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  1. Why the constant updating of the Program?

    other than hotfixes to repair system killing bugs, ccleaner is released once a month, not two weeks. These monthly releases add programs to be detected and fixes for bugs.
  2. Topic locked, OP can request reopen
  3. Ccleaner Exit ver. 5.43.6522

    Also try this solution: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/52058-ccleaner-v543-close-on-clean-work-around/
  4. Thank you, i've pinned your topic as it points to the fix's posts
  5. Ccleaner Exit ver. 5.43.6522

    Once Kaspersky is updated to 19(g) (I believe that's the build), most users found that uninstalling and reinstalling ccleaner fixed the issue. Piriform is aware of the issues with both those antiviruses and, I believe, are working with those vendors on a fix. For now, it's suggested that you roll back to 5.40 if the reinstall doesn't work.
  6. The operative word is estimated, so even if a date was given it would be in constant flux.
  7. c cleaner not deleting files

    What's your antivirus? The is a bug caused by two specific antivirus products. Also try this solution https://forum.piriform.com/topic/52058-ccleaner-v543-close-on-clean-work-around/
  8. musik videos

    For the second one it's bear http://www.dictionary.com/browse/bear
  9. save http from cleaning

    Have you moved xfinity to the cookies to keep in ccleaner's cookie section?
  10. What antivirus are you running? We see this occuring on PCs with malwarebytes or Kaspersky
  11. 5.43 -- Still Broken

    What antivirus do you use?
  12. I can not delete some file

    Removing ie doesn't remove Trident (the redering engine used by other programs and windows itself) only the browser. thus ccleaner will likely still see files
  13. After browser use before clean, check your task manager for remenant IE tasks, also in your test did you open anyother programs (such as outlook (windows 10 mail), outlook (ms office), edge or any other programs that might be using internet explorer's render engine)
  14. Please be more clear. You don't want SR points deleted? You are unable to delete sr? Which? Please be descriptive.
  15. Ah, sorry had it backwards, save by hazelnut