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  1. Hard drives (the old magnetic spinning kind) with allot of capacity are inexpensive nowadays, and having a non-boot secondary internal hard disk helps.
  2. Avast buys Piriform - one year on

    That's usually what happens, and sometimes alternatively the buyer just pulls the plug on everything. I had zero enthusiasm last year when it was announced which prompted me to immediately make several "last good version" backups which came in handy this year to restore from.
  3. CCleaner on Vista laptop

    I personally wouldn't try to download anything from there without using an adblocker due to their ad practices. Good/popular adblockers for Firefox are uBlock Origin and Adblock Plus. Edit: And like an antivirus you only need one of them!
  4. The Firefox/Mozilla Thread

    While that one she linked to is portable it is however the Legacy edition, although it works the same as the official PortableApps.com version which is always posted here: https://portableapps.com/apps/internet/firefox-portable-esr I won't be mixing those two because the Legacy wants to unpack into a different path.
  5. Changes in v5.45 and your feedback

    It could break more than just video drivers, it could break Windows. Disk Cleanup built into Windows itself is however the safe way of cleaning it versus using a 3rd party tool like CCleaner, etc.
  6. Can't disable active monitoring

    You could try version 5.40.6411 which seems to be the least bug ridden in the 5.4x versions. Or if you wish to have a version with no influence from the owner Avast go back even further to version 5.32.6129. Two critical bugs however: If you use either of those never clean the Font Cache or Windows.old as it is known to break Windows 10.
  7. Exclude Option not functioning

    Here's what a proper exclude path looks like (if you export the settings to INI file which is available in Options > Advanced): Exclude1=PATH|C:\PortableApps\IronPortable\Profile\Default\Local Extension Settings\|*.*||0|0|24 If you don't want to use the setting in INI file you can turn that off again later and it will put the setting back into the registry instead. So basically make sure this is at the end of the path/directory so that it works as intended (assuming you're using ccleaner.ini): \|*.*||0|0|24 If that still doesn't work, delete your current exclude, then remake your exclude to see if it then works. If that still doesn't work perhaps downgrade to previous CCleaner versions until you find one that works since recent releases have been buggy. Give these exclusions a try to see if any work (assuming you're using ccleaner.ini): Exclude1=PATH|C:\Users\baker\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\F64SG3BA\localhost\|*.*||0|0|24 Exclude1=PATH|%UserProfile%\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\F64SG3BA\localhost\|*.*||0|0|24 Also make sure since it was ignoring your exclude that the path actually has this numbered folder F64SG3BA available since it might have changed to something different.
  8. Goodbye CCleaner from a Pro user

    It was for people who don't know how to block an app with an outgoing connection.
  9. Goodbye CCleaner from a Pro user

    Here's instructions on how to block an app in Windows Firewall: https://www.howtogeek.com/227093/how-to-block-an-application-from-accessing-the-internet-with-windows-firewall/
  10. Old Version

    And avoid a ton of bugs that got introduced in the 5.4x versions on Windows.
  11. With the Portable version you can put it anywhere - even on a portable hard disk or USB stick.
  12. Old Version

    I think people were getting that popup from the portable build in the previous version - I can't confirm because I avoided it.
  13. Going back to version 5.40

    To easily exclude Font Cache and Windows.old it's the quickest way since you won't have to hunt down the directories where those files are stored, so yes for Font Cache analyze then exclude what it finds. If you even have any Windows.old files available you'd exclude those too.
  14. It's endlessly extensible if someone knows how to write their own winapp2.ini cleaners for it even if using an older version, however allot of people aren't going to know how to create their own cleaners. Using and old version it's important to disable it's ability to nuke the system like Win10 for example by making exclusions for Font Cache and Windows.old so that it can't clean those areas even by accident.
  15. Going back to version 5.40

    It hasn't properly cleaned Chrome for years, just look around the forums. You can set a bookmark in Chrome to instantly load it's built in cleaning ability using this: chrome://settings/clearBrowserData And it's still hit and miss when or if it will clean IE or Edge without complaining about them being open/in use or taking too long to clean them. Other than that here's what I've did using an older version with known critical bugs that can damage Win10: * Analyze using the cleaner Font Cache -- then right click what it finds and Exclude what it lists, now it can't break Win10 even if you select that cleaner. Note that I've even did that on my old WinXP system, better safe that sorry. * Analyze using the cleaner Windows.old -- then right click what it finds and Exclude what it lists, now it can't break Win10 even if you select that cleaner.