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  1. Winapp2.ini additions

    Just replace the word firefox with CHROME for it to work
  2. Just to note 5.51 is not the latest. 5.56 is the latest as of this writing. Http://Ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds
  3. Problems adding computers

    Moved this to ccleaner discussion board. And pointed the developers to this thread.
  4. I've pointed the developers to this version mis-match
  5. What country are you in? This message should only occur if you are in a country ccleaner doesn't/can't do business in.
  6. Recovering "flakey" drive

    [OPINION]Sadly this could never work because when the drive mounts windows writes to the disk thus changing the results. Do not get me wrong, this is an oft asked for feature, but likely impossible.[/OPINION]
  7. Error updating CCleaner Pro

    Since you posted in a very old thread you may have missed this if that thread doesn't help, please start a new thread as this topic is old.
  8. Winapp2.ini additions

    No he means the latest version of winapp2 which seems to have edited rules that fix the issue you have (caused by your old winapp2)
  9. That seems a bad idea and has no impact on the problem described in this thread
  10. Win 10 Store Corruption

    Stop removing all things registry cleaner suggests in one go. Follow the advice in my signature. I saw tons of reasons why your computer broke in the file you provided.
  11. Can't Remove Displayed Folders or Files

    You answered zero questions posed to you, how can you expect ccleaner do it for you, when you provide no information?
  12. Can't Remove Displayed Folders or Files

    I'm not sure I understand what part of ccleaner you're using to get these files removed. Secondly give an example of a file seen by explorer but not by ccleaner.
  13. Updater

    Maybe you only have 2 programs that are hosted on file hippo (which is where ccleaner gets it's software updates from).
  14. Software Updater Missing

    Known issue reported fixed (by some) in beta version out now, next version should be out soon
  15. Premium fails to register

    Thanks I stand corrected
  16. Premium fails to register

    Doesn't the name field need to be your email address, I might be wrong but it could be the issue.
  17. That's because the only things that cease function after a year is automatic updates and priority support
  18. That's untrue advice given to a dead thread. Thread closed.
  19. Software Updater Not Available

    See here
  20. Software Updater

    The updater had some growing pains in 5.55, it should be fixed in 5.56 there's a beta now so it shouldn't be too long.
  21. Error Problem

    This makes no sense. Please type your question into the forum instead of asking in a sketchy text file attachment.
  22. csgallowway points to it being a winapp2 entry. Are you using a winapp2 or any ccleaner enhancing software?
  23. I believe that the year of priority support and automatic updates begins when the purchase was made. Note I do not work for piriform or ccleaner so this is just my supposition.
  24. Cookies

    Yes, this is a known bug in the current build, hopefully it's fixed in next. If you move a cookie from cookies to keep, I believe they should reappear.
  25. unable to download and save files.

    Hey guys, a few things. One this needs to move back to ccleaner, we're not an open software site, we're a user support forum for ccleaner. As far as I can see the software you're discussing is directly competitive to ccleaner. Second, nicon, as stated by him, is getting close to rule 10 (see forum rules at the bottom of thread index). We users cannot provide Antimalware advice and users are directed to seek professional help at a known antimalware site (such as bleepingcomputer or the geekstogo in his post).