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  1. Wheres davey?

    Yeah where is he? I have been lurking these forums and have noticed davey AWOL What happened?
  2. sign in process to complex

    Get over it already. If a member like this joins my sites and do what IT did above, they would be banned cause i dont wanna hear stupid bulls**t from them
  3. Windows 7?

    Hey, I see CCleaner 2.14 has windows 7 support... Is windows 7 out on downloads? like free trials?
  4. dfsetup102.rar broken?

    Just remove the .rar from the save name and add .exe
  5. Something weird happening

    Seeing as this forum is hosted with godaddy.com...lol.
  6. I don't get the new start up screen
  7. Firefox is a memory hog?

    7 tabs open here.. 100 mb with ff3
  8. Kodak...

    Some urgent help needed. I have a kodak C530 digital camera. Basically when I connect the camera upto the pc the images do not upload. I have the software installed.
  9. Kodak...

    Yes I am....
  10. Kodak...

    Hello everyone, This camera has worked before on the same pc. I have reinstalled the software and the memory card works . Stopped working 2 weeks ago but i can take pics....
  11. TwistedMetal, is that beta rc or the stable version?
  12. Should I disable System Restore or not?

    Disable it . It took 10 gig of space on my hdd. WHAT A WASTE haha
  13. FTP upload

    Ok I have adsl2 on my pc. Why is my upload speed only going at 22.35KB/s every download.. I should be getting 900KB/s PLease help!
  14. FTP upload

    So how would I fix that !? I have no problems downloading In fact I can download at 15 MB/s from any other server!
  15. FTP upload

    Hello Davey, I'm trying to upload 500mb to my own dedicated server.. Not downloading Thank you
  16. XP 64 bit wanted

    Yep the download is still there. All you need is a trial key but they are no longer there
  17. XP 64 bit wanted

    hmm I wonder If I still can download from my order .. BRB
  18. XP 64 bit wanted

    Trial software Previously, Microsoft had provided a fully functioning, 120 day, free trial of this operating system. The page that provided this trial has been replaced with one that promotes the benefits of the x64 editions of Windows Vista.
  19. XP 64 bit wanted

    How about XP PRO X64 Trial ? http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/64bit/default.mspx There was a download link the other day but not anymore
  20. Beta version number