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  1. CCv2.19 did a SMACKDOWN on Norton IS2009

    Part 2, The "Bad News": CC smacked HP's "Total Care" program and the Admn user's "Windows Sidebar" (.dll probs on logon). "Merge" didn't work, Sys Restore didn't work. Oh @#$!. HPTC is useless fluff, so I uninstalled it. I couldn't fix the sidebar; had to open another Admn User acct and move the files over, luckily not too many. I don't know why that happened, but I have uninstalled CC2.19 for now. The other 2 that have Norton are Toshibas, (so no HPTC) but I'll have to watch CC reg CAREFULLY, or just not run it. I don't see that the new CC has anything for the Norton issues; hopefully it won't smack AVGF8 and Avast, which I've put on mine and other computers. Rolling back to CCv2.10 might be an option......
  2. CCv2.19 did a SMACKDOWN on Norton IS2009

    Hi Folks- Finally got this done. Tshooting done on a Compaq desktop, VistaPSP2, Admn/Std/Std. Stock CCv2.19 (no exclusions.) Cookie cleaning, no problem. Registry scanning showed 4 Symantec/Norton issues: 2 "Unused File Extensions" and 2 "ActiveX/COM" Issues. Unused File Extensions: Symantec.NCO.BHO, HKCR\Symantec.NCO.BHO; and Symantec.NCO.Toolbar, HKCR\Symantec.NCO.Toolbar. Activex/COM Issues: InProcServer32\C:\Program Files\Norton Internet Security\Engine\\SymClgX.dll HKCR\CLSID\{whole bunch of numbers...}; and InProcServer32\C:\Program Files\Norton Support\tgctbr.dll HKCR\CLSID\{whole bunch of numbers...}. I let CC fix the Unused File Extensions, no Norton Issues. I did NOT CC fix the other 2. One or both is the problem. Probably all 4 should be put on CC's "exclusion" list. Rolled on thru the other 2 users, Norton tests OK. So there's the good news.
  3. CCv2.19 did a SMACKDOWN on Norton IS2009

    Hi Folks- Sorry I haven't had time to finish this CC/Norton thing up yet. The "Computer Gods" claimed the life of my old-old XP laptop. Doorstop or full OS reload,etc. I haven't decided yet. Blew a mobo on my old-old trusty Compaq W98SE/XPPro desktop, fixed that. Hopefully, that'll be it for awhile.... Anyway...so many Norton/Symantec files.... Vista users (like me): note that "Program Data" is prob a hidden file. Unhide first so CC can list it. Check the cookies: you'll prob see one like www-secure.symantec.com, keep it. Registry entries will include both "Norton" and "Symantec". I'll prob tshoot to find WHICH thing that CC's slamming. Might be easier than the excusion method, maybe.... Back to it.
  4. CCv2.19 did a SMACKDOWN on Norton IS2009

    Even with the Norton quirk, I still think this is a great product and recommend it highly to all!
  5. Hi Folks- Toshiba laptop, VistaSP2. Yep, it did it. Had to run the Norton tool, reinstall and update. About every version from v2.13 up has hit Norton, but usually it's just a matter of updating from scratch. Not too bad, so I never applied the exclusions posed by Andavari back in 9/08. Then the new v2.19 wiped Norton out. I didn't see anything unusual in either the cookies or the registry. Yes, Nergal, I did read 'em all and do the backup, but I was unable to merge the backup. No luck with system restore either. Does CC hate Norton? No probs w/AVG and Avast. I see there's a new v2.20 and some newer instructions by MrRon, so I'll check that out prior to running CC on the other 2 'puters w/Norton. Any tips (other than to dump Norton)? Thanks.
  6. Hi Aage- Ashmaisv and Ashwebsv are for Avast, being the mail scanner and web shield functions. You also may see Ashserv, this is the Standard Shield function. I did a search on the Avast.com forum and did not see any threads pertaining to any conflicts between Avast and Ccleaner.
  7. Hi Keithuk- Pardon my laziness by doing a "2fer" reply last time. Yep, good PC100's are hard to come by, that's why I strip'em out prior to taking friend's/family's old 'puters to the recycler. PC133's are even rarer, but still can be bought for $$ (Kingston) limited size/stock. Thanks for the info on Defraggler.
  8. Hi Aage and Keithuk- I'm fixing a Compaq desktop similar to yours. Compaq 5BW130/Celeron with a Compaq 06C0H mobo. Orig had W98SE, upgraded to WXPProSP2 ? FAT32 with W98SE in another partition (D), 15GBHD (full!). Had PC133 256MB RAM with slot 2 empty. Specs say 512MB RAM max, but only 256MB max PER SLOT (1x512 won't work-tried it). And... to get slot 2 to read I had to update the BIOS to the "newest" of 4/18/01 (HP BIOS update addresses memory upgrades and using additional Intel products). I only have another 128MB card, so I'm at 384, until I scrounge up another 256MB. (I even might try a P3 if I can borrow one.) In reading a bit about this model series I found that they came with W98SE or early XP(Home); some used PC100 cards, some used PC133; most had Celeron, but some had P3. All had max 512MB RAM max/256MB max per slot IF you did the BIOS update. Wotta mess! (well, parts is parts...) I had a worry about Ccleaner running with FAT32 and a nearly full HD, but Ccleaner (2.15) and Defraggler both worked great! So if you're concerned with memory, check for a BIOS update , throw in a 256 or two, and try Cc again.
  9. Cool product- Thanks!

    Hi Folks- Just tried this tool a few days ago on a nearly full and messy 15GB HD (250MB free after cleaning). The normal Windows tool just couldn't handle the job. It took quite a while with 2 or 3 runs, but it did the job. I cleaned up the hd more (now @5gb free) and ran it 2 more times: another good result. Everything works. Thanks for the cool tool!
  10. CCleaner cleans only admin account under Vista

    Hi Nightbird- You just HAD to make this difficult! (Harr-har). So you were unable to put a Cc icon on your Standard User account because it's actually NOT a Standard User account? So you also weren't able to access your computer's C:Program Files/CCleaner folder from your (Non)-Standard User account and either run it from there or do RedDawn's method? You are correct about the corporate domain- you'll need to talk to your Network Admn. He/She may not want users doing these things, and may not allow it. Read the sticky "Running CCleaner over a domain to clean profiles" and talk to your Network Admn. That's why they make the big $.
  11. AVG Free 7.5 Support Extended (Again)

    AVG Free 7.5 support has been extended through Feb '09! Good news for you hold-outs!
  12. AOL

    Hi ILG49- Need more Info. AOL Dial-up? AOL Broadband? AOL Version? If Dial-up, are you using the "Best-Connect" feature? I have AOL Dial-up on my HP Desktop, but do NOT use the "Best-Connect" feature. I also have AOLDU as a backup connection on my laptop (normally use wireless). Ccv2.13.720 did bang up the HP's AOL this past Tues, but it was the user order, and fixed by visiting the AOL Account screen name page to reset the user list. First time this has ever happened. AOL is also upgrading (again), judging by the number of connection drop-offs lately, that may have contributed to the problem. AOL is really pushing their web-based stuff and dial-up will soon be gone! Does your computer also have wireless capability? Sometimes if that's left on, when you try to dial-up it'll confuse AOL and sent it into connection set-up mode. What do you do (other cleaning, defrag, etc.) prior to running Cc?
  13. CCleaner cleans only admin account under Vista

    Hi NightBird- Yep, you're only cleaning the Admn Acct. This is so easy that even I could do it. For Vista- you want to put a shortcut icon in C:\Users\Public\Desktop. Desktop is a hidden folder, so you'll have to type it in (or change folders properties). Do this from the Admn account. Right click, drag. You may choose whether you "copy" or "move". I "copy" as I delete it after cleaning- don't want the youts messing with it. Then log on each User and do your cleaning. It does work in a limited way for the Standard Users, but good enough. BUT: be very cautious with the Registery function for the Standard User- You can still cause some damage!! That's why I delete the icon after Ccing. Oddly enough, the UAC doesn't pop up for Cc in the Std User on my HP desktop. Have fun!
  14. AVG update causes problems

    Hi Davey- You're still on v7.5 and getting updates? I thought AVG quit supporting it at the end of August. Do you have the paid-for version? I really liked v7.5 Free. V8 Free is just sorta ok.
  15. AVG update causes problems

    Thanks Hazelnut! Luckily, my nephew's XP laptop had yet another CTF error and he's been unable to update for a coupla days. Fixed and done (for now). ps: We need you guys over on the Adobe Flash Player Forum!