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  1. New CCleaner build 4.18.4844

    Hi hazel, Using the same wording to describe the free version implies that cleaning is automatic in the free version. Maybe it's just me that's seeing it this way. Thank you
  2. New CCleaner build 4.18.4844

    I think your right that their intention is to confirm what settings will be used when clean is selected. The way it reads now implies that both monitoring and cleaning are automatic. Maybe it should just be stated that "When clean is selected from balloon notification, CCleaner will use the settings in the Cleaner section to clean your PC".
  3. New CCleaner build 4.18.4844

    Everything is still grayed out after you enable system monitoring in the free version. No values or settings can be changed. I believe the following apply's to the Professional version only and should be removed from the Docs for the free version.
  4. CCleaner vs CCleaner Pro?

    The only thing I see that the free version does is notify you that you can save .50 GB. Everything is still grayed out after you enable system monitoring. No values or settings can be changed.
  5. How about a little Q/C

    They released an updated version with a fix for the monitoring feature. Did you update your version? http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=41860
  6. Where is the new version?

  7. New CCleaner build 4.18.4844

    v4.18.4844 seems like a sales and marketing approach for the Professional version of CCleaner. Just to be notified that you can save .5 GB doesn't appeal to me. Everything is still grayed out after you enable system monitoring. No values or settings can be changed. This did prompt me to look at the Professional version and it's features. Many users would benefit from the notifications, automatic cleaning and updating. There's a free trial of the Professional version for those who are interested.
  8. Welcome to the forum bdlacy, I don't know what you mean by "automatic cleaning", but if you just need to add SMS messages to the analyse try this... Settings > Customize Analyses > tap on SMS and you should see a check mark appear indicating that it will be included in analyze. After you analyze, make sure the box next to SMS in the results window is checked so that it will be included in cleaning. You can also customize what is to be deleted in the received and sent results. Tap the marker on the right, then tap on your desired setting. Edit: If you're referring to the "Quick Clean" widget as "automatic cleaning", SMS messages is not an option on my phone.
  9. Cookie Cleaning?

    If possible, will CCleaner for Android include cookie cleaning? Would be nice to see the cookies to keep option as in the Windows version. As always, thanks for your hard work and the new CCleaner Android App.
  10. GUI bug

    Options > Advanced Restore default settings is on top of skip user account control warning. CCleaner v4.09.4471 Vista SP2
  11. GUI bug

    Confirming GUI bug fixed with v4.10.4570. Thank you!
  12. You proved that it's not just the new version of CCleaner that's running slow for you. Since you weren't having any problems until around the 29th of October, I'd look at any new programs or updates to existing programs. For example, Firefox 25.0 was just released on the 29th. If your running V25.0., CCleaner could be having a problem cleaning it.
  13. Have you tried saving the settings to INI file. This would remove all settings from the registry and save them to an INI file in the CCleaner folder, making the program portable. Options > Advanced > Check box for "Save all settings to INI file". If that doesn't help, try going back one version to 4.06.4324. You can install it over the top of the current version.
  14. Go to: https://adblockplus....n/subscriptions Scroll down to Miscellaneous then click on Subscribe: Malware Domains. This will open Adblock Plus Options in a new tab. At least it doe's in Comodo Dragon. Click on + Add button and your done.
  15. What happens to checked items?

    When you click on Analyze, the data is just scanned and the results are shown. When you click on Run Cleaner, the data is removed and the results are shown. You may want to read the online documentation to familiarize yourself with CCleaner. The link below will take you there...
  16. Comodo Dragon 23.2 includes Comodo Privalert

    You must have missed this post. http://forum.pirifor...35 I can confirm that they work on Comodo Dragon.
  17. Comodo Dragon 23.2 includes Comodo Privalert

    Press Ctrl+Shift and left click a link. Or press Shift and click a link with your middle mouse button (or mousewheel). Opens the link in a new tab and switches to the newly opened tab. Link to the available shortcuts. http://help.comodo.c...odo-Dragon.html Link to the topic at the Comodo forum. https://forums.comod...b-t89439.0.html
  18. Comodo Dragon 23.2 includes Comodo Privalert

    I agree with you both here and you should at least have the option to show the new tab immediately. I think I'll add this to the CD wish list over at the Comodo forum.
  19. Comodo Dragon 23.2 includes Comodo Privalert

    Right click on a link and you'll see the following choices. 1) Open link in new tab. 2) Open link in new window. 3) Open link in incognito window.
  20. Can you post a pic of the configuration screen of your Realtek HD Audio manager? Do you have the Realtek HD Audio manager set as default for sound playback? What cables and jacks are you using?
  21. Did you confirm that the Realtek HD Audio Manager is configured for 5.1 surround sound and not 2.0 stereo?
  22. Sounds like its configured for stereo or 2.0 speakers. Make sure its set for 5.1.
  23. 1 Billion Downloads

    One billion downloads means that there are alot of happy users that keep coming back for more. Let the hard working people at Piriform have their moment in the spotlight.
  24. 1 Billion Downloads

    An American Billion isn't quite worth what it use to be. Thank you for keeping our computers free of useless files. I'm looking forward to the upcoming details on the Cloud and Mobile products. Congrats!
  25. This is also a useful tool from grc.com to help one choose. The fastest servers may not be the safest. https://www.grc.com/dns/dns.htm