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  1. The Firefox/Mozilla Thread

    For me it's quicker to just use the PortableApps.com portable version. Then after it unpacks I run a single batch file that automatically deletes all the 64-bit files I don't need and then it automatically repacks the whole thing with just the 32-bit files I require along with my profile using 7-Zip Standalone Console taken from 7-Zip Extra.
  2. For months (actually maybe that's years now) it's been known to take a very long time to clean IE and Edge browsers. If you rarely use either of those two browsers you can untick/disable them in CCleaner, and then only occasionally clean them when you know you'll have time to wait for it to clean them. Firefox sometimes takes a long time to close on some systems, you can look in Task Manager to make sure it isn't running beforehand - although CCleaner should prompt to close it. Chrome needs to be re-configured to not allow background apps to run as detailed here. Note that after every update Chrome and extensions have you'll need to double-check and make sure that configuration setting change has remained intact.
  3. With Windows 10 I wouldn't necessarily state it's "safe". I've did scans but never hit the "Fix selected Issues" button with the registry cleaner on a couple of Win10 machines (that weren't mine) and some of the results were enough for me to leave well enough alone so I unticked/disabled every box in the registry cleaner and explained to the user to never use it. Now on my old WinXP system I've only had issues with it once over a decade ago.
  4. The Firefox/Mozilla Thread

    Firefox Portable ESR 52.8.1 (32-bit) from PortableApps.com. I delete all the 64-bit stuff I don't need which cuts the file size in half.
  5. The Firefox/Mozilla Thread

    Aren't they supposed to end legacy support for OSes like XP and Vista in version 55.0? If so that would equal no updating browsers for those systems, maybe then time to get a lightweight Linux distro on this old machine.
  6. The registry cleaner shouldn't have the ability to damage a boot configuration file (as in a physical file). Cleaning the registry on Windows 10 isn't something I'd personally do with all the updates it gets, and occasional significant changes. Microsoft even warns against cleaning the registry.
  7. Trying to recover because I'm a stupid

    If that program doesn't specifically state that it will overwrite your whole entire drive by first preferably prompting you or in any help documentation I would complain to the developer.
  8. Ccleaner not fixing registry

    If you're not familiar with RegEdit it's best left alone because if you start deleting the wrong things you can very easily make your PC non-bootable into Windows.
  9. CCleaner keeps closing

    Although you're using a completely different antivirus than Kaspersky and Malwarebytes which are known to cause an issue perhaps look at this workaround fix to see if it works for you too: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/52058-ccleaner-v543-close-on-clean-work-around/ If it doesn't work you may wish to downgrade to the old version 5.40.6411 until Piriform/Avast has fixed the issue: https://filehippo.com/download_ccleaner/history/
  10. What is it doing?

    As for the time remaining being all over the place I'd personally just ignore it because how could it possibly know. I think it would be better off just showing a progress bar with the running time counting up, and then after it finishes it could simply display exactly how long it took. That would more-or-less equal no guessing and wouldn't give the impression of it will finish in 10 minutes (or however long) which in reality could be significantly longer.
  11. Some other users also had it install that didn't want it. It's perhaps a bug in the installer that they'll need to fix to avoid accidental installs.
  12. Windows 10 Forced Update

    You would need to restore from a user made disk image backup made with a disk image software such as Macrium Reflect or others - that is if you had already made one prior to the Windows update.
  13. Ccleaner... phone home?

    Google Analytics can be blocked with the Windows HOSTS file since way too many software products phone home using it, all without the need of a firewall (note that Win10 may ignore some entries in the HOSTS file). I block all of these in the HOSTS file: google-analytics.com ssl.google-analytics.com www.google-analytics.com
  14. I can not delete some file

    There is or at least was a way to more or less fully remove IE years ago, when I tried it Windows looked like a complete joke. Only worth trying if you know you'll for certain be immediately afterwards formatting or restoring the system.
  15. c cleaner not deleting files

    Several recent versions of CCleaner have been buggy and have the behavior of crashing for some people -- without it being virus related.