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  1. - OEC version v3.0 available: https://www.oeclassic.com/ - Details on the major changes/improvements: https://www.oeclassic.com/news (I know that "Under the bonnet" there were (much) more (smaller) changes / bug fixes). - My personal recommendation is to make a backup of all the user data before upgrading to v3.0. The new version uses a new database structure that is not compatible with previous versions and something could go wrong during installation. - The installation program of v3.0 will automatically upgrade the database structure during installation.
  2. - There is another possibility to reduce the amount of space the SRPs occupy: The user can specify the % of disk space that is being used by System Restore. If e.g. 70% is considered to be too much then the user can reduce that % to say 60%, 50% or less. - Windows keeps track of the files that were moved on the HD or SSD by a program (Not only Defraggler !!!) and those files are then included/archived/...... in the next SRP. But since Defraggler can move A LOT OF system files those SRPs can occupy LOTS of diskspace.
  3. - The solution for the problem in the previous post is to tell GMail to accept "less secure" connections. - IMAP in OEC v3.0 has advanced to "Public Alpha version 18". And this version does work surprisingly well for a "Alpha" version, IMO.
  4. - Another thing: If the amount of free disk space goes under a certain level (1% ?? 0.5% ??) then Windows is smart enough to automatically free up space. And one of those things is that Windows removes is one or more System Restore Points. - You can use CCleaner as well to remove one or more SRPs.
  5. @ElChabi: - Run Antibody's WIZTREE. It will tell you the size of the folder called "System Volume Information". In that folder the System Restore Points are stored. That folder could be VERY large in size. That folder could easily occupy 50% or more of your disk. - Solution ? Remove one or more System Restore Points. If that doesn't work then disable System Restore Points, reboot, and (if you want) enable System Restore Points again. That should free up A LOT OF disk space and could reduce the disk fragmentation.
  6. - I have a suggestion on how to increase to amount of applications that are supported by CCleaner. 1) Dump every definition for every program in one file (E.g. "Winapp2.ini"). I know that this file will grow, grow and grow as time goes by and that this will increase the amount of time CCleaner needs to go through all the definitions in that file. 2) To reduce the amount of time CC needs to search through that list, create a second list (e.g. Winapp3.ini") which contains only a (very) few definitions (when CC is installed) like for e.g. MS Internet Explorer, MS Edge, MS Edge (chromium based), CHrome, Firefox, etc. In other words programs that are (still) used on very frequent basis. 3) Let CC search for the program "footprints" that are contained in that first list ("winapp2.ini"). Do that with a (VERY) low priority and in a separate process. Each time CC finds a match in that file/list, copy that definition/foot print to the second list (E.g. "Winapp3.ini".) That way this 2nd list will only have a very modest size and can be executed in a very limited amount of time. 4) Add somewhere a button or an option called "Update definitions now". This option then forces CC to update that "Winapp3.ini" file without a delay and with high priority.
  7. - The OEC PRO version (v3.0) is/seems to be able to receive emails from an IMAP account. But I have a problem. - I have set up a GMail account (IMAP) to test how OEC handles IMAP and to get familiar with IMAP. But up to now I am not able to receive any emails from GMail. OEC says that "Authentication failed". I have tried several things to solve this problem but to no avail. Are there here any peersons who can help me in this regard ? What options need to be changed ? I must say that GMail offers A LOT OF options and I don't know what options must be changed.
  8. - Ooooops. - Seems someone "didn't like" Ccleaner and wanted "to hurt" CCleaner and "got called out for it". Well, perhaps the best solution is to remove this entire thread.
  9. - "Wilders Security" is a serious website. - Is the Piriform website hacked ? Infected with malware ? That could explain this action.
  10. - It seems MS blacklisted any references to CCleaner: https://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/ccleaner-v5.370654/page-50#post-2859150 - Does CC put malware/bloatware in it products ? Is the registry cleaner "too aggressive" ? My personal opinion is that CC could be much more "aggressive" when it comes to cleaning the registry.
  11. - No. Defraggler still hasn't that option. - You can use the "Defragment Free Space" option in combination of the "Exclude" option. But I am not too keen on using this option because this option also moves some files - located in folders that are excluded - towards the beginning of the disk. At that point the program code has to be improved as well. But I fear that Windows is somehow interfering with this option.
  12. Willy2

    .NET Framework 4.8

    - MS issued a new version of the off-line installation file for this .NET v4.8 version. The previous version seems to have been "a bit buggy" and caused confusion for Windows Update. For more info: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4503548/microsoft-net-framework-4-8-offline-installer-for-windows Those folks who have a non-english version of Windows also must download an additional "language pack".
  13. - Another thing that can be improved in DF. - I selected 2 files to be defragmented. After that the file list showed that those 2 files were in 1 fragment. But when I wanted to sort the list on the amount of fragments then DF still thought that those files are still fragmented and have the old amount of fragments. In other words: DF doesn't update the amount of fragments internally. See also the picture attached.
  14. - Just look at what the "Custom Clean" option pulls up. It will tell you what application is associated with that 6 GB in junk files. I consider it most likely that those files are associated with a browser (Firefox, Google chrome, ........... ) - Please post a screenshot of the details of that "Custom Clean". then there is no need/less need to contact support.
  15. - The Clipboard is located in the memory of the computer, NOT on your HD.
  16. - Run Antibody's Wiztree. See how large the size of the folder "System Volume Information" is and what the dates are of the sub-folders in that folder. When were these folders created ? When you ran Defraggler ?
  17. - Does the FREE version also corrupt Office 2016 ? - Is there any major difference between the FREE and the PRO version ?
  18. - OEC PRO v3.0 users are recommended to check every day for a new update of the program. It seems these updates (with small (???) bugfixes) are now being released every few days. https://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/oe-classic-discussions-and-updates.393261/
  19. - Perhaps the SPECCY server needs PcWinTech's CLEANMEM to be installed as well ......................
  20. (I know this answer has been posted in a different thread but I think it's more appropriate to post the answer in this thread) - Piriform could add a date to the URL of the SPECCY snapshot. Then it will be much easier to delete all snapshots that are older than say 3, 4, or say 5 years. It's my opinion that after say 5 years the SPECCY snapshot is outdated anyway.
  21. - I would suggest to add a date/year to the URL of the SPECCY snapshot. And delete the snapshot after say 3, 4 or 5 years (that's the date in URL for). After that amount of time the snapshot is (more than) outdated anyway. I think it will free up A LOT OF disk space. The user Always can make a snapshot in *.txt format and store it for later use. - Or delete the snapshot after it hasn't been accessed for say 3, 4 or 5 years.
  22. - Support for IMAP in OEC is essential if the program wants to become a serious competitor for any other email program. - Users of the latest Outlook Express Classic PRO version (released june 1, 2019) are encouraged to use/test the program and see whether or not the program code still contains one or more IMAP related bugs. If so, please report them to the OEC developers. - I would LOVE to test the latest OEC version for IMAP related bugs but due to very specific reasons (No, no details !!!) I am not able to do so.
  23. - OE Classic has reached a milestone. It now supports IMAP. The version that has been released is a socalled "Beta" version. But the developers seem to be/are confident enough to release this BETA version to the users of the PRO version. - For details on what has been improved/updated with each new version I would refer to one thread from the "Wilders Security" forum: https://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/oe-classic-discussions-and-updates.393261/
  24. - The GUI of Defraggler needs to be improved. When DF has generated a list with files, the user can select / highlight one file in that list. - When the user has selected on file in the list, the user is able to sort the list on file (name), fragments, size, ........ etc. But then it's very likely that the highlighted file (name) moves out of the visible part of the GUI, the visible part of the file list. I would like to see that the selected file / line remains in the visible part of the GUI / file list.
  25. - Try if running Tweaking's Windows Repair solves the problem. https://www.tweaking.com/content/page/windows_repair_all_in_one.html - and report back if it helped to fix the problem.
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