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  1. Display windows version and build

    Can I +1 here if I already have?
  2. Duplicate files (music, pics, etc) cleaner

    Please don't discuss competition software, this is an official company website.
  3. Chrome Beta

    Yes, if an error is there, you can likely expect ccleaner to clean it once out of beta
  4. How to change browser path?

    Not sure if it works for addons, but custom location will add browsers not in default location http://www.piriform.com/docs/ccleaner/advanced-usage/ccleaner-ini-files/how-to-clean-user-data-from-non-standard-mozilla-browsers For chrome based browsers replace FIREFOX with CHROME. For opera replace with OPERA
  5. CCleaner not right.

    Are you using a winapp2.ini or any ccleaner enhancing addons?
  6. Chrome Beta

    Beta software is not covered by CCleaner. The developers receive the betas at the same time you do, so it would be impossible for it to guarantee that it'll work with them.
  7. Speccy messing with WMI Provider Host

    Speccy uses wmi to query most (all?) of its data from, so I'd say it's supposed to do that.
  8. CC Cleaner upgrade

    The pro allows for one installation only. for a year after buying pro you get priority support (so you don't have to deal with this user forum) and automatic updates. After that year those two things cease but all other pro features (multi-user, browser monitoring) remain.
  9. Ccleaner as far as I know already uses internetcookie api
  10. Unable to locate missing files

    Make sure the windows update didn't just move the program folder to windows.old folder
  11. How to recover a directory ?

    Please keep talk of competition products out of public forum.. Thank you
  12. Making my app support CCleaner removal

    He means MAC app, I believe. Don't think theres a winapp2 equivalent for MAC.
  13. No, ticked items are cleaned like it logically makes sense
  14. Running batch files?

    Currently there is no way to do this within Defraggler, but it makes for a good suggestion. The devs may not respond to this thread but they do read all suggestions..
  15. Anyone else having problems updating?

    As far as I know auto update is one year, like priority support (which definitly is one year).