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  1. Thanks, i'll point the devs in the direction of this thread. My only other suggestion - besides right clicking and choosing clean one-at-a-time to see which the offending entry is - is to try it in english and see if the same occurs (maybe an error in the language file...low probability though).
  2. Many have reported the comodo warning, but you're saying some preferences/settings are being reset. Can you screenshot the firefox section of ccleaner, so we can see what you have checked off. Conversely you could right click each firefox section and choose clean, and checking firefox after each one for the reset.
  3. Pro and free are identical in their cleaning (the same would have occured if you still used free). As far as what happened, can you furnish us with the ccleaner version number (don't say latest as this mean nothing give the version number), firefox version (same) and windows version.
  4. It was in the changelog for v5.36.6278 (24 Oct 2017) https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/version-history
  5. Ccupdate only checks for security builds. This was instated to aleliviate situations like the one caused by the hacked version that made it out at the end of last year.
  6. https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner
  7. Ccleaner Portable

    Yes all excutables (regular, slim and portable) were infected
  8. duplicate files delete

    No, bulk cleaning would be bad, many operating system and program-related files are amongst that list. Take your time, go through it, only remove files you know you don't need (documents, mp3s, videos, etc.)
  9. Sadly recuva, nor any other software, will not be able to help you. Those emails aren't files on your computer.
  10. contraste élevé

    I know french has long words. So, while we wait for the developers, can you switch ccleaner's language to english and see if the error still occurs. Je sais que le français a de longs mots. Donc, pendant que nous attendons les développeurs, pouvez-vous passer la langue de ccleaner en anglais et voir si l'erreur se produit encore.
  11. contraste élevé

    Thanks i'll pass this to the developers. To be sure, the issue is "when windows is set to high contrast, some ccleaner panes are not visable". Did I get that right? Merci, je vais transmettre cela aux développeurs. Pour être sûr, le problème est "lorsque les fenêtres sont réglées sur un contraste élevé, certaines mèches plus clairs ne sont pas visibles". Ai-je bien compris?
  12. contraste élevé

    Hello, this is an English only forum please reply with your question in English so we can help you. Bonjour, ceci est un forum en anglais seulement s'il vous plaît répondez avec votre question en anglais afin que nous puissions vous aider
  13. Speccy command line

    Currently, afaik, there are no cmd line actions for speccy
  14. This is 100% on-point accurate