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  1. CCleaner free and Windows 10 update files

    I witness just that all the time by looking at the backup file size of the registry that Tweaking.com Registry Backup makes. After updates are installed the registry grows a tiny amount in size, a few days later Windows does something to reduce the registry size all on its own.
  2. Winapp2.ini additions

    New entry to clean logs associated with Intel Driver & Support Assistant: [Intel DSA Logs *] LangSecRef=3024 Detect=HKCU\Software\Intel\Driver and Support Assistant Default=False FileKey1=%CommonAppData%\Intel\DSA|*.log;*.log.bak
  3. Computer can't open recovered files

    To figure out the file system open: 1. This PC, then right-click the hard disk or SSD and select Properties. 2. In the window that opens near the top it will state what the File System is formatted as. Examples: File system: NTFS File system: FAT32
  4. That page is giving some wrong information, and it's been complained about before yet it's still in that confusing state. To get correct information and even instructions for a working .REG file you can make have a look at this topic on the forum: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/53177-how-to-disable-pre-launching-and-pre-loading-so-ccleaner-can-fully-clean-edge/
  5. Localization Files Cleaner

    Problem is deleting them in some programs can have the following scenarios, I've seen them all: * The program doesn't care, and happily works in its native language such as English, etc. * The program complains about missing language files and auto-closes, or it won't load at all. * The program deems itself corrupt and will re-download/re-install itself, or instruct the user to re-install it before it's usable again. This was discussed on here several years ago with several of us that would manually go about removing language files/packs from software on our systems. It really is hit and miss what will happen when removing a language from a program and each has to be tested and readily have available the installer to re-install it should the need arise.
  6. New Version Says I Have A Browser I Don't Have

    It's been ages since I've used Opera, however I do remember it always leaving a registry key behind even after it had been uninstalled - then again most browsers do that. If it was made the default browser then a good amount could be left behind in the registry.
  7. Windows 10 1903

    Nergal it's not too much of a surprise that the previous v1809 wasn't offered with all the issues it initially had and the continued issues being found with it. I think I read somewhere online where the install rate was only in the 20% range. Only thing is with v1903 and the potential issues listed and versions of drivers and software they state are needed from OEM's, well good luck with that. Many OEM's offer "new" drivers at a glacial speed.
  8. CCleaner free and Windows 10 update files

    I wouldn't run any disk cleaning program during that scenario rather it's built into Windows itself such as Disk Cleanup and Storage Sense, and definitely not any third party cleaning programs such as CCleaner, etc.
  9. Those are put there by CCleaner itself, located in the Cookies to Keep area so it won't delete them. You can find those located in CCleaner at: Options > Cookies
  10. Another Microsoft critical update for XP

    No, no, no! If you do that registry "hack/tweak" that was on some websites a few years ago the problem it causes with Windows Updates, and Automatic Updates is it lists updates that have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with your computer. Then your stuck with going through a myriad of updates that have a good chance of causing issues on your system. Also after that "hack/tweak" is applied you can NOT undo it, to get rid of it would mean you'd need to restore the computer (disk image or manufacturer restore partition), or format+reinstall if you have the original install CD to have a new fresh copy of Windows.
  11. New free version

  12. Another Microsoft critical update for XP

    I installed it days ago, it installs without any issue. It simply replaces what used to be called the Terminal Services (called something else nowadays) in the System32 folder to protect against another WannaCry (2017) type of malware outbreak.
  13. It's your robot overlord, well that's what it sounds like. Reminds me of what was said not too long ago on the news where if someone signs up for particular services they essentially have no privacy, especially with smart devices in the home that can listen to everything.
  14. CCleaner Pro+ Outdated Licensing Model

    I'm not a software vendor, just a regular user of the software that volunteers as a moderator. All I did was point out the that most software is a 1 year subscription nowadays, as that obviously allows companies to keep money flowing in versus one-time life-time subscriptions that could essentially bankrupt them in short order.
  15. request of a driver updater

    Good luck because even PC manufacturers don't keep up with the drivers (display drivers, etc.,) with their own built-in "updater(s)".
  16. need to recover a word file

    Some charge which seems like a very high amount if they can for instance write new file headers into files. Not defending the one the OP tried, but I've seen at least an two occasions over the years where the price was claimed to cover the licensing the developer has to pay for the ability to write particular file headers.
  17. Microsoft Edge holding up Ccleaner

    You can probably change that mail client to be the default. Type in Default into the Cortana/Search bar, then click upon Default App Settings.
  18. I don't know, however going by the Defraggler screenshot in the background it states all your disks are SSDs. If they are SSDs hopefully you are not defragmenting them.
  19. Firefox Extensions REBOOTED

    We don't have to use that about:config "tweak" in old versions! Disabled Add-On Fix For Firefox 47 - 56: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/disabled-add-on-fix-52-56/ It installs an add-on, with the description in it stating: Inject intermediate certificate to fix bug 1548973. Works back to 47.
  20. Microsoft Edge holding up Ccleaner

    That's just some random info you've found unfortunately, and not necessarily something I'd follow or do.
  21. request of a driver updater

    Acer has the built-in Acer Care Center, albeit it very rarely updates on my 2018 Acer laptop.
  22. request of a driver updater

    Built in PC manufacturer software does that (if left installed), and sometimes Automatic Updates. But then again some of it has to be manually downloaded because it seems an update is never offered.
  23. Microsoft Edge holding up Ccleaner

    It's really annoying that it automatically starts like that with the system, although there could be some logic behind it such as the UI loading significantly faster since after all if you click upon any Help sections of Windows it will often open a Microsoft Help page on their website. Since I'm on an older build of Win10 what I do as soon as my laptop starts is to open Edge, and then immediately close it, and that gets rid of it, and CCleaner can clean it without issue.
  24. You don't necessarily have to destroy the hard disks, and since they will likely both be using legacy hard disk interfaces it could be very difficult to find replacements. You could try DBAN (open source / free) and run it on those computers, it will nuke the hard disks of all data. Read the DBAN documentation, because it will nuke any attached/installed hard disk! If it doesn't work you could even boot those old systems via a Linux Distro (probably will require being burned onto a CD for the old Win98 system) and wipe the disks using what's built into the Linux Distro.
  25. Easy Clean

    May want to have the bug fixers look into this bug report done yesterday that claims otherwise, even though it's the only report of it that I've seen: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/53944-easy-clean-ignoring-exclusion-list/