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  1. When I publish Speccy info to the Web, how long will it remain available?
  2. Windows 10 Pro X64, CCleaner 4.25 1st: Since updating to 4.25, the monitor icon doe snot appear in the System tray. If I open settings and turn Monitoring off then on it appears in the tray. 2nd: Running a clean it hangs at 42%. Uninstalled 4.25 and installed 4.24 and all works again. Will running in debug mode and posting the logs help figure this out?
  3. I just noticed today that the CCleaner icon is not longer showing in the System try as Monitoring is no longer active. I checked settings and it's checked but now has Pro in a box next to it. I downloaded the trial version of Pro and it works okay there, just wondering when the change was made? I didn't like the feature at first but after a while found it nice to have.
  4. I wouldn't mind buying the Pro version but $29.95 is too much in my opinion. $19.95 I would go for. I know it's only $10 but that's how I feel about it. I'll switch back to the Free version as soon as the Pro expires.
  5. It would be real nice to be able to save the information Speccy displays as plain text and/or HTML. This could be helpful when uploading data to a help site.
  6. I recommended Defraggler to a poster in WhatTheTech forum. He responded as follows: I used defraggler, it froze up, and deleted my system files, it took 2 hours of Repair Console to get it to boot! -.- http://forums.whatthetech.com/Server_2003_...708#entry510708
  7. Defraggler hung on Windows Server 2003

    Not gunshy at all it seems. He said he will try it again. He also posted this: I have a Trojan.Vundo.H that I have no idea where it came from, and it wont go away. which could be the cause of this problem. He' said he would try Defraggler agan since he's about ready to format and reinstall anyway. Thanks for the quick response.