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  1. CCleaner v1.25 coming this week

    I agree I asked if there would be something "really" new as in feature wise. You replied with "there will be spelling corrections"... nothing really exiting.
  2. Windows Tool

    Start --- Run Type "sfc /scannow"
  3. CCleaner v1.25 coming this week

    [sARCASM]Wow, amazing. Corrections in spelling! [/sARCASM]
  4. CCleaner v1.25 coming this week

    Will there be any thing "really" new in 1.25 ?
  5. CCleaner <--> ClearProg

    Just tried that "ClearProg" application and it found 13.8 more megabytes than Crap Cleaner !
  6. Using the Prefetch Cleaner option

    2 weeks, me thinks.
  7. Google toolbar is good!

    There is. http://spellbound.sourceforge.net
  8. Best registry cleaner ?

    What is the best registry cleaner in your opinion ? I am personally currently using Reg Seeker but are there any better programs ?
  9. Does this exists ?

    Good softwares, but I'm more searching for a free music organizer.
  10. Does this exists ?

    A freeware that finds duplicate music files and searches a database to fix your music collection ?
  11. Opening the website that is "broken" and pressing CTRL+F5 fixes it too.
  12. Searching program...

    Nah, thought that the deleted files still took up some space on the computer.
  13. Searching program...

    I am searching a FREE program to remove files that we deleted from the recycle bin, does any here know a good one ? Also, by deleting these files, will I save disk space ?