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  1. Hi All! To Icedrake; AWWW shucks!! I thought that little pup in the costume was yours. Well, no matter who he or she belongs to, they're lucky to have such a sweet pup. The outfit reminds me of the Grateful Dead's "Dancing Bear" logos. Yes; besides being Nuts4Mutts AND comedy of all kinds I'm also a big fan of one of the best bands EVER, THE GRATEFUL DEAD. Any other 'Deadheads' on the Forums?? Also I'm a big fan of Simon & Garfunkel....oh, and of course The Beatles.....The Byrds....Beach Boys...and Jefferson Airplane (who later morphed into Jefferson Starship)....Hot Tuna is awesome, too (they played with Jefferson Airplane, and then broke away & made Hot Tuna).....I almost forgot, Fleetwood Mac; Moody Blues; The Who....OOPS. See what I mean....I just babble on and on, then go totally off topic. My apologies. I just have passions for so many things, and when I start talking about one thing I feel passionate about the other passions bubble up to the top, too. I gotta learn how to stay on topic and not digress. It makes my hubby dizzy when I get started!! Sorry Icedrake. BTW did anyone start that poll on "Favorite Breed of Dogs" yet? I scanned over topics quickly and I didn't notice it......maybe I missed it or maybe the idea didn't hold water. Bye for now. Nuts4Nutts
  2. Hi All! Glad to meet you, hazelnut! I read a post from YoKenny on the forum...he mentioned that both of you are Piriform's resident nuts. I'm happy to hear that I won't have to be 'nuts' by my lonesome!! I've only been a member for about a week or so and I knew right away that I've found a friendly 'home away from home' to visit my nice, new friends. Talk to you again soon....especially if I have problems with my project posted in "Spyware Hell"!! I'm relieved to hear that RiP ChAiN is a great 'cleaner'...I need all the help I can get! Thanks for the greetings! Nuts4Mutts
  3. Hi All! Nice to meet you, YoKenny! It's great to know there are 'nuts' already residing in these Forums; I hope there's a little room to add me to the mix....I find that the more varieties of nuts you put in the bowl, the more belly-laughs you get!! I can't wait to meet 'hazelnut'; if she's as kind and friendly as everyone else I've met so far, I'll be even MORE happy that I found your Forums 'by accident' than I already am. Everyone seems so kind and helpful, and what's even better is that it's a joy to come back. Most Forums are fine, but I've gone to a few in search of PC-related issues and some of the posts are just downright mean. I'm glad it's not like that here. Thanks for addressing my PC questions, too. Since you were kind enough to respond, I'll answer it in the "Spyware Hell" forum so others can benefit from your input. The problems I'm having are very widespread, so there might be other members who are suffering too. Thanks YoKenny! See ya in "Spyware Hell"! Bye for now! Nuts4Mutts
  4. Hi All! You're quite welcome, Icedrake...I know there aren't a whole lot of us, but I LOVE Latin; I took it for 2 years in High School, as well as 2 years of French. I love to 'disassemble' a word... find the root prefix and suffix and then put it back together. It's amazing how many words are rooted in either Latin or Greek....I am so grateful to have studied it for that amount of time. My regret is that I should have continued it for 2 more. It really comes in handy. I just have to ask you whose ADORABLE POOCHIE is sitting there??? What a sweetie!! Is he or she yours???? I've been off the PC as I had my epidural steroid injections in my spine 4 MY "Piriformis Syndrome" on Thursday, and I have to lie flat on my back for 4-5 days....no sitting, bending, walking, so I'm trying to !ype this without being able to see the keys. I don't even want to tell you how many times I backspaced & retyped!! Anyway, please say more about that furry little cutie!! Oh, did they start a thread about Favorite Dog Breeds that someone mentioned the other day??? Maybe it'd be nice to post "Canine PHOTOS", too! Only thing is, I don't know how to upload from my cell phone....see how much I need to learn!! Bye for now.....just finished watching the Opening Ceremonies.......WOWIE, What a beautiful production!! And one of my favorite shows just started..."Monk" with Tony Shaloub. It's GREAT, but if you miss the beginning, you might miss a little clue (or some good laughs),then, hopefully, the pain will quiet down enough to sleep. Be back soon. Nuts4Mutts
  5. Hi All! Just caught up on posts.....I had to take care of a load of laundry. To Andavari....if I may, Piriform is rooted in Latin, and it means 'pear-shaped'...that's why the pear is where the "O" should be Nuts4Mutts
  6. Hi All! Thanks, Coeur de Leon, I need all the help I can get with my French. Sometimes I have trouble with my ENGLISH!! Also, thanks a bunch for the doggie screensavers link! I can't wait to try it out. It must be beautiful in Switzerland this time of the year. I always think of "The Sound of Music" and the gorgeous Alps.....oh, and the BEST cheeses from those Normandy Cows....oh, and REAL butter. I gotta stop, I'm on a diet! I forgot that there was a French-speaking part in Switzerland. Sorry about that. To 1984.....are you a George Orwell fan?? I just loved reading his "1984" in High School because I thought it was 'Science Fiction". What a surprise I got a few years later when some of it became reality!! Hi to Woody! What a GREAT idea! where do I sign up?? Boy, this is gonna be a tough assignment for me because I love them all!! I'm really partial to the poor, homeless and mistreated dogs.....I wish I could take ALL OF THEM home with me. Oh, thanks for the heads-up about biting.....I'm so relieved it doesn't go on here. Whew (wiping forehead) I'm back....what did I miss??
  7. Hi All! This REALLY has to stop....pistachios are my favorite nut and I just added them to my shopping list a few hours ago, WinApp2.ini!! I must say that there is no way that I'd EVER trade my Mutt for ANY nut, not even for a ton of them! See, now you all know the truth.....I AM 'Nuts4Mutts'!! Bye for now Nuts4Mutts
  8. Hi All! This is really getting to feel kinda 'homey'; you know like when you see friends you haven't been around in a while. Here's another observation or two; a third dog fan has checked in....I admitted to being a Jerry Lewis fan, and Coeur de Leon from FRANCE (where Jerry Lewis is appreciated) posts, and the REALLY strange thing that happens.....Dennis comes in and agreed that the way I found this forum was 'spooky', well guess what; when I was little one of my older brothers gave me the nickname of "SPOOKIE"!!! It looks like we were meant to meet! Sweet, huh? 'Au revoir nouveux amies'....I hope that means 'Good bye, new friends'. It's been a while since High School French Class!! My apologies if I'm wrong Nuts4Mutts
  9. Hi Again! Thanks for the greetings, Dennis, Icedrake and Talldog9! I'm glad I was right when I sensed a friendly forum; it's sad to say that there are some out there that are a bit on the 'scary' side. To Talldog9: the answer is a gigantic YES!!!!! God was really on His game when He was Creating the Dog. I've been blessed to have had dogs since I was 3 years old, in fact, my 1st dog is one of my earliest memories. I've never met or seen one that I didn't love, and I'll NEVER be without one in my heart and home. My life, unfortunately, has had several periods of great sorrow, and the dog (or dogs) that were with me at the time ALWAYS helped get me through. I guess you can say that they sat next to me when God wasn't carrying me. I saved a cartoon with all these dogs of all sizes, colors and breeds and they all had HALOS on; the caption was "DOG LOVERS HEAVEN---WHERE ALL THE DOGS YOU EVER LOVED ARE WAITING TO GREET YOU"....I paraphrased it a bit as I can't see it right now but you get the idea. At my side now is my tremendously loved, 4-year old rescue, Golden Retriever + ??-mix, JASPER. My hubby is a dog lover, too, but I'm absolutely Nuts about them!!! Ahem....sorry, I just couldn't resist the tie-in with my 'name'. Well, thanks again for the 'welcomes'. I'm looking forward to meeting more of you! BTW, you might be interested in the odd way that I found your Forum: I have a medical condition called "Piriformis Syndrome" (the Sciatic nerve should either be above or below this small, band-aid shaped muscle, but mine is threaded through it and this causes severe inflammation, pain and immobility). I thought I had found another self-help forum!!! ISN"T THAT A SCREAM!! I have to add this to the 'funny things that have ever happened to me' file! Hey, I think this is great...I didn't find sick people; I found something MUCH better.....very NICE people. (I DO have what some have called a 'sick' sense of humor, though ...I'm a big fan of slapstick, The Three Stooges, The Pink Panther movies, the 'Naked Gun' movies "Hot Shots 1 and Deux', and, yes I admit it....I'm a Jerry Lewis fan, too......anyone else a comedy-freak like me???? (she said hopefully) Bye for now. Nutts4Mutts
  10. Hi Everyone! I just joined, and this feels like a great place to learn and make new friends. It's nice to meet you! Nuts4Mutts
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