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  1. Turn off smart cleaning which is what monitoring was renamed.
  2. That looks like a website that you access gmail from (possibly gmail.com). That's not really software related and was probably a beta feature google was trying. Can you confirm/dispute that you're talking about the website
  3. I've removed a possibly dangerous attachment from the post above, please describe it if it is necessary or reupload as picture files.
  4. This is an empty index, it's recreated by the os after ccleaner deletes it. All of your examples are files recreated empty after deletion.
  5. Nobody can promise you "always", however yes, as of this writing, it is only auto update that goes away after a year. You should be brought to a webpage when you click the manual, if not keep it to yourself wink wink.
  6. Seems likely that you meant this rhetorically, however i'll answer. Of course not, why would anyone think that, duh.
  7. Notifications have been hit-or-miss lately. I haven't got any in about two weeks. Are you getting old ones you've read already? Dave should see this thread and inform us mods what's up and we'll inform everyone else (or he'll just inform everyone, he does things like that). But, from someone who can't do anything about it, sorry for the deluge.
  8. We're going to need more information from both of you. Start with what happens at install. What error message do you see, if any. What windows version? What antivirus do you use?
  9. There are specialized tools (such as treecomp) that do this, I think this is well past what ccleaner is for. However the developers do read suggestions and often implement them in the program.
  10. How big a drive? Is it your system drive (drive windows is run from)? Did you set secure multiple passes (can't remember if that applies to WFS but I think it does).
  11. Please run ccleaner in debug mode https://forum.piriform.com/topic/37347-ccleaner-debugging-instructions/ And attach the log here as an attachment
  12. If the free can't find it the pro also won't be able to see it
  13. Ccleaner or edge beta. I believe the stable ccleaner should clean the beta chrome, or much of it.
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