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  1. This time it's in quasi-stealth mode. If you check your process explorer, you will see several CCLEANER64.exe files despite not having active monitoring or scheduling enabled.
  2. I'm staying with 5.44.6575 probably until 2019. I just don't trust Piriform.
  3. Last known good non invasive version 5.44.6577 is here: https://filehippo.com/download_ccleaner/
  4. The best and only solution aside from a full uninstall is using the last known good version: https://filehippo.com/download_ccleaner/ EDIT: 5.45 has been pulled and now you can download the previous version normally.
  5. You have every reason to be cynical. Facebook got away with it, and for the most part, most people are fine with their invasion of privacy....until it adversely affects them. Eventually, government will step in, but that likely won't be in North America for a few more decades.
  6. Glad this works for you, but it doesn't help those who don't know how to create a firewall rule with your script.
  7. Changes in v5.45 and your feedback

    CCleaner could've easily posted the previous version as a download for those wanting it. One would have to very naive or a T rump supporter not to believe they have something up their sleeves.
  8. Changes in v5.45 and your feedback

    OMG. The post sounds like it was written by bots or lawyers not actual people. You're thought and analytical processes are deficient. Bye bye Ccleaner. You lost my trust.
  9. v5.44.6575 (26 Jun 2018) is not on filehippo. it's actually very hard to get.
  10. Too little too late. The trust factor is gone. Whomever (manager) agreed to implement such a feature should be fired.
  11. I agree, this is BS. I am now using an old version. The automatic and unable to disable the continuous monitoring is nothing less than intrusive and malicious. This was such a great product until the last update.
  12. Sometimes the scan itself (stage 1 to 3) can take a very long, long time. It would be prudent to have the ability to pause and save the scan process. While I understand their likely is a reason (there is a reason for everything, right?) not many average folk like to keep their computers running 24/7 and I found the scanning can slow down your PC as well. Heck, even cancelling a scan can take a while unless you use the task manager to kill the application.
  13. For whatever reason, only on my desktop running Windows 7 x64, CCleaner leaves a few cookies which I don't use. The most baffled is the whatsapp cookie (web.whatsapp.com) where I only used it once but it keeps coming back. Has anyone else experienced this issue?
  14. I dunno why this has been happening but it never was the case before. Perhaps it was a Windows update, perhaps a CCleaner update? In any event, it takes significantly and noticeably longer to clean the Windows Log directly these days. Running Windows Chkdsk and Smart check for the the HD shows no issues. There's ample of storage space as well: 700 GB/1000 GB.