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  1. Yes Thank you Dennis D that did the trick. the answer was in front of me all the while but did not know. But you can not learn if you do not ask. Thanks to all the good people of this forum.
  2. Hello to all, Thanks for your help. This active X issue will not go away. I have tried all suggestions giving by all of the great people here. I do not know what else to do. I will put this in the i can't win pile.
  3. Thanks for your help. Adobe is not listed in common files. I wish i knew more about computers, what knowledge i do have i learned on my own. it seems the only place i find this is in the registry. HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\TypeLib\{05BDF3F1......... (Acropdf.dll HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\TypeLib\{5F226421-415D-....... AcroIEhelper.dll I tried to delete these but no go regedit will not let me. What Now.?
  4. OK , thanks for the help. now i got to program files and adobe is not there.!! Where did it go?. What now?.
  5. Hello, Thanks for your help. I am using firefox not IE . and i am seeing different screens than what you show on the above post. I have unlocker installed. Please tell me the path you took to get to those folders. Thankyou.
  6. Thanks everyone for your help on this matter. But i am lost when it comes to understanding cmd's I have tried this but it's too much for me with my limited knowledge. is there an easy way to do this?.
  7. Yes under tools uninstall . i am sure these are left over from old programs. I tried to go to manage addons , but the button to disable will not work.
  8. That did not work. the delete button will not work. I tried regedit for these but did not work , will not let me delete. Thanks but is there any other way to get rid of these?.
  9. Please help i can not delete adobe active x controls.
  10. Hello to all. I love CCleaner very much. but recently i am getting this error message: Recent is a win folder and is reqed. for win to run prop. Thankyou for any help.