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  1. BEST Free Firewall

    windows XP comes with its own firewall. use that! and its FREEEEE!!!
  2. pinnacle

    wat r u talkin bout???
  3. help!

    looks like a cool program, thanks for posting it up. and best of all, its FREEEEE!!! good things its under 300kb, my slow dial up on copper phone lines will only take about 2hours to donwload it!
  4. CCleaner v1.22 Released!

    this is by the far the best version - although still a couple flaws in it!
  5. CCleaner Competition

    i would also like to know who won.
  6. Should this be happening?

    it doesnt do it for me? what version of the program are you running, mate?
  7. The fight for the $50 laptops.

    sounds great. maybe ill have to get myself one! i sold a $50 laptop for $300 to someone. they actually paid that much, and it was completely stuffed!
  8. Deleting corrupted files

    the easiest way to remove a corrupted file is to click on the file and press control-delete. this will remove it completely. it may not work on linux and other un-common and free systems! hope you get it working!
  9. for those having problems with their computers, check this one, i have used it as well and heres a couple pictures of the program in action:
  10. i use this program myself and rather than writing a reveiw, im posting someone elses - which is very very accurate! i hope you enjoy
  11. Cookies being deleted?

    sounds like ANOTHER fault with the program. for the money though (nothing!), its a great buy!
  12. Should this be happening?

    it happens to me as well. considering its only an approximate, its not important what it says. its just a basic estimation. some hidden files may not be removed either. you may like to check this.
  13. what to do?

    yes i agree, the beginers guide is VERY handy. usually it will detect only files that arent critical to the computers performance. deleteing them will not result in harm to your PC.
  14. Recycle Bin Settings

    i think its a fault in da CCleaner program. it does it to me as well. if u wanted it fixed, try paying a small fee and upgradin to the latest update.
  15. edit profile

    did it work out for ya? if u need a hand just ask....i'll b glad to help ya