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  1. On a system updated to 8.1 with the minimal of software installations, I installed defraggler. I chose to defrag C with defraggler's default options. I left it running on it's own, as I needed to go out. The operating system was set to turn the display off after a few minutes, no screensaver or sleep/hibernation modes active. Upon returning a few hours later, I moved the mouse for the display to light up and check progress. The system showed it was restarting and eventually returned to the welcome screen. Defraggler was not set to restart after a defrag, and it would seem that little defragging had been done. It was set for a full defrag. Choosing to defrag from windows own default options, the system still used windows own basic gui window, and that to 'auto defrag in the background' was still active. I was not sure if my pc was now using the defraggler method to defrag or not, so I did not continue. It seemed not, despite choosing to replace the windows service upon installation, as on the next attempts, defrag via windows (properties>tools>defrag on the C hard drive) finally switched to defraggler, but was slow to start and hanged. Many data boxes changed position back and forth very quickly to identical locations for one particular session. Although the drive is only 10% full, many boxes (roughly 60%) filled up for no reason. Is there a plausable explanation for that during the defrag process? I know data is being relocated but it has not happened in such a manner before. The hard drive has no issues after an error check, and is in good health for a system less than a year old. To defrag at the moment, I have the screen auto dim settings off, and I access defraggler via a desktop shortcut. No issues. I have turned auto defrag in the background off for windows. I do not seem to have any major corruption issues. sfc /scannow does give errors compared to the last check (might not be related), but no major known problems in running any computer programs or in file access. I did install avast at the same time as defraggler (trial antivirus, not using firewall feature). It slows down one noticable area of windows (eg right clicking on the start button to get to the control panel), but I do not know if defraggler has been known to ever conflict with avast on 8.1? Thanks for any help
  2. first time ive used this program too, had a few questions but no one in here seems to have any idea. I would have thought system volume files may have included boot or windows files that could not be altered- although i could be wrong. the loss of space you mention does seem odd, along with the fact that on my pc even after no use whatsoever after a defrag, the same files keep showing up as needing a defrag on the windows drive.. even after being supposedly defragged. could be a bug, although cant be 100% on that. I havent noticed the loss of space so i will take more notice on how much i have before and after i use it. Some people have mentioned that certain versions of vista however will create automatic restore points when running third party programs that have the potential to greatly modify your system, so the space after a restart should return to normal either after a certain time period, or after deleting these new restore points. thanks
  3. the same files on my C drive after a defrag keep showing up after restarting and analysing. they are only 5 to 8 files, and add up to 10mb in total. I say 5 to 8 as the number keeps changing. Most of the files are temporary and in system32, one is a typical wallpaper jpg from the picture folder, another is a stylexp installation file. My other drives (D, a partition of C, and E a seperate drive), have no issues with defraggler, it works fine with them. After a restart and analysis it tells me i have no fragged files with these drives, unlike drive C which has the same files showing up. Does anyone have an idea as to why they keep showing after i defrag these files? I have checked the system and have no noticeable drive errors. On a drive with temp files and windows installed, will i always have files needing a defrag even straight after using defraggler and restarting? thanks for any info if possible
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