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  1. Tis question already has been anwsered in Septer 2008 and obviously I've tried the program since (and also before) then.
  2. Well, personally I can't say I ever experience a positive effect from defragging, whether I use Windows defrag or defraggler. I didn't notice overall system performance and I didn't notice program performance. I neglected to do so for over a year, then I did several defrags on a day but I couldn't tell the difference. At Vista I can imagine since the system defrags every week by scheduled task but I got the same experience at XP.
  3. Well.. about defragmentation and NTFS you could open another topic. That's one thing thats been discussed on the Internet for thousands of times. My (simple) opinion: if defragging would be totally useless, why would MS make a scheduled task for it at Windows Vista, which only runs NTFS.
  4. Hi, I don't consider myself a newbie, although I only have 5 posts , but I never experience a real positive effect from using Defraggler. That's said: not a better effect than Windows Defrag. I think the extra options 3th party programs provide (like defrag on reboot, defrag single files/folders, etc.) are one of the main reasons these programs are popular. A lot of people seem to think all the Windows tools are crappy, like disk cleaner and defrag, but just the lack of extra options doesn't make the core options of bad quality I think. I use both disk cleaner and CCleaner because I like what both programs can offer me. But since I've heard using two different defrag programs at the same computer could cause problems I made this post. I don't care if I have to use Defraggler or Windows Defrag, as long as the program does the job it's supposed to do I'm happy. Do you think defragging single files and folders really benefit your overall performance?
  5. Hi, Can you tell me why I should use Defraggler? When I read http://www.technologyquestions.com/technol...html#post130291 and http://www.extremetech.com/article2/0,3973,1149277,00.asp it makes me believe the Windows Defrag program is even more useful then any other 3th party product. So why is your product better? This is a serious question, I'm not trying to bash the product .
  6. Wow! This is even more information then I've asked for but it's perfect! hosebeast , thank you! I'm going to try the mobile version and let you know if it works for me. (or if it doesn't )
  7. I'm going to bump this post one more time . I would like to know where the settings are being stored so I can give people better support, using a pre-made configuration.
  8. Hi! I've read this thread and now I have some questions. I want to use this on multiple computers and with both limited users and administrators. The set-up I had in mind is this: - Every day the limited user cleans out his bin and temporary internet explorer files - Every week the administrator cleans out the Windows temp. folders and the folders that a limited user can't access because of it's limited rights What I understand is that the /auto command performs the cleanup that has been set for that user. So if I use Windows scheduler and I let it run using a local user, it cleans out X and Y and when it executes using an admin account it cleans out X Y Z. The problem is that it costs time to configure these settings for all users on all PC's. What I want to know is where these settings are being stored so I can just copy/paste them using a regedit or filecopy. Please let me know.
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