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  1. That would probably be the easiest option at a minimal cost. Assuming a more modern OS doesn't format and create a GPT partition which old versions of Windows can't use.
  2. Intel Shader Cache Folder

    It's cleaned when using the Winapp2.ini community file.
  3. A few Windows 10 questions

    Some YouTuber's that fix and upgrade PCs have it happen both ways, upgrade a customers PC and they have to buy a Win10 license, upgrade another customers PC and it's free. Luck of the draw I suppose.
  4. CCleaner disapears

    After installing that free version you can input your bought version license key so that all of the features you purchased are available to you.
  5. Note that the current version is 5.58.7209 as the forum announcement lists, it's not 5.8.
  6. Windows 10 1903

    I finally updated to Win10 1903. Only issue I had was I needed to update the Intel Audio Display driver first. Would've made more sense had the Media Creation Tool had instead simply stated to install the newest VGA Intel Graphics Driver from the OEM PC manufacturer to get the required compatible version of the driver.
  7. A few Windows 10 questions

    Why not just test it in a non-permanent way first; You could create a system disk image of your system as it currently is (for later restoration), then download the Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft and install it - no need to buy anything just test it unregistered - what I'm implying is simply for you to test things out. Or you could install it on an additional unused hard disk if you have one and swap them out in the laptop. One thing with Win10 in my opinion it needs to be installed onto an SSD otherwise it's slow at least from what I've experienced on laptops with an HDD. If your system has at least a SATA 2 connection for the hard disk then a boot drive 2.5 inch SATA 3 SSD (of at least 240GB) would be highly recommended.
  8. Perhaps play with the permissions/privileges on the key, i.e.; lock it down that way registry cleaners can't remove it, and you would even have to enable admin privileges upon it to edit it or remove it manually.
  9. GParted 1.0.0 and Gparted live 1.0.0-1 available

    Maybe Open Source Rebooted.
  10. Microsoft Edge based on Chrome

    You can find cleaners for it in the community Winapp2.ini file. Search for this text in Winapp2.ini (I would've thought it would be called Edge Chromium, but nope): Microsoft Edge Insider
  11. The registry "tweak" is a more permanent solution, well that is up until they official dump the Edge version based upon Chromium/Chrome. What I've listed in here works: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/53177-how-to-disable-pre-launching-and-pre-loading-so-ccleaner-can-fully-clean-edge/ And yes open, then close Edge is a workaround I use myself. Silly that we have to do it, but oh well that's Windows.
  12. Brave Web Browser

    I'm surprised they haven't included that ability to add in a custom location using CCleaner itself, instead of by means outside of the program since the ability to add via CCleaner locations to clean or exclude, etc., has existed for years.
  13. You do realize that defragmenting a USB flash drive isn't necessary, and has the potential of making it not last as long. For reference: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=should+I+defrag+usb+flash+drive
  14. Winapp2.ini additions

    With the on and off bug reports about cleaning (various browsers) I'd personally just leave it as is - kind of a more "brute force" way for users to get rid of it.
  15. The Firefox/Mozilla Thread

    So essentially then this version of SRWare Iron I'm using is the last version then if it the dev doesn't modify/undo what Google is doing.
  16. Uninstall an app as an administrator

    There are other ways to uninstall those built in apps such as using Power Shell to uninstall them, even works on some of those that Add/Remove won't allow. There's also uninstall tools like Geek Uninstaller Free and O&O AppBuster (freeware) that allow for uninstalling some of the Windows Store apps.
  17. Last paragraph in this post is what works for some, i.e.; using the Slim build installer. For others such as myself I use the Portable ZIP version which has no ability to install any 3rd party software be that Avast Free Antivirus or Google offers. There is an on-going discussion about it here, which even has some official responses: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/51681-avast-hidden-install/
  18. windows 8.1 local packages cleaning

    For the cleaning side look through the Winapp2.ini file. For uninstalling there's a few websites that list Command Prompt/Power Shell commands that will remove apps, but keep in mind allot of the apps have stuff stored elsewhere and full removal may not be easy.
  19. Windows 10 1903

    Good to know, and that it has an official Microsoft page. I for one don't rely upon System Restore Points but instead Macrium Reflect disk images.
  20. Windows 10 1903

    Supposedly the update can break System Restore/System Protection, came upon that info purely by accident when looking for Computex 2019 videos on YouTube.
  21. Clear Recent searches in Outlook

    That's in the Winapp2.ini community file, it's titled: [Outlook Recent Searches *] And it cleans the path+profile you've mentioned.
  22. Defrag Failed

    I'll point one of the admins at this topic, and let them decide. I know the forum won't let such a large size upload, according to Google that translates into 946.646 MB. Then again if it's just pure text or plain text that's very compressible and you ZIP or 7-Zip it that might make it relatively small.
  23. ASUS Live Updater hacked by trojan.

    Allot of the "updaters" are made by another company for many PC manufacturers, unfortunately allot of them get hopelessly outdated and even more somewhat useless in short order if they don't give a system necessary updates.
  24. The XP machine "might be able to boot off the USB stick" if you enable booting off USB in the BIOS. The Win98 machine I'm not sure if it can boot from USB (I don't remember Win98 having that option), but even if it can't if it has a CD-ROM drive you could go that route with it making a bootable CD to nuke it, or even bootable floppy disks. Maybe even take the hard disks out of the Win98 machine if it poses difficulty and use the XP machine to nuke all of the hard disks.
  25. Winapp2.ini additions

    @siliconman01 [Intel Management Engine Components Logs *] Doesn't have a path for the DetectFile.