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  1. I am still getting two files left behind on my Win 10 64 bit installation - when running the registry cleaner (v5.08) They are both Activex/com - proxystub.dlls Any chance of sorting this - since I did report that this was occurring 3 months ago on a Windows insider installation and was assured that come the full release of Win 10 - the issue would be sorted - clearly, it is not.......... see attached for screenshot
  2. I am having problems using ccleaner v 2.22.968 - I get to 26% complete on a clean up and I am getting a file (that I doesn't exist on my PC) blocking further progress - the file is supposedly in my recycle bin (which IS empty) and is called $RH03J8S IE 8 Vista
  3. Recuva deleting issues

    I can't get Recuva to delete anything - when either hilighted or selected - then delete is used - I get the result "Recuva has deleted O files in 0.2 seconds" - as attached What am I doing wrong ?
  4. Recuva pROBLEMS

    It simply says "Are You sure that you want to delete these x files ? Clicking YES will mean they are gone forever" I click YES Deleted 0 files in 0.05 secs This is the same whether I select them or Highlight them I must be doing something wrong - but what ?
  5. Recuva pROBLEMS

    I am having problems getting secure delete to work I have tried selecting individual files - I have tried highlighting them - all that I can do is get a message telling me that 0 out of 1 files has been deleted in 0.2 seconds I assume that I am doing something wrong - but what ?
  6. Freeware

    Is anyone aware of any free "Duplicate Removal" software that works ? This is to check for multiple copies of MP3's on my harddrive (and remove them) Thanks in advance
  7. Combatting Recuva

    Does anyone know any Freeware to completely (and safely) clear my C: drive of unwanted files ? Even running CCleaner doesn't stop Recuva from recovering 4,000 files on my PC and short of formatting it - I am at a loss to get rid of them all Recuva is basically TOO good
  8. Recuva Questions

    Does Recuva work on NT4 And - somewhat surprisingly - How do I combat Recuva ? ie) When I run Recuva (after trying to clean my Hard disk - using not only CCleaner but also other freeware utilities) - I can always recover data - which worries me - How do I delete data for good ? Short of Formatting my drive ?