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  1. - Re-installed Win 7 today because a number of things didn't work (properly) anymore (e.g. Windows Update (??)).

    - Did put "Windows Update" (WU) to work and it came up with some very odd suggestions. WU told me/suggested that I should install:


    - the december 2017 Rollup update for Win 7 (KB 4054518)

    - the september 2017 .NET Rollup update (KB 4041083)


    - the november 2017 .NET Rollup update (KB 4049016)     (???????)


    - Is MS too busy fixing (truck loads (???) of) bugs in Win 10 and therefore ignores Win 7 & Win 8 ((a bit) too much) ?

  2. - And yes, I found more things in DF v2.21 that can be improved in the next version. I don't know what the intentions are of the developers of DF but the program does show some inconsistent behaviour.

    - The user can choose between 3 options ("Modern", "Original" and "Custom") on how the program displays the drive map with the defragmented and fragmented files. But only under the option "Custom" the user is able to change the colors (in the "Colors" tab) used in the drive map. What I would like to see, is that the user is able to change those colors for all 3 options (incl. "Modern" & "Original").

  3. - I fear "Windows Update" on my Win 7 system is (a bit) "broken". Because the "MS catalogus update" website already has the "Windows 7 March Rollup Update Preview" but when I run "Windows Update" that one Preview update doesn't show up.

    - I downloaded & installed the March 2018 Cumulative Update for IE 11. It was the second "Cumulative Update for IE 11" for this month. Did MS spot a "few bugs" in the 1st update released earlier this month ?

  4. - RC v1.53 is the latest version.

    - When I run the installation program (RC v1.53) and select a language (I tried dutch, german and french) then all texts in the GUI remain in english. Only when RC "extracts"/installs the files (the screen with the "progress bar") it displays the text(s) in e.g. dutch, german and French.

  5. - The lastest version of Recuva (v1.54) has a number of language related problems. The installation program fails to recognize the fact that I have a dutch Windows system and therefore fails to propose dutch as the installation language. Then all texts in the first installation screen remain in english. Other Piriform programs do recognize that I have a dutch computer system when I install that program. But - as mentioned - above, not RECUVA.

    - I would assume that it should be fairly simple to copy that from other programs to RECUVA.

  6. - No, in IE 11 that nagging pop up message keeps popping up. No matter what I try. (Did I overlook something ?)

    - When  the user has installed a few "Cumulative Updates" & "Rollup Updates" (both for e.g. win 7 and for .NET software) then it seems that the the amount of files in the infamous "Winsxs" grows at a rapid pace (again). I ran the build-in "Cleanmanager" program ("cleanmgr.exe") 2 days ago and it was able to remove 1.42 GB worth of system files. Ouch !!!

  7. - The latest update of IE 11 contains an extra filter/pop up mesage which helps the computer user to shield from "Active content". All fine and well but now the user has deal with one more pop up message. And it (seems to) interfere(s) with typing text when I want to use e.g. the GOOGLE search engine. VERY annoying !!!!!!!

    - I haven't quite figured out what to do about this. I hope this will get picked up by the "Customer Experience" software in Windows (7) and MS will remove it from the next IE update.

    - Question: Does the Piriform forum use "Active content" of any kind ? Because when I visit this forum this (annoying) message does pop up as well.

  8. - Search the "Microsoft Update Catalogus" website with "2018-03" and see what shows up. At  this moment MS already has some 13 updates available for downloading & installing this month. These updates are "Updates" and "Cumulative updates" but no " Rollup" updates. I assume those "Rollup" updates will be available tomorrow ?

    - My personal opinion is and remains that MS should release a new Service Pack for both Win 8 & Win 7. And after doing that MS should  release only "Cumulative Updates" (either with or without updates for IE 11).  That  - IMO - would make life for A LOT OF computer users AND for Microsoft much easier. Just install e.g. Win 7 (with or without SP1), install the latest Service Pack and the latest "Cumulative Update". And the computer user is ready to go.

  9. - Besides the "Monthly Rollup Update" for both Windows (e.g. for Win 7 and Win 8) and the .NET software, the user also can download the "Preview" versions of those updates. Search on the "MS Update Catalogue" website with the words "Preview Rollup Update" and "Preview Rollup Update .NET".

    - I failed to find the february 2018 Preview Rollup for the .NET software. Is that still "Work in progress" ?


  10. - A future version of Windows Repair will be available in multiple languages (other than english). Don't know whether or not people can volunteer to provide a translation for the program and when the program will be available for translation. Perhaps Tweaking has already lined up a bunch of translators. I assume that there will be an official announcement somewhere in the future on the Tweaking website.

    - For questions, feedback (on e.g. bugs) people can go to the Tweaking.com website. Feedback is still very welcome.





  11. - The current version of Defraggler (v2.21) was released years ago. The program is known to have "a few rough edges" and it seems the developers never found a good solution to get rid of those "rough edges". I fear the developers "lost interest" in trying to improve the program code (and that includes making better use of the CPU's processing power) or the developers have other priorities. And that's a pity because I use the program every day.

    - Question: Do you see a difference between a compressed file and a non compressed (video-)file when you open it with your mediaplayer ? (I never had to compress files in order to free up space)

    - I also could imagine that Defraggler could speed up the defragmenting process when it would read the files (to be physically moved) into memory before it starts to (physically) move those files. Currently that doesn't seem to be the case when I look at the resource monitor in my Windows 7 system.

    - The "heavy lifting" of moving files is done by an Windows API and I could imagine that that API has "a number of flaws" as well. Don't know what to make of it.

    (Developers of Defraggler:  Are you reading this thread/these posts ???)

  12. - Defraggler is indeed known to use a (fairly) high amount of CPU in combination with low disk I/O and low memory usage when it's performing its tasks.

    - The amount of free space on your HD is 11 GB / 660 GB  * 100% = 1.6 %. Then it's no wonder that every (Windows) copy/move/read operation involving that drive will take (much) more time. Including using Defraggler, no matter what option you choose. I fear there's no way around to move between say 30 (5% of 660 GB) or 60 GB (10% of 660 GB) of video files to another (extra) drive. Then I am convinced that every Defraggler option will perform better.

    - Having all videos defragmented doesn't automatically mean that your media player will perform better. I have the same problem with (some of) my (defragmented) large video files as well. Although I perhaps don't use the most sophisticated media player.

  13. - The KB numbers of the february 2018 "Monthly Security Rollup Update":

                      Windows 7:  KB 4074598

                      Windows 8.1: KB 4074594

                      .NET v3.5 through v4.7.1 for Windows 7: KB 4076492

    - If the user wants to find other "Monthly Security Rollup Updates" for other Operating systems and/or .NET versions, then search the "MS Update Catalogus" with the words "Security Rollup" and sort the results on the date (released).