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  1. I am still getting two files left behind on my Win 10 64 bit installation - when running the registry cleaner (v5.08) They are both Activex/com - proxystub.dlls Any chance of sorting this - since I did report that this was occurring 3 months ago on a Windows insider installation and was assured that come the full release of Win 10 - the issue would be sorted - clearly, it is not.......... see attached for screenshot
  2. I am having problems using ccleaner v 2.22.968 - I get to 26% complete on a clean up and I am getting a file (that I doesn't exist on my PC) blocking further progress - the file is supposedly in my recycle bin (which IS empty) and is called $RH03J8S IE 8 Vista
  3. I can't get Recuva to delete anything - when either hilighted or selected - then delete is used - I get the result "Recuva has deleted O files in 0.2 seconds" - as attached What am I doing wrong ?
  4. It simply says "Are You sure that you want to delete these x files ? Clicking YES will mean they are gone forever" I click YES Deleted 0 files in 0.05 secs This is the same whether I select them or Highlight them I must be doing something wrong - but what ?
  5. I am having problems getting secure delete to work I have tried selecting individual files - I have tried highlighting them - all that I can do is get a message telling me that 0 out of 1 files has been deleted in 0.2 seconds I assume that I am doing something wrong - but what ?
  6. SteveJSnell


    Is anyone aware of any free "Duplicate Removal" software that works ? This is to check for multiple copies of MP3's on my harddrive (and remove them) Thanks in advance
  7. Does anyone know any Freeware to completely (and safely) clear my C: drive of unwanted files ? Even running CCleaner doesn't stop Recuva from recovering 4,000 files on my PC and short of formatting it - I am at a loss to get rid of them all Recuva is basically TOO good
  8. Does Recuva work on NT4 And - somewhat surprisingly - How do I combat Recuva ? ie) When I run Recuva (after trying to clean my Hard disk - using not only CCleaner but also other freeware utilities) - I can always recover data - which worries me - How do I delete data for good ? Short of Formatting my drive ?
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