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  1. Hi, I have been doing a lot of testing lately, especially relating to how slow Defraggler can be with defragmenting small amounts of files, and amounting to small sizes. I have found a way in which the development people may be able to reproduce the problems. I am currently running Windows Vista x64 SP1 Home Premium. The easiest way to reproduct: Download and Install Steam Client from VALVe to a seperate Hard Drive or Partition. Launch Steam and Login several times so that all Client files are downloaded and up-to-date. Now, try and Perform a Defrag using Defraggler. The Folder containing Steam on my system has the following stats: Size: 49.0 MB (51,410,888 bytes) Size on disk: 55.6 MB (58,347,520 bytes) Defragging the seperate drive took in excess of 30 minutes. I do think that is excessive for the small amount of files involved here. I will try and provide any further details if they are needed.
  2. Hi MrRon, I will run the defrag process again, and see if I can get a quick glimpse at some of the files which are slow at being defragmented. I did only look at the extensions on the first run, cause I though that would be of more help. I will post back soon with more information.
  3. Well, 100 views and no response, strange.
  4. Hi, I have just performed a clean install of Windows x64 with all the system drivers and windows updates. I have installed the latest CCleaner, Defraggler and Recuva. Again with Defraggler, there seems to be a large slowdown near the end of the defragmentation process. These are the stats of the drive containing Windows installtion after analysis: 5,358 Fragmented Files (2.7GB) 26,264 Total Fragments Capacity 465.8GB Used 4.3GB (1%) Free 461.4GB (99%) Defraggler has had major slowdown on the last 5-10%, which as far as I can see is defragmenting smaller files from the current status view. Currently, I have been defragmenting the following, and it is currently over 1 hour do to this: 67 Fragmented Files (97.4MB) 138 Total Fragments The large files on the drive seemed to be defragmented really fast, however the current files being defragged such as files of the following extensions: pnf dll ico mp3 wav cat html gif jpg xml inf sys These files seem to take far too long considering that these files most of the time are below even 2MB in size. Also, most of these are in the Windows installation directory. The defragmentation process is also taking up 100% of a single core on a quad core CPU. Very low disk activity and hardly any HDD light flickering.
  5. Hi, Is there any estimate on the next release cause this is soo slow at defragmenting now, it is nearly unbearable.
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