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  1. Hello Just block CCleaner ( IN and OUT ) in your firewall , that's all
  2. Passwords in Firefox...

    Yes... because CCleaner target the wrong file !
  3. Hello Since Firefox 32.0 , passwords are in the file logins.json and the file signons.sqlite is no longer used !
  4. Hello The file extensions.sqlite is no longer required ( at least from Firefox 26.0 ) and is replaced by extensions.json. So the startup option is ineffective ( except for plugins) and should point to extensions.json !
  5. Winapp2.ini additions

    It works fine (even with the beta) on my K-Meleon
  6. Please guy , write my name correctly And don't accept like the truth what you have been told....
  7. Winapp2.ini additions

    Good idea ! but K-meleon has already this option ( automatic cleaning )
  8. Cleaning I E files and index.dat ? !

    I have upgraded to IE 8 ( thanks for...) and now (with the last version) the IE files ( to delete) appear except index.dat ! and after reboot all index.dat are the same...( I've compared with search engine of Windows) !
  9. Cleaning I E files and index.dat ? !

    Maybe because i use IE 6 ( just for windows updates ) ?
  10. Cleaning I E files and index.dat ? !

    Ok , i begin to understand what you mean...! But why i have nothing about IE ( after using it ! ) in the right window like the screen in the link ? I had that before 3.01.1327 !
  11. Cleaning I E files and index.dat ? !

    Please, look at this post !
  12. Hello do you check Compact Databases ? This option increases the time of cleaning but it seems to be benefic for Firefox !
  13. Thanks for your topic that shows I'm not a dreamer !!! See there
  14. Unregister my account ? !

    Please, tell me how I can unregister my account ?
  15. Cleaning I E files and index.dat ? !

    I have no IE cleaning !!! The end for me but I am disappointed