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  1. speccy

    I just downloaded spsetup130 on a vista laptop. It won't run. what is the problem? thanks. Jim B.
  2. lost cookies

    I ran cc cleaner after selecting system, it blew away a lot of my cookies.I tried restoring the system to a point but none are listed. What should I try next?
  3. setup516 won't run

    The slim build didn't run either. When I try to run either of them, It seems like nothing at all happens. The good news is that I had a version 514 on my desktop and, when I copied to the laptop, it ran fine. This leads me to believe there must be some change in the code of 516 that prevents it from running on the laptop.
  4. I've just downloaded ccsetup516.exe on a windows vista laptop and I can't get it to run. Can anyone help? Thanks Jim B. edit: laptop was computer.
  5. Can't install ccleaner

    Disabling antivirus didn't help. Tried installing in safe mode. that didn't work. I cannot uninstall 7-Zip no matter how I try. I'm afraid if I download the portable version 7-zip will screw it up.
  6. Can't install ccleaner

    I changed to internet explorer and tried to install the slim build. I got the same error message. What do I try next? Jim
  7. When I try to install ccleaner I get the following error: Can't initialize plug-ins directory. Please try again later. I have a program called 7-Zip intsalled and it has been causing problems. It may have something to do with The above error. Can you help? Jim B.
  8. registry cleaner

    I'm not hip to to all these acronyms, What do you mean by MVP? Thanks
  9. registry cleaner

    I'm using a HP laptop with vista installed. I removed an application (AutoCAD LT) from the system. I then ran the registry scaner in CCleaner. It found a lot of autocad entries. I selected only them and I had them "fixed". I then ran regedit and searched for autocad. There are numerous entries still in the registry. Can someone please explain why this is? I want to reinstall autocad, but want to start with an absolutely clean slate. Thank's, Jim