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  1. Ccleaner wiping out Xmarks settings

    Finally found that the settings are stored as a cookie in FireFox. Seems like a stupid place! Select to keep the cookie that is merely a series of numbers and letters.
  2. Ccleaner wiping out Xmarks settings

    So far I have not been able to find where those settings are stored.
  3. I use Xmarks to sync my bookmarks across my 3 PCs. Since the last Firefox update (56.0.2) I had to install Xmarks differently - no longer a plugin. Now when I run Ccleaner I lose my Xmarks settings. Is there a way to prevent this from happening?
  4. Big Suggestion: Stop trying to force Google Chrome on your users! At least give me an opportunity to uncheck it in the CCleaner downloads installs. I will not use Chrome. They spy almost as much as MS.
  5. Stop installation of Chrome

    How can I stop CCleaner from installing Chrome?
  6. I know I use the free version of CCleaner and have no right to complain, but I will anyway. I do not appreciate when updates add stuff I do not want. I find Google Chrome gleaning too much info from me and have stopped using it! There used to be a manual install process where one could deselect settings when updating CCleaner.
  7. Where is the backup file?

    I ran CCleaner and discovered I removed some things I didn't want to. I tried to find the backup file and could not find it. I ran a search for .REG and came up with nothing that fits. Where did it go?