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  1. October 1809 Update for Windows 10

    If someone manually uses Check for updates in Updates & Security it really makes no sense to offer it in my opinion, and why isn't it just fetching normal Automatic Updates like security patches, Windows Defender updates, etc., that a user can manually invoke at a given time because they have the time. I don't really understand why it isn't one of those things where it will only get offered via an Automatic Update regardless if something manually clicks Check for updates. Maybe they should seriously re-think how Check for updates works!
  2. Problems restoring from Macrium disc image (Dell and SSD issue?)

    If it's a heat issue why not get one of those laptop stands with little feet on the back. I've had one of those since day one, it raises the back of the laptop about 1 inch off the table for more air flow. It also helps prevent the laptop from getting heat-soaked on the bottom and prevents throttling since it isn't technically sitting directly on the table surface it's just the little feet on the stand that are, so it prevents the table absorbing heat and then releasing it right back into the laptop bottom casing. A good free quick and cheap way to test that would be to use some water bottle caps taped onto the bottom of the laptop, then have the laptop do something taxing to see if it throttles or not.
  3. Problems restoring from Macrium disc image (Dell and SSD issue?)

    I wonder if it was because it was a standard image instead of a clone, and I'm surprised actually that a standard image would work to fully restore it. I've been wondering that myself such as what if at some point my boot M.2 SSD failed, all I have to restore from are standard images I've made created using Macrium Reflect Free, and the disk imaging built into Windows 10.
  4. Problems restoring from Macrium disc image (Dell and SSD issue?)

    Where you able to fully restore the system using just a standard disk image that backs up all of the Windows partitions, or was it a disk clone? Also did you have the laptop plugged into the power brick when attempting the restore? ---------------- Perhaps before making any future disk images run chkdsk /f on the SSD first, I always do that before making any backup image. On an old laptop with an HDD maybe two or so years ago that I couldn't get Macrium to successfully finish creating a disk image on was because of some disk error(s). However on that laptop chkdsk /f didn't help either, I instead had to run chkdsk /r to perform a full surface scan which corrected errors, and only then did Macrium finish without issue. I know this is the exact opposite because you were trying to restore, however I wonder if a disk error could cause a restore to fail. I had read online a few months ago that SSD's can have bad blocks too.
  5. Hard Drive manufacturer wrongly indicated

    Be glad it detected it as an SSD and not an HDD, since it often gets that wrong. The wrong manufacturer info is interesting and with SSDs you have to look up who the Controller and the NAND are made by. For instance a different model number of that SSD has a Silicon Motion Controller and Micron NAND.
  6. CCleaner with Waterfox Portable

    The thing I also liked about it is it took in all of my old customization's I've did to my Firefox profile over the years that aren't even possible to configure anymore from scratch.
  7. As common of a problem as it is and has been for a long time I'm surprised Microsoft doesn't have one of their fully automated Fixit solutions for it.
  8. CCleaner with Waterfox Portable

    I had forgot about Waterfox, however this topic had me look into it and try it. Didn't take but maybe five minutes to decide I'd switch permanently from using Firefox Portable ESR to Waterfox Portable. I didn't even have to configure it, I just copied over my Firefox profile and was up and running. Another bonus is it's 131 MB smaller.
  9. October 1809 Update for Windows 10

    Maybe they should've waited at least 30 days after that first incident, and scoured through it looking for more bugs before making it available again. If it's offered on my system I'm going to wait a good while before allowing it to install.
  10. Junk Removal Process

    Windows 10 and what update version? If you have the latest Windows 10 October 2018 v1809 Update then Piriform/Avast are aware that there's issues with CCleaner on that version of Windows. Here's the topic about it.
  11. It's been a recommendation even on Microsoft's Support pages to restore the functionality of a missing CD/DVD disc drive. And like mta stated just make a System Restore Point to undo any changes, since restoring from a Restore Point also restores the system registry.
  12. For some reason I don't run into that issue if I do the following: 1. Open Microsoft Edge. 2. Close Microsoft Edge. This should have all Edge processes close to not interfere with CCleaner's cleaning ability. 3. Open CCleaner and click Run Cleaner, it's a little slow for maybe 10 seconds cleaning Internet Explorer's history but it works. Why Edge and Internet Explorer seem tied at the hip like that I don't know.
  13. CCleaner with Waterfox Portable

    Yes, but Custom Location is one word with no gaps/spaces in it, it's just: CustomLocation1= And it is that Data\profile folder where you set a custom location to point to. Then open CCleaner and under Firefox enable/disable what you want cleaned, then when you clean the deleted files, etc., will be listed as Firefox in the Summary window. Example, this is what my Firefox Portable ESR looks like configured in CCleaner Portable's ccleaner.ini: CustomLocation1=FIREFOX|C:\PortableApps\FirefoxPortableESR\Data\profile
  14. Problem to uninstall a program

    Where that program is installed open its own folder in the Program Files folder and look for an uninstall.exe, unins000.exe, etc., *.exe file, if you find one you can double click it to initiate the uninstall. Also in Win10 you should be able to right-click that program link in the Start Menu and select Uninstall. It might just be a standalone or portable program, they commonly have no means of uninstalling and you just delete them to get rid of them -- but before just outright deleting it (the improper way of uninstalling) see if that program has a forum where you can ask other users that might know.
  15. Internet Explorer cleaning skipped

    IE will typically (at least in my case) have no issue being cleaned if you do the following: 1. Start Microsoft Edge. 2. Immediately close Microsoft Edge. Side Note: Do not End Task Microsoft Edge from within Task Manager since doing that "may corrupt its databases." 3. Clean with CCleaner. It will spend a few seconds cleaning Internet Explorer however it should be able to successfully clean both it and Edge without any error text stating they're being skipped.