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  1. @Andavari - Thanks a lot for replying, and it's nice to know no harm comes from the wrong date showing up. I just now finished updating all of my programs and CCleaner is now the only one with the wrong date showing...but no problem. Thanks again!
  2. Recently, the date of the CCleaner installation in the Add/Remove Programs is showing as 1 month EARLIER than the actual date. I got a new PC (Windows 8 ) on 09-13-13, installed CCleaner app version 4.05.4250, but the date showed 08-21-13. On 10-04-13 I installed version 4.06.4324 and date wrong... I had to reinstall CCleaner today (version 4.06 again), but the date in Add/Remove shows 09-19-13 instead of 10-20-13. Why is CCleaner displaying the wrong installation date -- a one month earlier one? This probably sounds silly, but is that effecting (somehow?) my PC...perhaps causing a problem(???)
  3. Wow! It's been 5 months since my problem has continued as I first posted and extremely frustrating not to have the cookies stay listed in my PaleMoon/Firefox browsers. OF NOTE is that I NEVER did check the "site preferences" box for clearing in my browsers, so that was never the problem for me. So all of these past months, after closing my browser(s) each time (frequently), I immediately would go to my SpywareBlaster app FIRST and ENABLE the protection for the browsers because they would get unprotected each time I simply closed the browser(s)...before I would use CCleaner. I still can't understand why that would happen. Anyway, out of frustration, I just ended up back here and discovered the post which says UNCHECK "site preferences" in the CCleaner app, and so I did, and -- VOILA -- my cookies in the browser now STAY PUT! Maybe I'm mistaken, but I thought I had always checked the "site preferences" in the CCleaner app to be cleared before this started happening and there wasn't any problem then...however...maybe CCleaner never even listed "site preferences" until that version of CCleaner came out in July??? You don't realize how great it is to see the cookie listings stay put...my entries and also the list of automatically blocked cookies...after 5 months of going without the feature working! I can only hope it stays working now, but - again - I sure can't explain why the SpywareBlaster app would disable the protection simply by me closing my browser(s)...so I hope it continues to work as it should now, also. JUST THINK...IF I would have returned to view the forums after I posted my problem, I wouldn't have needed to be miserable all this time!
  4. UPDATE...PLEASE NOTE: HONESTLY, now I am NOT sure if CCleaner has anything at all to do with my problems! The only thing new I had done recently to my PC or browsers was to download the newest version of CCleaner a couple of days ago, and so when I discovered those 2 problems I now have, I automatically attributed the problems to CCleaner. HOWEVER... I'm not so sure any longer! Why? Because I just reverted back to an older version of CCleaner (when everything was still all right) AND I still have the same problems. Therefore, how could it possibly be CCleaner's fault? I guess I'll wait awhile and see what happens next. I redownloaded my SpywareBlaster app to see if that helps fix that problem...we'll see. Meanwhile, I'll just have to put up with not being able to save "exception" cookies. If it turns out there is a problem or bug in the new version, sobeit...it will get fixed, I'm sure. I do realize, however, that some other people are having problems with their "exception" list of cookies also disappearing, so maybe there is some sort of bug hanging around...maybe. All in all, I apologize if I am mistaken in my rush to judgement in accusing CCleaner of being the guilty culprit for my problems. Thank you for allowing me to post here, and I hope we all get our problems fixed. Again, I love CCleaner and thanks for making such a wonderful app! Um...however, I might return for more help or suggestions...we'll see.
  5. Wow...interesting, Kroozer...thanks for your input! Of note, I also am using Windows 7, x64.
  6. I have 2 problems "so far" that I've noticed with this new version of CCleaner, version 4.03. (1) It wipes clean my cookie EXCEPTIONS list each time I use CCleaner, which is several times daily. (2) I have an application called "SpywareBlaster" and when new protection lists (about once monthly) get installed, I "enable" full protection for my Firefox, Pale Moon, and IE browsers, etc. I check the SpywareBlaster app daily, just in case new protections arrive and should be dowloaded. Yesterday and today, when I checked my SpywareBlaster for new downloads, my FULL PROTECTION had been DISABLED BY CCLEANER, leaving me without any protection! So my settings here, also, are being wiped clean. Now that I have realized CCleaner is causing that problem, I will need to go back and enable full protection after each use of CCleaner...which is certainly not ideal. Now I am wondering if the newest CCleaner version is harming anything else I am using on my PC. Those 2 items I listed are the only things so far that I've discovered wrong. I love CCleaner and I sure hope something very SOON can be done about this problem. I guess I should probably try to download the previous version and use it until a fix for this can be made. If anyone else is using SpywareBlaster, have you noticed your protection is getting disabled when using CCleaner?
  7. Me too! I've got Firefox 21 and the latest stable version of CCleaner (4.03). I've NEVER had this problem before now. Each time I run CCleaner, it wipes my Firefox cookie exception list clean! Along with me inserting specific cookie regulations in that "exceptions" box, a list of BAD cookie sites is automatically placed in that section for me, as well. However, now I can't keep those cookies permanently staying in that section and it is extremely frustratin to try and remember all the cookies I want to list and how to list them over & over again. I use CCleaner several times "daily" and therefore, I lose those cookies each time. QUESTION: Will there be a fix SOON (I hope!)?
  8. S-L-O-W latest version of defraggler! I was using the older version 1.17 and when I began to use Defraggler, I was offered the newest 1.18 version...so I downloaded it from File Hippo. BUT...when I began defraggling, it took 15 minutes to defrag 2% (longer than it took to ever defrag my entire system in the past). I thought perhaps I received a bad download, so I uninstalled it...went to File Hippo and downloaded a 2nd file...opened it and ran it. OOPS...it still took about 15 to get 2% defragged! Well, I was sure there must be some sort of bug in the newest version because I had never seen that ever happen "to me" before. SO...I uninstalled it, again, and downloaded the 1.17 version, again...and "voila", the older one still worked like a charm. I guess I'll keep the older version until a newer version comes out because nobody can be expected to wait for a defrag at the rate of 2% every 15 minutes, right? QUESTION: Am I only one of a few people experiencing this extreme slowness with the latest version?
  9. Hi Kestol! I just wanted to let U know that since I downloaded the Revo Uninstaller, I use it all the time and no longer bother with my windows add/remove program removal because Revo truly does a great job. Sometimes a couple of items might still be left behind, so I automatically go to START...SEARCH = For Files or Folders. In the blank space, I would (for example) type: opera If any icons of OPERA show up, I can delete them from there. Of course, you want to make sure you're not deleting anything you need, but if unsure, just refrain from deleting! This has worked extremely well for me. Good luck with solving your problem...if you haven't already done so by now! If not, then you really might want to consider what AnthonyA said about reinstalling Opera and then using the Revo Uninstaller to get rid of it all.
  10. I'm really not qualified to give technical advice, but I just wanted to throw two cents worth of info out to you, ok? Actually, I just received notification via email today that Piriform has a NEW version (2.14) of CCleaner available, so I will be uninstalling my old one and downloading the new one shortly. OK...I just want to ask you exactly which box did you check in the secure delete feature (under Options and then Settings)? Of note is that in the 2nd circle of choice, you then can also choose how many times you want it erased...up to 35 times. "If" you did not notice that, please take a look, ok? Btw...if you had not selected one of those extra wipe options, and decide to try it out, I would be very interested in knowing whether or not Recuva would be able to retrieve it then...providing you would have time to come back and report your findings! I hope this is of some help, but if you've already tried the multiple swipe selection choices, then please forgive me for taking up your time, ok? Either way...good luck!
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