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  1. How to become a staff member??

    Do you mean be a moderator, or actual Piriform/ccleaner job? If the former then being an very active and helpful member for a number of years. When we need someone because one of us has left or because the workload requires a new moderator, then these are the qualities we look for in a new associate. If the latter then you apply like any job. You'll be working for Avast though and i've no idea how or who to go through for that.
  2. Let's start with some information that will help troubleshoot. What version of windows? What version number of defraggler, and from where did you download it? When you ran defraggler I assume you used it to defrag the c drive, did it finish the job? or did it error out? Can you still defrag the drive in defraggler?
  3. Windows 10 1903

    I see a lot of windows version fragmentation, and it's a flaw of Microsoft's own making.
  4. Windows 10 1903

    No matter what I do (short of making a install disc and forcing it) I can't get above 1803 oh well I hardly use a pc any more
  5. New free version

  6. request of a driver updater

    Interesting, but software updater checks filehippo for updates and I don't believe that they have drivers.
  7. request of a driver updater

    Double post See here
  8. The Firefox/Mozilla Thread

    This both excites me and causes me trepidation. Firefox is my daily driver, how unstable are these betas (nightlys I don't have to ask about definitely not on a DD)
  9. As your radio host says the only way to be 100% is physical destruction, if your adversaries have unlimited time and money they can recover data and you'll need to physically destroy it. That said mounting the drives into a newer machine then running full disk wipe on it will thwart most data thieves. Sadly no 98 compatible ccleaner will wipe, and while you can run ccleaner on the xp machine (assuming it's service pack 3) it won't do what you want which is full wipe; for obvious reasons you can't full wipe a drive running the windows ccleaner is hosted in.
  10. Program hangs at 15%

    Try clearing ie from within the browser, sometimes that helps
  11. Program hangs at 15%

    The last rule it got stuck on was internet explorer history so you could try to uncheck all of internet explorer (as one of our moderators has done to speed up their cleaning) and/or make sure no programs are running (maybe one of them runs internet explorer in their code (such as msOffice products or Quicken). I notice you use Firefox (from your logs) do you use edge/explorer at all? well I reread the entire log (boy I must be bored lol) and you use all four browsers pretty heavily.
  12. Program hangs at 15%

    But this time with the debugging, did you task manager it as asked. I think you just have a lot to clean, but as I said I pointed someone smarter than me, on the inner workings of ccleaner, in this direction
  13. Program hangs at 15%

    Did you stop it, or kill it in task manager? It reports in a way that seems like you pressed cancel. That's just my layman read on it i'll see if I can flag down a admin to see if they see something I don't. What I see is a lot of junk (stuff ccleaner gets rid of) is this your first clean with anything. It looks to me like it's happily running through the cleanse. The "trial is expired" I see in some of it does concern me because i've never seen that in a debug.
  14. Trying to recover from a lost partition

    I've pointed piriform staff to this thread.