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  1. Flash cleaning

    Thanks Andavari, i will try that! I'm not back for good by any means EDIT: That didn't give any info.
  2. Flash cleaning

    Hello, long time no see I just while ago switched to Opera Cromium (from Opera 12.17). Chromium uses own storage location for (Pepper) Flash. With Opera 12, CCleaner works just fine cleaning Flash temp files etc. With Cromium i created my own inlude rules to clean those, and exclude rule for keeping the settings file. I just wonder how CCleaner is able to remove visited domain entries INSIDE the settings.sol file? I mean for Opera 12 it does that, without deleting the settings file. I have not managed to do that with Chromium settings.sol. I'm not sure if those entries are stored somewhere in the registry too? What are CCleaner default rules for cleaning Flash?
  3. LibreOffice Cleaning Support

    Just installed the latest Libre. Regarding recent documents; deleting the .xcu file also restores all your modified settings on Libre?
  4. A trick worth to try

    If you have signal problems http://thechive.com/2011/08/09/how-to-boost-your-wifi-signal-with-a-beer-can-7-photos/
  5. Opera 11.51

    Same here hazel.
  6. What Anti-Virus do you use

    Avast! Free since 2003, or 2004.
  7. How old are you

  8. Hi

    thanks everybody not going to be a regular user here, but will check every now and then. keep up the good work!
  9. Hi

    Hi everybody
  10. What internet cache size do you use?

    My Opera is set to 50Mb.
  11. CCleaner how often to run

    Mine is set to run at start up.
  12. Type O Negative band

    Yeah. Not really a fan of them, but they have some good songs, like My girlfriend's girlfriend and I don't wanna be me.
  13. Yeah, that's true, and i wondered that one too.
  14. Maybe you are being sarcastic, but it's there. Just go there and remove it.
  15. You can find the solution here: http://www.adobe.com/support/security/bull.../apsb10-08.html