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  1. Recuva v1.42

    This is because Recuva doesnt really show you the actual files, but previous versions of them.
  2. CCleaner v3.05

    How do I clean/analyze this? I want to try this out. I can't find it.
  3. This is what i did: 1. I analyze one of my drives 2. Then I go to the "File list" tab 3. I check the box at the very top (to select all) 4. Then I press "Defrag Checked" Everything was nicely defragged, Drive tab says 0 Fragmented Files, 0 Total, 0% Everything in the "File list" tab is in one fragment. But the drive map is the same as after the first analysis. I can even click the red blocks, and it shows fragmented files that were actually defragged. If I reanalyze, the drive map updates as it should be. (note: the drive map does show activity during defrag) I was able to reproduce this twice with two of my drives. I did not attached any screenshots because this is very easy to reproduce but if you need them, just ask (or anything else I can help with ). I am using Win XP SP3, and Defraggler 1.21 Edit: quick edit
  4. It seems to be fixed in v2.03 Thanks. I'll report anything else I find.
  5. CCleaner v3.04

    Awesome release! Thx for everything, specially for these:
  6. Defraggler v2.02

    Not sure if you guys noticed, but this new Defraggler version was reviewed by Softpedia and it scored five stars (here's the link). Also, I like the changes that you guys have been doing to the Piriform website. Here's a suggestion: Under the support tab submenu you guys could add "Documentation" and "Forum". Just a suggestion.
  7. Ok, I tried v2.02 and its still not fixed. I did notice that empty blocks do update after a new file is placed on them. The rest of the blocks don't change, as I reported previously. But isn't Defraggler supposed to update the drive map as it defrags? (You know, every block, individually, after Defraggler finishes working with it.)
  8. Woah, dude, slow down. I wasn't trying to be rude. I just wanted to bump this topic because it disappeared.
  9. It's still not fixed in v2.01 Are you guys going to fix this bug?
  10. CCleaner v3.01

    Nice. But why is Sun Java now unticked by default?
  11. Defraggler v2.0

    What are the changes since v2.0 Beta?
  12. CCleaner v3.00.1310

    It's always hot. Thanks! Patience. This is just a quick new build. But +1
  13. I was able to reproduce this with Defraggler v2 Are you guys going to fix this in v1, v2?
  14. Chromium Browser

    Ah, I see. It's supposed to be %LocalAppData%\Chromium\Application\chrome.exe If the developers see this, it might be fixed in the next release.
  15. CCleaner v3.0

    No beta? Everything looks and works great, though. Thanks a lot! I like the new Wiper tool. Maybe you guys forgot to remove it from the Cleaner and Settings sections.
  16. Runtime Error

    And also, it's c:\program files\speccy\speccy.exe /debug without \piriform\
  17. Scrollbars

    When navigating through the left menu, the scrollbars in the right frame should reset to position 0,0 (top,left). For example, if I go to the "RAM" section and I scroll down, and then I go to "Hard Drives", the "Hard Drives" section will be scrolled the same amount as the "RAM" section. The expected behavior should be the scrollbars being reset to normal.
  18. Scrollbars

    v1.05 has the same behavior.
  19. Winapp2.ini additions

    You don't have to add extra FileKeys with %ProgramFiles(x86)% When CCleaner detects 64bit it points %ProgramFiles% to the right direction (in this case C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\) It's just like %LocalAppData%, CCleaner will automatically point it to %userprofile%\local settings\application data\ on Windows XP.
  20. Winapp2.ini additions

    You should remove SRWare Iron as it now has official support.
  21. Recommed a UX theme patcher for XP SP3

    I've always used this one. Long time I haven't used it though.
  22. Hi all... I was just dealing with my startup items and I noticed that there is no "Disable all" button in the Startup tool. I don't like to disable them all one by one, specially when the computer has a lot of startup items. I think that it's better to disable them all at once and then enable them one by one to give the system the best performance. It would be a really nice feature.
  23. Disable all button, in Startup tool.

    Hey guys. When version 2.21 was released it introduced "multiple item selection on Start up tool", which was all I really wanted. (just click an empty space and drag it) Since then, everything has been working great for me, and I think that what I suggested back then, when I made this topic, is not really needed anymore. This topic is like really old and I no longer want this feature. I also don't like this topic being bumped. So, can any of the mods lock it? If anybody else wants this feature, just make a new topic.
  24. Support for Chromium-based browsers

    Here you go. Enjoy! [Chrome Canary - Cache] Section=Chrome Canary LangRef=Cache DetectFile=%LocalAppData%\Google\Chrome SxS\Application\chrome.exe Default=True FileKey1=%LocalAppData%\Google\Chrome SxS\User Data\Default\Cache|*.* [Chrome Canary - Cookies] Section=Chrome Canary LangRef=Cookies DetectFile=%LocalAppData%\Google\Chrome SxS\Application\chrome.exe Default=True FileKey1=%LocalAppData%\Google\Chrome SxS\User Data\Default|Cookies [Chrome Canary - History] Section=Chrome Canary LangRef=History DetectFile=%LocalAppData%\Google\Chrome SxS\Application\chrome.exe Default=True FileKey1=%LocalAppData%\Google\Chrome SxS\User Data\Default|*History* FileKey2=%LocalAppData%\Google\Chrome SxS\User Data\Default|Thumbnails FileKey3=%LocalAppData%\Google\Chrome SxS\User Data\Default|Visited Links [Chrome Canary - Form Data] Section=Chrome Canary LangRef=Form Data DetectFile=%LocalAppData%\Google\Chrome SxS\Application\chrome.exe Default=True FileKey1=%LocalAppData%\Google\Chrome SxS\User Data\Default|Web Data [Chrome Canary - Session Restore] Section=Chrome Canary LangRef=Session Restore DetectFile=%LocalAppData%\Google\Chrome SxS\Application\chrome.exe Default=True FileKey1=%LocalAppData%\Google\Chrome SxS\User Data\Default|Current* FileKey2=%LocalAppData%\Google\Chrome SxS\User Data\Default|Last*