both scan for left-overs and remove them - or at least what's safe to remove.
  2. Yes, maximize the CCleaner window then the next time you open it that size will be remembered, so no need to really edit the registry in my opinion.
  3. When I initially tried 5.54 very briefly I never even noticed it because I always have CCleaner maximized so it honoured that setting, all looked normal. Just trying out 5.54 Portable briefly again with no previous settings I can to see what all the fuss is about -- but the program window can be maximized. In this process I bumped into something I've never seen Win10 do before with a re-sizable program that's currently over-sized and running off screen -- just drag the whole program window to the top of the screen and Win10 auto-magically maximizes the size so the whole program fits on screen.
  4. CCleaner64 error on opening for writing.

    See if anything in this topic helps: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/5739-solution-when-ccleaner-wont-install-or-download-windows/
  5. Installation bug?

    No it's not the first time it's been happening about 2 years now, supposedly they're trying to fix it. See if anything in here helps: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/5739-solution-when-ccleaner-wont-install-or-download-windows/ If you still can't install CCleaner notice in that topic I linked to about using the Portable ZIP version to update CCleaner, that should work without issue.
  6. [RESOLVED] Slow launch

    I think another contributing factor to it loading slower and slower is they keep adding more stuff into it rather that be features or images, etc., it takes time to load all that stuff. When I initially first tried the newest v5.54 it took forever to load, subsequently I downgraded allot all the way back to v5.40 and it loads nearly instantly.
  7. Chrome .ldb files

    You should NOT delete them if you don't know what they're for. Deleting the wrong files in a Chrome/Chromium browser can cause issues, and we really can't tell you if those files are safe to delete or not, they could be for updates, addons, etc., we wouldn't know. If those files are in your Chrome profile folder you could ZIP that whole profile folder as a known good backup to restore from, then delete those files, and then use Chrome for several hours or days to see if deleting them broke anything. But if those files aren't really taking up any significant amount of hard disk space perhaps just ignore them and play it safe.
  8. Hey Ccleaner, I'm not a business!

    Nobody likes pop-ups and it like in the past with many other software examples it's a great way to drive users away into using a competing product that doesn't yet annoy like that. Personally I think their setup routine could be the solution: 1) install as Free home users only, or 2) install as Pro business license.
  9. Installation bug?

    Usually just End Task any and all running CCleaner* processes should be enough to allow for updating.
  10. CCleaner v5.53.7034 (last version) is available at: https://filehippo.com/download_ccleaner/89678/
  11. CCleaner Recycle Bin ''bug''

    I think older Windows versions stated something similar like what you suggest to restore to original location. Personally I don't let CCleaner or any disk cleaning tools empty the Recycle Bin, I do it via the Recycle Bin itself since that's a last chance to make sure it should be emptied.
  12. Windows Disk Cleanup

    The recovery ability between Free vs Pro is no different!
  13. CCleaner Recycle Bin ''bug''

    Perhaps try the Corrupted Recycle Bin fix, it won't hurt anything to do it and may be the solution.
  14. Chrome .ldb files

    For additional Chrome cleaning see the community winapp2.ini file here: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/32310-winapp2ini-additions/
  15. Main reason I'd assume is the complaints over the years of it being too small on some modern displays with a larger resolution.
  16. Many things in the Live Tiles in Win10 causes it to re-download web-data almost immediately. I've personally removed all those and replaced them with actual program links/shortcuts instead, and after doing so I don't get a large amount of web-data re-accumulating. Edit: I should also note that I've uninstalled most of those pre-installed apps that I'd never use, including any that seemed to be broken out-of-the-box.
  17. That "Rus" setup is just in a list of renamed setup files, who knows if the hashes match or if it's a repack (which would be illegal). In any event it's now obsolete, since there's a new version 5.54 to scrutinize.
  18. Speccy - No updates since May 2018

    Maybe they just need to implement some sort of database for it that could be downloaded sort of like a signature file, especially if it's not properly detecting new hardware.
  19. Avast Hidden Install

    CCleaner v5.32.6129 is the last version without any influence from the owner Avast. But old versions will have two bugs in them that can damage Windows 10 in particular the cleaners for Windows.old and Fonts Cache should be disabled/unticked in old versions and/or exclusions put in place so those files can never be deleted. I only use the portable ZIP version and it has never tried to install anything else not even before I started blocking CCleaner .EXE files Internet access via Windows Firewall. The portable version has never installed Avast and never any Google stuff, etc., reason being the installer versions are what's needed to install the additional unwanted software.
  20. Winapp2.ini additions

    All I found in there were just backup copies of the HOSTS file and nothing else.
  21. Winapp2.ini additions

    Anyone that uses Windows Defender and also uses a downloaded HOSTS file should know that Windows Defender is archiving HOSTS file backups, it uses a good amount of space over many months if your HOSTS file is always large. Look in (probably will get a UAC prompt): C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows Defender\Scans\BackupStore Look inside a few of the extension-less files, and you'll see archived old HOSTS files. I've already manually deleted all of them on my system. I'm wondering is this something for Winapp2.ini to possible clean?
  22. My sincere condolences to a trusted old friend.

    I've seen YouTube videos where re-pasting the CPU with a high quality thermal compound can easily lower temps by 10 degrees celsius. As for a cloud-based OS the clocks probably ticking on that to happen, although thinking about not ever having to install a crap load of updates would be nice. The only advantage I could ever see to that is the example of what some gaming services are attempting to accomplish where the end-user could have a relatively low-cost and low-spec desktop PC or laptop that could never run a video game on its own and yet still be able to run modern triple A titled video games on it because the gaming server has the high-end gear and just streams it to the user with some latency. It would require the end-user to have a robust and fast Internet connection, and since everything is going towards always-on and always connected it's possibly a logical conclusion and future - just look at those over-priced Windows 10 laptops with a Qualcomm CPU they're always-on.
  23. Smart TVs can get hacked or have a ransomware appear on screen. See the Consumer Reports YouTube channel they have some videos starting in 2018 I believe about Smart TV security, and what to turn off in them.
  24. Scanning progress save

    Don't know how that would be of any use if it's the boot drive that Windows is installed on since Windows is always writing data to disk and changing things, let alone throwing a reboot into the situation.
  25. Seems there's no need to sign in, this is what he's on all about (near the bottom on the Comments page which also shows various renamed CCleaner setup files): https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/8911097985f2e42aa4436f2eb66aa1a03092c17e74a5effb5df7cb6a55562283/analysis/1551395497/ To reiterate VirusTotal finds nothing wrong with the official file downloaded from CCleaner.com, as it clearly states: Detection ratio: 0 / 67. That other data on the Comments page is what someone has posted on their own and it is not from VirusTotal, and it's from a scan done by Hybrid Analysis. You can not compare resulting scans done by VirusTotal vs Hybrid Analysis - it will only cause confusion. If you download from the official Piriform CCleaner website according to VirusTotal the file is clean. If you do not trust the file then the solution is very simple for you and that is: Don't use it I'm done with this.