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  1. February 2017 Security Updates delay.

    - I indeed was wondering what happened to the Update mechanism. I feared MS wanted to give priority to Win 10 systems. - This month Windows Update recommended only one "optional" update for my Win 7 system.
  2. Chrome 56 quietly added Bluetooth snitch API

    - To see what devices are equipped with a socalled "ZigBee" chip(-set). Like an LG fridge https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ZigBee https://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=47605
  3. Fun with Donald Trump

    - At least, the actions of "The Donald" himself and his crew are a rich source to make fun of him.
  4. - Good to hear that it worked out well for you. - If Windows doesn't give you loads of errors (next time) then you also can run the repairs only and skip the "optional" steps. Just see what works out best for you.
  5. Enhance Windows Disk Cleanup

    (What follows is a (more or less) blatant advertisement for a - IMO - excellent program) The folks that have bought the PRO version of Tweaking's Windows Repair have the ability to add more locations to be cleaned by the build-in "Disk Clean Up" tool.
  6. Fun with Donald Trump

    More funny stuff: http://imgur.com/gallery/va6oD
  7. - Starting after january 2017 MS will drop support for Windows Live Mail. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/askjack/2016/jun/02/microsoft-killing-windows-live-mail-what-should-i-do-hotmail-msn-outlook - Does anyone still use this software ? - I have been using the email program for a while but after say 6 months I ditched it. It was a bit of a rush job. There still some flaws in the programcode that made a mess of the file & folder structure. As time went by the amount of (sub-)folders increased. It became an outright horrible "folder jungle". And I believe that this "folder jungle" caused me to lose my stored emails. They were suddenly invisible in the program itself. Although I was able to save/rescue those emails. But it took me hours to recover those emails. - I am still missing Outlook Express. (sob, sob). Anyone who knows if OE would run on a Win 7 system ? And is OE still to be downloaded somewhere ? From a SAFE website ? Did some GOOGLE-ing but found nothing I thought I could trust.
  8. Support for Windows Live Mail dropped

    - Question: Does any who is reading this have experience with the free Mail app in Win 8 & Win 10 ? - I ask because I came across some info that suggests that these apps are still a "bit buggy". And to be frank, I am not surprised because those apps are free and that could be reason why MS doesn't provide too much support for these apps. Whereas e.g. Outlook is not a free program and that's IMO a GOOD reason why MS DOES provide much better support and updates. I experienced the same with the Windows LIve Mail 2012 program. I.e free but still a bit buggy (See the 1st post in this thread)
  9. Support for Windows Live Mail dropped

    - Ooooops. Made a mistake. First MS disabled synchronization between Outlook.com & WLM (mid 2016 ??). And then MS dropped support for WLM (january 2017) but Outlook.com still works. - But I wouldn't be surprised to see that MS also will drop Outlook.com somewhere in the future. See what MS did with Hotmail.com.
  10. Support for Windows Live Mail dropped

    - OMG. Never used Outlook and not being able to export emails in *.eml format is an extra hurdle to start using the program. Seems MS wants to keep users trapped in Outlook. - But MS also ditched Outlook.com.
  11. Support for Windows Live Mail dropped

    - All email programs are able to export emails in *.eml format. And then import them in WLM. - Although I would ditch WLM (because it's no longer supported/updated) and switch to something else. My current favourite is Outlook Express Classic. https://www.oeclassic.com/
  12. Restore points dissappear.

    - Perhaps you've allocated too little diskspace for those System Restore Points (SRP). Then Windows will run out of diskspace very soon and starts to delete those SRPs. Or Windows won't create any SRPs at all. Then you need to allocate (much) more diskspace for SRPs. - Or the amount of free diskspace is too low or went under a critical limit. That will force Windows to remove all those SRPs as well. - Perhaps you need to select a different option for those SRPs ?
  13. - What was the size of the files before cleaning ? - Perhaps those files are/were "locked" ? Can you clean them after a restart of your system ?
  14. error in defraggler

    - That seems to suggest that the HD is OK but that something "interferes" with the "seek time" of the HD. And that COULD be power related. Perhaps the power in your house has regular socalled "Brown outs". Time to seek some professional advice, IMO.
  15. error in defraggler

    - I don't know for sure. I would ask for some professional advice.
  16. error in defraggler

    - The value of SMART attribute 07 ("Seek Error Rate") of the Toshiba HD is way too high and causing that error. (red line in the picture). - Since SMART attribute 03 ("Spin Up time") is also "elevated" (for both drives) and all other attributes are OK, I start to think that your HDs (and your system) don't get enough power upon start up. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S.M.A.R.T.
  17. - Just imagine that your IoT fridge starts to display advertisements or - even worse - starts to play advertisement jingles (audio). Brrrrr .......
  18. error in defraggler

    @Pachi: Run Piriform's SPECCY. Select File > Publish snapshot and post the link that pops up inyour next reply.
  19. Freeware Rebooted

    - Computer users who have migrated to a newer Windows version (sometimes) find out that their old scanner driver software doesn't work anymore. But there's a program that can make that old scanner work again. VueScan (v9.5) https://www.hamrick.com/download.html
  20. http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2014/01/smart-tvs-smart-fridges-smart-washing-machines-disaster-waiting-to-happen/
  21. - "Dynamic Entertaining Experience" ??? - Now hackers can create an even larger botnet. - I can imagine that hackers are able to pull up "interesting" patterns. Like when people are not at home. That's what burglars really like to know. OMG.
  22. Numbers all the same

    - Some files are re-created automatically after being removed.
  23. Microsoft Edge Tops Browser Protection Tests

    - I doubt that will persuade people to switch from other browsers to Edge.
  24. - Ccleaner already has advanced to version v5.25. http://filehippo.com/download_ccleaner/
  25. I know some people are reluctant to install "Optional Updates". Because some of those Updates have a "questionable" reputation. But there's one Update that is - IMO - actually a "Must Install". And that's KB 2852386. After installation it will enables the user to free up A LOT OF EXTRA (!!!) disk space. And I am talking GBs. I posted this info previously on this forum (buried deeply in one of the threads) but I thought it would benefit more Win 7 & Windows Server users who regularly visit this forum. See the info in this thread on the "Tweaking.com" forum website. http://www.tweaking.com/forums/index.php/topic,4643.0.html