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  1. I think an interesting development is that Intel will be stopping malware on the hardware level with integrated GPU's (although hardware antivirus/anti-malware has already existed for awhile now but has always been very expensive): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iiO6vGTsQ4g

    To turn off the update notification: 1. Open CCleaner, and go into: Options > Settings 2. Untick/disable the box labelled: Inform me of updates to CCleaner 3. Close CCleaner, and then open it again to see if that got rid of the update notification.
  3. Freeware Rebooted

    Yeah press shift. Quirky is putting it the nice way, however I will not be nice about it since I think of it more like undoing decades of proper typing behaviour and what people expect into something completely ass backwards.
  4. Hosts File Update

    Thank you Hazelnut, I've got it.
  5. Ccleaner Portable

    You could always uninstall it with Revo Uninstaller Free which should get rid of most or all of it.
  6. Freeware Rebooted

    Alan I think it's because of the new version of IPB forum software which like most other aspects of it being very annoying loads exceptionally odd if following a link to a particular post, it doesn't always instantly load the post and seems to auto-scroll between other posts which I find it very annoying because I often think it isn't loading correctly then as soon as touching the scroll bar it screws everything up.
  7. Ccleaner Portable

    I don't know if it can auto update the portable version or not, and note it's not CCleaner itself doing it it's instead the installed antivirus owned by Avast (Avast, AVG) that has such capabilities to auto update a company-mates software such as CCleaner. ---------- I'm merging this topic into your original one asking about it auto-updating.
  8. Freeware Rebooted

    Just tested and neither of the links in Willy2's post from (antibody-software.com or ghacks.net) downloaded anything automatically on my system, even tried the links above in Login123's post and nothing.
  9. Ccleaner Portable

    You can get the official CCleaner Portable ZIP file from here: https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds 1. Unzip it to where you wish, it could be anywhere such as: C:\Portable\CCleanerPortable 2. If you actually require that older version download the setup file from FileHippo.com on the CCleaner page here, look on the right-side of the page to find that old version. Do not run the setup file! 3. Download 7-Zip Portable, or the setup for 7-Zip 4. Start 7-Zip, and then open that older version setup file inside of 7-Zip. Then only unzip the required files over where you previously unzipped CCleaner Portable, these should be the files: CCleaner.exe, CCleaner64.exe Note: If your antivirus is Avast or AVG (both owned by Avast) doing this may be completely pointless as it may just auto update again.
  10. Why are you posting all that code? It makes little sense to do so!
  11. One of the admins had previously stated in a topic awhile back that they track program usage. He didn't state how they were tracking program usage, however if Piriform/Avast is using Google Analytics it would be of no surprise to me as I already pointed out that allot of software uses it (and other analytics services) and has done so for many years. But since you're actively blocking it via the firewall it's really nothing to worry about since it can't actually make a connection because of the block you have in place.
  12. MP4 files recovered but won't play

    You could try to re-save the files (do not re-encode/transcode them) with Avidemux, doing that will create a new header - that is if the files aren't corrupt.
  13. Probably so they can track program usage. It's not unusual for a plethora of modern programs to do that. To defeat it and other annoyances learn about the Windows HOSTS file, and perhaps install something like the MVPS.org HOSTS File which blocks all sorts of advertisements and analytic services such as the exact one mentioned in your post.
  14. Depending upon what software can use IE to store Temporary Internet Files some will also automatically set cookies rather you want them or not, I've personally seen some antivirus do that over the years when they're downloading updates.
  15. 2. However it would be multiple files and folders. I realize allot of shell extensions, or even drag 'n' drop secure delete programs can have issues working correctly 100% of the time as in sometimes a file is shredded correctly but the shredded file is left on the disk and not deleted from view.