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  1. Recuva for windows 98

    Thanks Richard. Good idea. Will defrag.
  2. Recuva for windows 98

    Thanks for response. That is the version I have now. I'm trying to get the option that I have in XP with most recent version that allows deleting from Recuva screen and from HDD location even those file names, shown in recuva screen, that and non-recoverable. Guess that's not possible in Win 98.
  3. Recuva for windows 98

    What is most recent Recuva version that will run on win 98, and, where to find. The current version begins with XP. My backup puter is '98.
  4. Thanks, responders. Must've had double eye patches on while fumbling with FF. I see from one post that slim is what I wanted, without knowing.
  5. CC v. 2.29.1111 XP Home CC removes cookies from FireFox, no option to deselect as in IE.. I want to keep cooks. Please advise. The version installed is called the "Slim" one in a list of other types of downloads. Does this mean that new versions will be installed automatically, or without removing the previous v.?
  6. Portable Version Recuva

    Thanks for reply. Current v. I didn't install that with a "portable" file(AFAIK). This was a second or third update, and I think I installed the present one over the preexisting. Not sure, but any way I'll install over with the just now DL'ed portable - thanks for link - and see what happens. RF
  7. Is only the "Portable Version" installable, as update, over existing v.? If so, where to find?
  8. Install update - remove preexisting first ?

    Thanks, Recuva, got it, will proceed.
  9. Before installing an update, should I first uninstall the previous versiion?