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  1. Thank you Steven, I also have Vista Home Premium and have just tried your Net User Administrator Command Prompt suggestion and have found yes indeed two of the three files Defraggler wouldn't defrag have now been defragged. However still Defraggler hasn't defragged the C:\ System Volume Information file which appears as: {ab6f4f74-3f83-11dd=828d-00a.... C:\ System Volume Information and size is 9,784,36.... That is now the only file not defragged on this computer. Another seagate image backup file being a full backup of my laptop, which includes all Vista program files, i've found is the only other file defraggler of can't defrag however its an image file an image that includes the Toshiba hidden partition named "0". Reasoning behind my purchasing the Seagate 750 gig external drive was two fold, firstly it was to save a copy of the Vista Program files and secondly to have backup of Fax Machine share ware program ($30) being the only program i could locate that was capable of installing a fax driver in the printer folder in Home Basic or Premium versions of Vista. I use Defraggler on both drives and have found the program does an excellent job. Plum
  2. Think thats "rollback file" I just ignor it, any time with the last version of defraggler it caused defraggler to fail then I deselect it. On my Vista there are two others files defraggler can't defrag and also a c:\ image file i have on seagate external drive defraggler can't do that either. If defraggler failed i been re-analyze until till I found the cause by looking through list for system volume and also the system32 file that couldn't do and deselect that files. The later version seems to complete defrag ok and just leaves the three can't. I use defraggler pretty much every day and it keeps Vista running smoothly, big well done I think. Plum
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