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    Alrite this actually two queries so plz help if u can. A mystery for you tech guys. So my computer was acting slow & sluggish and i hadnt wiped my drives in ages so i did. I put the toshiba recovery disks, followed the instructions and now its in its factory state... BUT Toshiba satellite laptops have two hard drives C (main one 91g) and a back up D (110g). Now the C drive is good to go, but my D drive is nowhere to be found. How can I get it back? Thats 110 gigs i can use to put misc stuff. Second Q) I backed up my vital stuff but i left alot of stuff I couldnt fit in my flash drives in that D drive (mostly 2g of music and some vids). Once I somehow restore my D drive, with your help, is that data recoverable. If not thats not to important compared to Q 1 Update: I was reading some of the prior posts and i went up to the Computer management page of My computer and the D drive is there as Disk 1. Its blacked out and says its "Not initiatived" and "unallocated" how can i attach it back and revive my files? Thanks guys.