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  1. Defraggler: Willy2's bug reports

    - Another thing that needs to be improved in the next version of DF: DF doesn't Always take into account that I have the Taskbar on the left hand side of the screen. This odd behaviour occurs when I want to shrink DF to its previous (non maximized) size. Then the left hand part of the GUI is "hiding" under the Task Bar.
  2. Has anyone used OE Classic?

    - There are still a number of (small) annoying bugs in OE Classic. Even in v2.7.
  3. Avast aquires Piriform

    - And how much was Avast willing to pay ? - I do hope nothing changes here at this forum and that the developers will remain to improve the Piriform products/software.
  4. Pegasus spyware

    - Smartphone users should be very carefull to open suspicious email/messages. It could lead to the installation of spyware called Pegasus. And that spyware is able to tap into all data on one's smartphone. The spyware can even turn on the smartphone's microphone and camera without the consent of the user. For more details: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-40567277
  5. Pegasus spyware

    - Agree. The smartphone platform targeted is indeed missing. - The worrysome thing is that this exploit has been used for a "nefarious" purpose. - The entire story (keyword: exploit) makes it clear that one SHOULD regularly patch up one's smartphone/computer(-system).
  6. Defraggler: Willy2's bug reports

    - The sub-routines used for displaying the filemap also need to be improved. I know that on some places on my HD file(s) is/are located/placed. But in spite of hitting "Analyze" multiple times DF simply fails to let those files show up in the filemap. Even restarting the program won't fix this problem. - DF also still thinks that in some places/locations files are located but when I move the (mouse-) to such a place then DF reports "No files found" (or something similar). And even restarting the program won't fix this problem either. - Seems that filemap info is located somewhere in memory on on the HD and DF fails to erase that info. Perhaps DF has an "internal" variable that tells DF what the current state is of the filemap. Or perhaps DF overlooks certain categories of files. - Perhaps DF needs an extra option/switch that will tell DF whether or not to (fully) re-examine/analyze the drive, with a new fresh re-building up of the filemap.
  7. New update soon?

    - DF updated once or twice a year ? Then I must have missed a number of updates !!! ;-)
  8. New .NET version available

    - A bit off topic: MS didn't roll out an (security) update for .NET this month (june 2017). Instead Windows Update still only offers the "May 2017 Preview for .NET".
  9. losing crucial disk space

    - Use Defraggler to move A LOT OF (non system) files you don't regularly use/open towards the end of the drive. That way you'll make room at the beginning of the drive for systemfiles (e.g. the pagefile) to be defragmented.
  10. New .NET version available

    - Installing .NET on a XP system is a nightmare. One thinks that the installation has failed becasue it takes so much time. - .NET v4.7 is a good reason for a new SPECCY version.
  11. - The main problem here is that Piriform hasn't released a new and improved version of Defraggler for a while. I use the word "improved" because there still a number of bugs in the program code that need to be fixed. (Perhaps this post is able to persuade the developers to improve the program code in the near future ??)
  12. - The main problem is that there's still no new version of Defraggler availalble. In spite that the program code still contioans a number of bugs that require action from the Piriform developers.
  13. New .NET version available

    - Didn't install it yet. Although I have downloaded the Stand-Alone version for Windows 7 and the appropriate language package. - Whenever possible I always download the individual update installation files. It allows me to install Win 7 without going out on the internet (think: viruses and other malware).
  14. New .NET version available

    - Some programs simpy only work with .NET
  15. Disk Health Error

    - About SMART values: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S.M.A.R.T. @kevin: Some "critical" attributes (&B8, &BB) have high values. And the "Wear Out Indicator" is also very high. Run SSD Life on your system. It's better suited for SSDs. https://ssd-life.com/
  16. Drive Health: Warning

    - To be frank I rarely do a full defrag of my HD. I only defragment the fragmented files. - Sometimes a drive starts to fail after only a few months. A number of SMART values are at worrying highs. - A more convenient way to show the SMART info is the following: Run Piriform's SPECCY. Then select (File >> Publish Snapshot) and post the link that pops up in your next reply. That snapshot also will show the SMART values of your HD.
  17. Emergency update for XP from Microsoft

    - Ransomware on my washingmachine. LOL - But this kind of photoshopping does highlight the vulnerability of the "Internet of things" to outside "attacks". (There was a discussion on this topic here on this forum).
  18. Drive Health: Warning

    - It means that the HD could be in the 1st stages of failing. Run the progrma again, open the "Health" tab. Does any of the lines show up in a pink or red color ? Post a screenshot then we can see what's wrong with the "health" of the HD.
  19. Emergency update for XP from Microsoft

    - Microsoft is not "too happy" with the NSA's action/neglect regarding this vulnerability in the Windows OS. https://mishtalk.com/2017/05/14/microsoft-blasts-nsa-cia-for-stockpiling-vulnerabilities-criminal-negligence-by-nsa/ https://blogs.microsoft.com/on-the-issues/2017/05/14/need-urgent-collective-action-keep-people-safe-online-lessons-last-weeks-cyberattack/#sm.00001qetxt6r5scz1teqfe8tvxalo - Didn't MS know that there are large organisations (like the NHS) that are still using the XP OS ?
  20. Emergency update for XP from Microsoft

    - "Bleeping Computer" also had this article on how to disable the ransom-ware: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/wana-decrypt0r-ransomware-outbreak-temporarily-stopped-by-accidental-hero-/
  21. Emergency update for XP from Microsoft

    - But Vista was already covered in the March 2017 patch up update. Because support for Vista was dropped after april of 2017. - Win 8 (NOT Win 8.1 !!!) wasn't covered as well. My info came from this article: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/microsoft-releases-patch-for-older-windows-versions-to-protect-against-wana-decrypt0r/
  22. Emergency update for XP from Microsoft

    - Well, and the NHS is "swimming in the money", right ?? Seems they don't have the money to switch to a newer OS. - Yes, I have updated my Win 7 system with that March update and I don't open suspect emails. So, I should be fine.
  23. May desktops

    - Is that the Peak District National Park ?
  24. ISPs sell browsing history

    AT&T and Verizon want to earn extra money by selling user's browsing history. http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2017/03/30/how-will-isps-collect-and-sell-your-browser-history.html
  25. - I could imagine that Defraggler has "a conflict" with some other program. But the question is: which program ?