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  1. Animated GIF question

    - After a lot of GOOGLEing (GOOGLing ???) I found this program on the MAJORGEEKS website that plays these animated GIF pictures (surprisingly !!!) well. After installing of the program can select a *.gif file. The *.gif file will be automatically opened with this program. The program is a viewer for *.gif files only. It will skip all other files that are in the same folder. http://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/giv.html
  2. Internet Explorer 11 update(s)

    1) This is odd, very odd. When I ran Windows Update a few days ago it recommended the "Roll Up" update for April 2018 but the size of that rollup was smaller than the previous "Roll up" of March 2018. Is MS about to change its update policy (again) ? Is MS working on a new Service Pack ? Or are/were there one or more (new) bugs in the previous "Roll Up Update" (march 2018) ? 2) Then I ran WU today again and it now recommended (among 5 others) to install (Surprise #1) a "Cumulative Security Update for IE 11" from (Surprise #2) september 2016 !!! And 3 of those recommended (security) updates were from (surprise #3) 2014 and 2016 (twice) !!! (I must say that I ran the build-in "CleanUp" tool between 1) and 2). But I don't think that it should matter).
  3. Freeware Rebooted

    - Antibody Software now also has a file search program, called WizFile (v1.03) http://antibody-software.com/web/software/software/wizfile-finds-your-files-fast/ https://www.ghacks.net/2018/04/09/wizfile-is-an-ultra-fast-windows-search-tool/
  4. Defraggler Disk Health

    - Run Piriform's SPECCY. Select "File > Publish snapshot" and post the weblink that pops up in your next post. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S.M.A.R.T
  5. Change your password !

    - I must have overlooked that.
  6. Change your password !

    - A (dutch ??) hacker called "D0gberry" has put online a list/database with some 1.4 billion hacked passwords. When a computer user goes to the website "Have I been pwned" then that person can check whether or not his/her password has been hacked. Weblinks: https://www.telecompaper.com/news/dutch-hacker-puts-33-mln-stolen-passwords-online-report--1238809 https://haveibeenpwned.com/ A dutch newspaper brought this news. I still find it a bit suspicious/"dodgy". Don't know what make of it. Do the readers of this forum have an opinion on this topic ? Was it perhaps reported on other websites before ?
  7. Internet Explorer 11 update(s)

    - Even before installing the "Convenience Update" (of may 2016) WU didn't recommend the latest "Rollup Update(s)". See my 2nd post on march 25 in this thread. - And this kind of hassle is precisely why a new Service Pack and follow-ups with "Cumulative Updates" would make life much easier, even for MS. MS thinks that those "Rollups" will simplify the updating process but I disagree. My story in this thread (convincingly) proves that, IMO. https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/windowsitpro/2016/08/15/further-simplifying-servicing-model-for-windows-7-and-windows-8-1/
  8. Internet Explorer 11 update(s)

    - @ mta: I fear you're right that MS doesn't care too much about Win 7 anymore. Especially in the light of the experiences/info below (I am still busy updating/configuring my freshly installed Win 7 SP1). - After installing the "Convenience Update" (of may 2016) Windows Update continues to behave in a strange way. Windows Update simply won't offer the latest "Quality & Security Rollup" update. I think I'll have to manually download and install that one update. - Also installed the latest "Cumulative Update for IE 11" and now that extra pop-up warning for "Active content" doesn't show up any more in the IE window. Odd, very odd.
  9. Wipe free space on SSD and HDD

    - Indeed, it's better to keep the amount of write operations (that includes "Wipe Free Space") on your SSD as low as possible. - But if you REALLY want to use the "Wipe Free Space" (sparingly) on your SSD then don't let that warning deter you.
  10. Powerpoint viewer

    - MS "retires" the Office Compatibility Pack 2007 (& 2010 ??) in april 2018 as well. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=3 (I still use Office XP/2003 on my Win 7 system and I know a way to get the last updates for Office XP when I re-install that program)
  11. Ccleaner: Willy2's bug reports

    - And this is what those "file size" options are supposed to look like. Compare that with the previous post. See inside the red rectangle in the picture attached.
  12. Ccleaner: Willy2's bug reports

    - I made a screenshot of what happens to the "Size options" in the "Duplicate files" screen on my dutch Win 7 system. See inside the blue rectangle in the picture in the attachment. - To let this bug show up twice (!!) the user has to check both (!!) "Size" boxes. When the user only checks one box then the bug shows up only once. - (A) similar bug(s) show(s) up in other languages as well (I tried dutch, german and italian). - What I consider to be VERY odd is the following: When another program opens a (new) window (partially) overlapping the CC "Duplicate files" screen and I then close/minimize that new window then this bug also shows up (again !!). Seems the handling of that kind of windows pushes CC (a bit) "off the rails".
  13. Ccleaner: Willy2's bug reports

    - Right. In other words, when the user has changed the language and then opens the "Duplicate Files" screen/option (from the "Tools" menu) the program code doesn't read all the new text strings that are needed for that screen.
  14. Powerpoint viewer

    - MS will in april 2018 remove PowerPoint Viewer 2007 & 2010 from their download servers. https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/download/details.aspx?id=13 https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/download/details.aspx?id=6 - I downloaded both Viewers because I never used Outlook. - But I still received the old (security) updates when I re-installed the program a few days ago. And those security updates are still available on the "MS Update Catalogus" website.
  15. Ccleaner: Willy2's bug reports

    - Found a bunch of language related bugs in CC v5.41. - I started CC and switched the language from dutch to english. Then a number of words remain in dutch in the "Duplicate Files" screen. See inside the red rectangles in the picture attached. - There's another small bug in this same screen. When the language is dutch and I open this screen for the 1st time then inside the blue rectangle the 2 arrowheads aren't being displayed. Only when I click on where I think these Arrow heads are supposed to be then those arrowheads show up.