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  1. Help Corrupt file not fixing

    Ccleaner doesn't fix corruption, it seeks out registry items that don't seem to be connected to live programs. Like any registry 'fixer' you shouldn't use it unless you know what you're removing. Read the advice in my signature below. I've moved this thread to the ccleaner discussion board.
  2. "Booster" setting?

    Thanks, like I said, I won't be much of a help here. I used booster right after your post, and I can't make much sense out of it. I was not able to replicate your bug. Sorry. Hope you get some better help.
  3. Go to clean and program shuts down

    Do you run Kaspersky security or antivirus? If so see here
  4. CCleaner on Vista laptop

    If portable does it then installed would do it too, the executables are identical
  5. The Wrong Temperature Thread

    I think it's more of a case of each and every report being a different bug. I was told by admin to create this thread to reign in multiple threads reporting the issue on their Motherboard. I'd love to talk this out not in front of members but shutting this thread would be a very bad idea.
  6. The Wrong Temperature Thread

    Thank you all for your continued reports. I have been assured that this thread is followed by developers/admins.
  7. Changes in v5.45 and your feedback

    Actually those are just the installers, but combined with MTA's suggestion above will work.
  8. Did you get an email with a new code? Did you contact support like @OldsmobileMike did?
  9. "Booster" setting?

    It answers one of my questions. You have Android Oreo. What device (phone) brand (i.e. Samsung) and model (i.e. Galaxy S9)
  10. CCleaner on Vista laptop

    *covers eyes*
  11. CC Cleaner wants to make changes while cleaning

    To, maybe, say it in a different way from MTA. the moderators have pointed the developers into the direction of this bug. They, the devs, have yet to answer why or if this is fixable.
  12. The version you reference has been pulled and the developers admit they were too ambitious and are fixing it so you have control over background processes. What more do you ask?
  13. speccy bug

    Maybe the motherboard doesn't report that data to WMI?
  14. It has been removed. This seems a question to better ask Kaspersky. But they'd be breaking ccleaner's license if they're hosting their own.
  15. "Booster" setting?

    I've never tried the booster tool, but lets start with basics. Device and Android version: Kit Kat; Marshmallow; Pie?