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  1. Your best bet is to use your priority support that came with pro. You can contact the developers directly at support@ccleaner.com Use the same address you registered with so they know it's priority
  2. Very true, to have them appear on the first tab you have to put them in a winsys2.ini
  3. According to the developers, complete cleaning refers to the ability to clean multiple users at once, or clean another user's account without signing in to that user (granting that the running user has admin privileges)
  4. Nergal

    Mr Eric Wright

    Please note that if your phone and tablet are android ccleaner pro plus is not what you want. The 3 licenses are windows installs. You can get ccleaner pro for android from the android play store (and if you have a Amazon fire tablet maybe amazon apps store but i don't remember)
  5. Since you bought it, you have priority support by emailing the developers at support@ccleaner.com
  6. You need to expand on what the problem is. What files? Ccleaner doesn't, by default, touch documents or downloads. What is a side by side configuration? What do you mean it's incorrect? Also what version of windows and ccleaner (don't say latest, it means nothing, please give a version number located at the top of the ccleaner window.
  7. You seem to have a bone to grind with oec, not sure why but are you being constructive at all with your critiques
  8. Since you paid for it, you have priority access to the developers https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/requests/new or by email support@ccleaner.com .
  9. Moved to mac board and signal flared the staff to aid.
  10. Keep it to one thread for the best help. Thread closed (I've also moved the other thread to ccleaner for mac board and alerted the Staff to look into your crash.)
  11. Happy Christmas Errrrr I mean Bah humbug
  12. Nergal


    Depending on the browser it could be a number of things. So start out with which browser and what version of windows. If you go to options>cookies in ccleaner does the right side show cookies? Is it cleaning the rest of the browser just not cookies? Are you using easy clean/healthcheck or custom clean?
  13. Nergal

    File Recovery Help

    In that one shadowvolume has overwritten the file and if recovered it would likely fail to be your lost file.
  14. Be more specific, what boxes have you unchecked. I'll cut to the chase though, the "run at startup" checkmark does not do what it sounds like. It tells ccleaner to run a clean at start-up. To stop ccleaner loading with windows, turn off smart monitoring. Edit: I've moved this to the ccleaner help board as this is not a bug
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