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  1. Hosts File Update

    MVPS update Aug 15 2019 http://winhelp2002.mvps.org/hosts.htm
  2. CCleaner Pro and priority support?!

    Did you use the same email address you used to register ccleaner?
  3. CCleaner Pro and priority support?!

    You need to be specific, what is your issue in ccA? What is your question?
  4. CCleaner Beta - Edge Chromium v5.61.006

    Cookies never covered flash cookies did it,? those were always covered by flash under media on the second tab iirc.
  5. CCleaner Won't Launch

    I'm a little confused IOS is iphone ipad operating system. There is no ccleaner for iOS
  6. How to contact customer support?

    Moved to ccleaner discussion board. @Dave CCleaner should be here soon to help you, but the link to contact piriform is in my signature below.
  7. CC Cleaner not removing files

    Please start your own thread to best have the community answer your question. Please in your new thread include crucial details.
  8. CC Cleaner not removing files

    As this is an official company website i've edited your post to remove competition software name.
  9. Browser Smart Cleaning options

    As I stated above you need to uncheck it for firefox/chrome in their respective sections on the applications (2nd) tab
  10. Unable to determine system file type

    @Lea while i'm sure you feel desperate to have your problem solved, it's best to stay in your own thread as these problems can be complex and though they look similar from the outside, they rarely are. I'm sure someone in our volunteer userbase will cone along with some ideas to aid you.
  11. Browser Smart Cleaning options

    As this is an official company website i've edited the competition software name out of your post, I'm sure you can understand.
  12. Updater pulls it's updates from filehippo only software hosted there is updated by ccleaner
  13. Photo forwarding not working

    Did you use the registry tool? or just the cleaner? If just the cleaner,did you use "easy clean" or "custom clean"? If the latter what settings did you change from the default (if any)? What mail program do you use?
  14. Nas drives

    I'm confused what does this have to do with ccleaner?
  15. It only looks at internet explorer and (if they are truly unchecked on applications tab) does not touch other browsers.
  16. stop emptying my recycle bin

    Use custom clean and you'll find recycle bin on the first (system) tab.
  17. Long time

    Usually a slow start is due to a large winapp2.ini. can you confirm or deny that you are using a winapp2 or any ccleaner enhancing software
  18. Update to version 5.60 Not Working

    See second part of this (the one labeled Error opening file for writing: )
  19. Are they entries which point to programs you have installed. For proper cleaning of the registry follow the advice in my signature.
  20. No progress after 3 days

    A deep scan on a big drive will indeed take a very long time.
  21. I actually think this is due to a badly mistakable preference. What that box does is run ccleaner in auto mode. It probably is opening to the tray for a few seconds and exiting once the clean is done.
  22. Cannot install CCleaner 5.60

    What antivirus do you use? Edit do any of the things which dave pointed to happen to you. At what point in the install does it break? For instance nothing ever happens or it gets part way through.
  23. Cannot install CCleaner 5.60

    Please be more expansive. What happens when you try to run the installer? Do you have pro or free ccleaner? What windows version?
  24. It's probably a false positive. Dr web often flags ccleaner installer because of bundled software but I doubt that's what you mean. In future posts please use google translate (or it's equivalent) to English Это, вероятно, ложный положительный результат. Dr web часто отмечает установщик ccleaner из-за прилагаемого программного обеспечения, но я сомневаюсь, что вы это имеете в виду. В будущих сообщениях, пожалуйста, используйте Google Translate (или его эквивалент) на английский