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  1. Do you have norton 360 for your antivirus?
  2. Won't clean Chrome

    Can I assume you mean ccleaner 5.40
  3. Won't clean Chrome

    Read here to see if this solves the problem, if not come back and we can troubleshoot the problem more.
  4. Thanks for playing fair pop up

    Thank you for noticing it was tied to the avast cookie. I've, again, pushed your thread to the development team.
  5. Thanks for playing fair pop up

    This is just a popup that will show for all users. According to the Piriform team, it should only appear once. Moderators are in talks with the development team on how best to inform users that they might see this pop-up. Essentially, it's there to generically remind users that ccleaner is free for home use only.
  6. Google chrome

    See if anything here helps
  7. iTunes program with important voice memos

    You posted this in ccleaner bugs but it seems to be a question about Recuva. Am I correct in this? If so i'll move it to the proper board (recuva discussion).
  8. Thanks for your suggestion, the developers look at threads and often will add suggested features. They however, may remain silent, which is not a sign of their interest in the idea.
  9. Internet Explorer skipped

    Do you have other programs running (such as outtlook). Many applications (and windows itself) use Ie and edge to render the program.
  10. Smart Cleaning Not Available

    Are you running the portable version (portable blocks smart cleaning settings)
  11. CCleaner 5.52.6967 Smart Cleaning bug

    Turn off background running of edge, this should solve the problem
  12. You're going to need to remove winapp2.ini and test if it still removes it. If it does still delete them we can help here, otherwise you'll need to bring it up in the devoted winapp2 thread. Is there not a saved forms checkmark under chrome? (Can't check myself as i'm between computers at the moment)
  13. A work around for pro should still work on free. What was the work around?
  14. While I understand that this creates a frustrating situation for many of you, but please keep the discussion free of swear words, I have edited the above post accordingly. This is this thread's one warning. Inappropriate language is not allowed on this site.
  15. Cleaning Chrome

    Turn off browser monitoring in smart cleaning options