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  1. I have v5.45.661 installed on my Windows 7 PC. The free version of CCleaner. When I click on "Check for updates" in the lower right corner of CCleaner, CCleaner website says "A new version, 5.44.6575 is available to download!" On that page when I click on the "no thanks" for the upgrade version, the Filehippo page says "CCleaner 5.44.6577". If my version is 5.45 , why is the newer version 5.44 ? And why the discrepancy between the last digit of what the CCleaner website says (6575) and what Filehippo says (6577)? Thanks - David
  2. I've been using CC for several years. In the cleaner section I'm very selective and cautious. So cautious that I analyze and run each checkable box separately. I've always wondered: A) Why is Internet Explorer listed under "Windows" and not under "Applications"? Internet Explorer is an application just like Firefox is. I use Internet Explorer very rarely. One a month maybe. If I have everything checked in Internet Explorer (listed under "Windows"), and nothing checked under Firefox (listed under "Application"), will everything related to Firefox browsing be retained (Firefox cookies, Firefox History, recently typed URL's, etc) ?
  3. Internet Explorer not listed under applications?

    I'm aware Internet Explorer is technically a system component, and system updates generally rely on IE. Since it is a system component related to browsing, I've always been leary that Firefox (or another browser) might rely on or store something within the folders of Internet Explorer. Oftentimes (not always though) things at a lower level, like an application, rely on resources stored at the system level. I guess if it is truly related only to the OS, it would be listed under Windows Explorer, System, or Advanced within the Windows tab.
  4. Help! My ZoneAlarm Pro just completed a scan and reported a trojan in CCleaner.exe . The name listed in my ZoneAlarmPro associated with the trojan is "Win32.Backdoor.Delf.cir". I quarantines it, which removed CCleaner.exe and my desktop icon for CCleaner. Has anyone else had a problem? I haven't looked at the Zone Alarm forums to see if there's information about it there. David
  5. Zone Alarm found a trojan in CCleaner

    I posted to the ZoneAlarm forum, so that was probably mine. I had originally downloaded it from FileHippo perhaps 6 months ago. About a week ago I accepted an update from within CCleaner. ZoneAlarm Pro is version 7.0 I also use AVG Free edition, AVG Anti-Rootkit, Secunia, Spy Sweeper, Primary Response SafeConnect, and Spybot Search and Destroy. Using a Gateway XP Media Center.