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  1. An antivirus question

    Meaning...that all this infections come about right through the protection... and once infected some other tool does the catching and cleaning job...that I know also from my personal experience..exactly what brought me to that question I asked...gain and lose are not clear here....
  2. An antivirus question

    Nope,but then I do not trust any body with priveleges on my pc, maybe sandboxing would be less of a security breach although not air tight.....
  3. Hi, It is a long time question that I`m having, and up until now it remained puzzling: We use an antivirus or anti malware software hoping to keep our pc safe, and secured, now the question: The antivirus has unlimited privileges that no other installed software has, isn`t that in itself a huge security breach?? somewhat like letting the cat watch the milk? m` I being paranoid or, or having realistic logic grounds for doubt? and if yes, what are the alternatives?
  4. Didn`t help I`m still getting BSOD, so it was not the AV the culprit....
  5. Hi So I did yesterday, I uninstalled the AV and installed another, now I`ll wait and see if my money was on the right spot...
  6. Thanks Hazelnut, somehow I suspect the new antivirus I installed does the thing, because it started since then.
  7. Hi I got about 3 BSOD`s this last week while only browsing the internet. I`m sending the Bluescreenview report. I`ll be glad to get some ideas to fix that. Thanks. Bsod.txt
  8. Roboscan internet security

    So far, I don`t feel Panda`s presence ...very low on resources [didn`t try the deep scan yet] and the disk space it takes is about a one third of roboscan`s space, nevertheless, I would expect it to have even less, since it does not have to collect daily signatures like a regular AV.
  9. Roboscan internet security

    Ok so I`m going to get rid of Roboscan since they even did not bother to answer and go for a panda ride.
  10. Roboscan internet security

    May be panda cloud based AV be lighter? If yes, being cloud based makes it more opened to threats from it?
  11. Roboscan internet security

    I did, I`m waiting for their reply and let u in.
  12. Roboscan internet security

    Ok, a little change: since I have two operating sys I have it installed twice but still under the main OS it still got 1.95Gigs. Hi Hazelnut I`m using everything search engine, that shows hidden files as well. The most heavy: rsrtsrv.rse.dmp, and plugin folder.