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  1. : I go back to Win 3.1 and it was only several months ago I also googled AFAIK. i go back to the days whwn i went to tucson high school, i wish i was back in arizona. i retired to the frozen state of maine. had 103 inches of snow last winter. still do computer work, fixing old folks computers that slow down because they let their grandkids screw around with the machines. business slow right now. money tight. i usually get busy in winter when they are trapped in by weather. CCleaner, pcpitstop, and lavasofts adaware my best tools. take care. raggy
  2. all i want to remove is hotfix uninstallers under windows advanced. this has always worked before, but this time when analizing, nothing is shown, and control panel still shows hot fix items. am using latest version of CCleaner.
  3. even though i'm listed as newbie, that i'm not. i usually delete prefetch by going into it's folder, but this time wanted to try CCleaner as an experiment. it also brought up & deleted cookies in both i.e. & firefox. it's registry cleaner is supurb & only missed a couple usually found by the toni arts easy cleaner. conclusion:it's a bug. f.y.i. i started useing p.c.'s in 1982 when largest program available was 48k. my dos was 1.0 version. thanks for trying. raggy
  4. in latest amd previous versions, when using cleaner, having only "clean old prefetch" it brings up many additional files including cookies, for both i.e & firefox. this bug should be corrected' thanks raggy
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