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  1. Two things for me. 1) Is it possible to a see sample data report, of the sort of information Ccleaner is collecting. I would love to believe companies when they say it is the bare minimum, but if you remember what happened with Windows 10. First it was its the bare minimum to make everyone's computers better. Then the French Regulators got involved, and somehow, magically, Microsoft managed to reduce that data collection by half. I wonder why. So although some items are listed in the privacy policy, I am not sure that this is the full gist. By the way, when you say data is anonymised, if your collecting the Window's user name, then that anonymity cover is blown. As most users will use their first name as the name of their Windows Profile. 2) I am a paid user in the EU. How do I go about requesting all information that you hold on me? Is there a simple link to fill in or do I have to do something else?
  2. Given that your now owned by a massive security company, Avast, are you going to release a tool that detects and removes the infection? That way any user of your software, can do a really quick check to see if you have accidentally infected them and get it removed. Or if disinfection is not possible, then at least a tool to check if you are infected, so that way users can attempt to wind back to a previous state of Windows.
  3. Winpatrol False Positive...

    Hi there. Bill Pytlovany, the maker of Winpatrol, just did an interesting blog entry about false positives. In it he describes how CCleaner removes a file that is needed by Winpatrol to rollback changes made. If one of the developers could look at his blog and his report, that would be most helpful. http://billpstudios.blogspot.com/2010/11/beware-over-ambiguous-clean-up-programs.html
  4. Evercookie...

    In Firefox, you can disable the sending of the Referer header completely. Here are the steps: 1. Type ?about:config? in the location bar, and press return. 2. In the filter box, type ?referer? and press return. This should leave you with one preference, network.http.sendRefererHeader. This is probably set to 2. 3. Right click on network.http.sendRefererHeader and select ?Modify? 4. In the dialog that appears type ?0″ and press OK: 5. Close the window. This blocks all referrers. However, it can cause some websites to break. Alternatively you can get an extension which will do it on a site by site basis.
  5. Evercookie...

    @Login123 - I can confirm what your saying. I just fired up a virtual machine with IE 7 and as soon as I visit that website I get the same thing. I must admit I know very little about this myself and find the thought very scary (I give it 6 months before some advertising network latches on this and starts doing this exact thing). However, this would be the sort of thing CCleaner could defeat unlike most browser's delete your browsing history. Browser clear your caches would most likely not touch the flash LSO's, the silverlight ones either. So it would need some sort of cookie cleaner to do so. @ishan_rulz - I assume what its done is read your cookies. From your cookies it would be able to determine lots of sites youve been to. As each cookie is related to a domain. If your internet settings are not high enough, then I assume it would be able to read stuff quite easily. What browser are you using out of curiosity? I tried to get it to read my history in a virtual machine for IE 7 (by making it a trusted website) and Firefox without any luck. Does Java load by chance when you visit the website?
  6. Evercookie...

    Login123 - I am not sure what browser your using, but I have tried it in IE 8, Opera and Firefox and they all come out fine. I run spywareblaster and KIS2011 and nothing came up with any issues on the website. I actually got the link from a downloadsquad page...although I would add it appears the people who have now commented had the same idea as me. Come running to the CCleaner experts to help clean up such a mess! http://www.downloadsquad.com/2010/09/21/evercookie-the-one-cookie-that-you-just-cant-delete/
  7. Evercookie...

    So I was browsing and came across this interesting concept - a cookie that stores itself in 8 different locations, and as long as one particular location remains active it can recopy itself elsewhere. At this point I would expect a third party like CCleaner to step in and deal with such a problem. I was just wondering whether CCleaner covers all those bases? I realise HTML 5 has not been implemented fully in all the browsers, and if I understand correctly the standards are not finalised either. Having said that, any thoughts would be welcome http://samy.pl/evercookie/
  8. New places to check for invalid registry entries..

    Just to clarify some things for everyone here. The encrypted ones are as has been suggested through Rot13 by Microsoft. Some more information about them located here (just did a google and this person seems to go into it quite throughly): http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Maze/...xplorer_spy.txt I too have similar encrypted ones on my machine...
  9. New places to check for invalid registry entries..

    Hi there On my machine (win 2k) and an XP machine that I use, I have found multiple keys there of various files on my machine. I know that Tuneup cleans there - in fact that was the only registry it found - it cleaned over 200 entries in that place. As I understand it, a lot of it are recently opened files - essentially MRU's. However, this list goes on and on and on. I give you an example from my machine...note some file names have been erased as they are personal. Image hosted by Imageshack (wasnt sure if I was allowed to upload using your forum). So essentially, what any program would have to do is check to see the validity of those keys - in other words does that file still exist on the machine where it claims it does - if not they can be removed. Or at least thats my vague understanding of it. Does this help somewhat or have I got it wrong?
  10. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\UserAssist\{75048700-EF1F-11D0-9888-006097DEACF9}\Count Under that key, there is a list of all the various start menu and windows history lists, that have ever been made/used. Therefore there are a lot of invalid references to items that have been deleted but still remain there. I know at least two other registry cleaners that clean there, and it would be awesome if CCleaner could do the same. Thanks in advance Weasel.