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  1. is this bad?

    - Made a mistake. CO should be C4. Both 05 and C4 are "nasty" ones when they're no longer at zero.
  2. is this bad?

    - SPECCY gives a "Warning" for your drive. And rightfully so. The "Raw" values of C0 and 05 are no longer at zero. Yes, that could be an indication that your HD is (in the 1st stages of) failing. Yes, and then your HD takes "more time" to read & write data. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S.M.A.R.T
  3. is this bad?

    - I thought PIO mode was a problem in Windows XP only ? - Fragmentation has already dropped down to ~ 55% and then already such an increase in speed. WOW !!!! - I did some additional research with DF on my own laptop. Let DF list the fragmented files, sort the list on size and then (manuallly) defragment the largest files first. That should help to increase the read & write speed the most. - And then run "Defrag Free space" as well (several times) to compact those files on that drive.
  4. False report of defrag?

    - In Win 7 Defraggler isn't able to defragment the System Restore Points. In Win XP it is able to do that.
  5. is this bad?

    - Indeed. 350 kb/s is indeed (very) slow. But defragmenting the drive certainly should help to increase that reading speed. - My HD rates at ~ 1,2 MB per second (with ~ 6% fragmentation).
  6. Has anyone used OE Classic?

    - Fiddling with the translated version(s) of OEC Beta exposed a number of bugs in the OEC program code. (I LOVE this kind of work). No information available on when OEC v2.80 will be (officially) released. I assume it depends on how fast the work on the translations progresses. - Still no news on when OEC will support IMAP.
  7. New forum look.

    - I noticed that my signature is back. Thumbs up for Piriform !!!!!!! Thanks to the moderators who applied a (little) "pressure" ? - Perhaps the avatar box can be become rectangular (again) ? I hate to lose a part of my ear (of my previous avatar).
  8. is this bad?

    - No, this isn't bad. Did you perhaps install one or more (new) games recently ? That could explain the high fragmentation (64%) and the long loading/reading times. - Defragmenting the drive either with Defraggler or with Windows Disk Defragmentation will certainly help to decrease the read and write times and increase performance. - Defragment the drive and report back if defragmentation helped to increase perfromance and if so by how much.
  9. - In Windows XP those System Restore Points (SRPs) can be defragmented by Defraggler (DF). But in newer Operating systems (e.g. Windows 7 and later) DF is unable to defragment those files. But you can tell DF to not show those SRPs. - Try the following: (temporarily) disable the SRP feature in Windows, remove all SRPs, defrag as much files as possible and then turn on the SRP feature. - I personally I regularly (say every week) move all non-system files to the end of the drive and regularly move all system files towards the beginning of the drive. DF has a number of options/features to do that.
  10. Has anyone used OE Classic?

    - The latest OEC Beta version (see previous post) was released on january 15, (2018).
  11. Has anyone used OE Classic?

    - The user of the latest BETA version now has the choice of 6 languages (incl. english). More languages will become available in the future.
  12. Has anyone used OE Classic?

    - Users of the "paid for" version ($ 30) of OEC can now help to translate the program in their own (non english) language. As time goes by more and more screens in the program will be prepared for translation in future versions. The latest BETA version is v2.8, in which a few words are provided for the german language version. - For more info : https://www.oeclassic.com/download
  13. - Right. When everyone has an iPhone then why buy a new one ? - This isn't the 1st time I heard of such a story.
  14. - Well, as you may have noticed reading the threads, DF still has some "odd things". E.g. the combination of VSS and DF is sometimes a "troublesome one". Sometimes DF has a (slightly) "different view on reality". But if you know how to handle the program and deal with those odd things then it's a very useful program.
  15. - Why did they implement that feature in the first place ? If I were Apple then I would remove that feature.