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  1. If your able to lift your legs so someone else can vacuum under them, your doing OK.
  2. Merry Christmas

    Best wishes for the holidays all, and may they be filled with warm moments and cherished memories.
  3. Matt Russo aka 'SpySentinel' has passed away. I didn't have the pleasure of knowing Matt personally, but I do know his presence will be missed on many forums. http://www.geekstogo...inel/#more-2332 http://forums.malwar...howtopic=101763 My heartfelt condolences go out to his loved ones. R.I.P. Matt The tragic story is told here... http://www.pittsburg...d/s_771258.html
  4. You could also try shift+delete to bypass the recycle bin. (Use with caution)
  5. Did you try using unlocker to delete, rename then delete, or move file to desktop then drag or delete file to recycle bin?
  6. I noticed the download size is different at File Hippo than it is at the authors site. They also offer different versions. Here's a link for the download. Watch for Toolbar and desktop shortcuts during install.
  7. You could try Unlocker to delete the file. If no locking handles are found, using unlocker try to delete, rename then delete, or move file to desktop then drag or delete file to recycle bin. Use this program with caution, and watch for Toolbar and desktop shortcuts during install.
  8. Light-Bot

    Control a robot by giving it commands. Use programmer-style logic for more complex levels that include functions to re-use. http://armorgames.com/play/2205/light-bot
  9. Does wipe free space ONLY wipe free space

    Hi karlsnooks, and welcome to the forum. "Wipe Free Space" will leave your normal files intact and only wipe the free space on the drive selected. "Wipe Entire Drive" will erase all of the files on the drive selected. For safety reasons, this feature is disabled for the boot drive. Take a look at this for more info.
  10. ccleaner big problem

    Hi sophie, Since Hazel established that you're running as an administrator, you could try importing the .reg file. Before editing the registry in any way, I highly recommend the backup program Erunt. To import a .reg file...Start > run > regedit > file > import > browse to .reg file and highlight it then select open. This should merge the file, if not you may have a file association problem. You can find the fix here. Download the REG file association fix.
  11. SUPERAntiSpyware v5.0 Final Released

    I feel outside the circle here, but I just updated to version 5 with the programs updater. Went fine and it seems to be running OK including the unwanted service SASCORE.EXE. Seems strange that the new version scans memory, the registry and files simultaneously.
  12. DuckDuckgo

    If you set DuckDuckGo to show "All WOT + favicons (both)", the WOT icons appear all the time. Trust, caution or warning for each result respectively.
  13. DuckDuckgo

    This got me looking at the settings and decided I wanted to change a few. I like that you can save your settings without a cookie for both DuckDuckGo and starting page. They both will generate a URL that you can save as a favorite or set as your home page.
  14. DuckDuckgo

    Thanks Hazel, I've added this to my list of search engines. That's one clever duck, or in other words a wise quacker. A few facts about the founder. I also like the starting page, thanks to you as well Corona.
  15. Microsoft Security Essentials

    Does Microsoft Security Essentials have the same effectiveness on XP as Vista and Windows 7? I read that it did better on the newer operating systems.
  16. User error?

    Do you want anymore help with CCleaner on your Vista system?
  17. Microsoft Security Essentials

    Thanks again for the input gang. I'm going to give MSE a try when I get some more RAM. Coming soon!
  18. Microsoft Security Essentials

    That's funny Corona. I believe MSE is available for Windows XP (32-bit only). Vista and Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit). It seems that XP is being left behind more and more.
  19. Microsoft Security Essentials

    Thanks for the replies all. I haven't heard from anyone running MSE on XP so I've been hesitant to try it. Andavari, do you use Antivir 10 and if so does it still start a full system scan if realtime finds a virus? I'm a fan of version 9 and I'm willing to try 10 on my XP box if I can get some positive feedback here.
  20. User error?

    CCleaner should be cleaning it. Are you closing IE before you run Auto/Shutdown?
  21. User error?

    That looks like "Browsing history". What do you have enabled in IE? Tools > Internet Options > Content > AutoComplete/Settings. Make your changes then click OK. I have address bar and favorites enabled. I think what happened is when you went to IE9 this section was reset to default. Close IE before you run CCleaner. Last resort use the built in tool in IE. Tools > Internet Options > General > Browsing history/Delete. Select "Preserve Favorites Website Data" and "History" then click Delete.
  22. User error?

    I'm not sure why you're seeing prior search suggestions in IE9 and I'm not. Can you post an example pic of what you're seeing?
  23. User error?

    Hi olddog, This topic may help you. Have a look at the screen shot. Is that what your seeing? I have IE9 as well, but it doesn't list suggestion history for me like IE8.
  24. Your welcome Libra, You may want to read about "Save all settings to INI file" in the documentation. Besides what it states, I keep a copy of the INI file for safe keeping.
  25. Unable to clean IE8 search suggestions

    In CCleaner, check the box for Autocomplete Form History: Cleaner > Windows > Internet Explorer > Autocomplete Form History. Note: Close browser(s) before running CCleaner. If you want to turn it off in IE, clear the box for Forms: Tools > Internet Options > Content > AutoComplete/Settings > Forms, then click OK.