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  1. Has anyone used OE Classic?

    - I came across the following text on the Outlook Classic website (posted: October 1, 2016): "In other news, we are testing IMAP support. It works already and internal builds can connect to a server and fetch messages. But there is a lot of work in tweaking it properly and adding it to the user-interface in a user friendly manner. We'll get there and we will keep you informed." - Source: https://www.oeclassic.com/news
  2. Microsoft Edge Chromium Edition

    - I tried it today but the browser is still missing a number of things. - It can be used on a Win 8, Win 10 and even on a Win 7 system. Seems MS is very serious/determined to get this right. - First impression: It seems to be running fast/smoothly and with a lower CPU usage. But I must test/use the program more before I make a final decision whether or not I am going to use it more frequently. Internet Explorer 11 still has a number advantages over Edge. - I downloaded it from the following weblink: https://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/microsoft_edge.html
  3. Cannot get Fragmentation level below 30%

    - It also could be a "permission" problem. If you don't have the right permission then Defraggler won't touch/move those files. - There is a program that can set all the proper permissions (for the registry and file) called "Tweaking's Windows Repair". Try it and report back if fragmentation has gone lower.
  4. Has anyone used OE Classic?

    - Post removed.
  5. Has anyone used OE Classic?

    - Outlook Express Classic v2.9 (both the free & PRO version) released.
  6. Internet Explorer 11 update(s)

    @Mrs. Jones: - With this kind of problems I would recommend to run Tweaking's Windows Repair. it can fix a whole range of things in Windows. I am not convinced that an IE 11 update would have fixed your problem. - After Installing the latest Internet Explorer 11 Cumulative Update Windows Update recommended one general and one "Stack Update" patch. i can't figure out why and how this happened and if this is IE 11 related. I am sure there is a clear logic behind all this but I can't see what the logic is supposed to be.
  7. Speccy - No updates since May 2018

    - I think there is no reason to release a new version of SPECCY. Otherwise the good folks at Piriform would have done so.
  8. Has anyone used OE Classic?

    - Currently the amount of languages supported by OEC has increased to 21. People who want to help to translate the program in more languages are still very welcome.
  9. Website: Tweaking.com

    - Perhaps some other program is very busy at the same time ? If so then try to increase the delay with which the program is run would help to fix this problem. The program uses Task Scheduler to be started. - Post your problem on the Tweaking.com forum website.
  10. Internet Explorer 11 update(s)

    - Actually, the update for IE 11 is included in the monthly "Roll up update" for Windows 7 (SP 1). But I always download both the update for IE 11 and the monthly rollup. Just in case I need to re-install Win7. - MS started in 2013 (2014 ??) to release a "Cumulative Security Updates for IE 11" every month. That was long before MS started to issue "Monthly Rollup Updates" (mid 2016 ?).
  11. Internet Explorer 11 update(s)

    - No, this IE 11 update (KB 4486474) won't be offered through the Windows Update mechanism. The user has to go out and actively search for this update on the Microsoft Update Catalogus website. See e.g. the 1st post in this thread.
  12. Internet Explorer 11 update(s)

    - Ah. MS was a "bit late". Today I did find the "Cumulative Security Update for IE 11". It's KB 4486474 (for Windows 7).
  13. Internet Explorer 11 update(s)

    - It seems this month there is no separate Cumulative Security Update for IE 11. I searched the MS Update catalogus website but to no avail.
  14. Problems with playing videos

    - Odd, very odd. After re-installing most (not all) programs I removed before, I still can play videos without a problem on e.g. YouTube. - But now I have a different video problem. I have a bunch of videos on my HD but some of these videos won't play with the installed (video) codec(s). I have to install a different codec pack to be able to play those videos, those trouble makers. But then other videos won't play. Then I have to (re-)install the old codec (again). And I think all this switching back and forth, all these codec changes ultimately caused the troubles in the first place (see the 1st post in this thread.) - That brings up another question: Can anyone recommend a codec pack that contains every codec that is able to play every type of video with e.g Real Player or Windows Media Player ? - I know, I know these 2 players are also (fairly) old but Real Player has one VERY nice feature I have become addicted to and I haven't seen that one feature in other media players (yet).
  15. Hidden restore points

    - Run Antibody's Wiztree. It will show the size of the folder "System Volume Information". That's the folder where the System Restore Points (SRPs) are stored. - Even if CCleaner shows no SRPs then that one folder can contain GBs in data.