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  1. Unable to move beyond V5.45.6611

    Hi, If you have a paid subscription, it would be best for you to contact Piriform directly rather than go through the community forum.
  2. More Tracking and Data Gathering?

    100% agree with that. The older things get the harder it is to keep them going.
  3. More Tracking and Data Gathering?

    Hi Andavari, I'm using Q4OS on two 32-bit systems. A 2005 desktop running the Trinity desktop and a 2008 laptop with the Plazma desktop. I couldn't be happier how it brought them back to life. Full support until 2022. If these boxes make it till then, I will be surprised. The 32bit installation CD has the Trinity and Plazma Desktop along with others like Cinnamon (Mint), Xfce,... I'm using the current Firefox Quantum. I hope the support last.
  4. Windows 10 Pro setup

    No threats found. Thank you! Seems to be a clean and fast system for what I need it for. I'm going to spend some time on the forum hazelnut suggested. Peace...
  5. Windows 10 Pro setup

    My system was activated with a digital license. I understand what you both are telling me now. Thanks
  6. Windows 10 Pro setup

    Great info, my license is Windows 10 Pro for Refurbished PCS. I'll contact the company I bought it from to see if I can install myself with their license. I do have a product key so it would be reasonable to think that I could.
  7. Windows 10 Pro setup

    Downloading MS updates now and I like Windows 10 so far. I'll have to stop by and pick up a copy of CCleaner.
  8. Windows 10 Pro setup

    No disc for clean install. I haven't powered it up yet but I'll get back on it after my three hour tour. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfSLuEj99d0 Thanks for the link and sharing your wealth of knowledge.
  9. Windows 10 Pro setup

    Thx hazelnut, the system I bought has pro installed. I appreciate the good info on installation as I can use most of it for setup. Can I delete the Microsoft account, if it has one? I read that privacy was an issue with 10. Is that all I need to do to stop the snooping? I'm sure there will be more questions as I get started. I don't even know what a Cortana is.
  10. Windows 10 Pro setup

    Just bought a refurbished desktop so I can run applications that are for Windows and not for Linux. I have searched and found many videos on how to setup and tweak Windows 10. If anyone has any links in mind, please post them so I can get the job done right. Thanks, Jamin4u
  11. More Tracking and Data Gathering?

    Hi login123, good to see you too. Its nice to have a place to go where everybody knows your login name. Cheers!
  12. Malware in Ccleaner 5.50

    Hi, you could upload the installer .exe file and get 67 different secuity products results. https://www.virustotal.com/#/home/upload
  13. More Tracking and Data Gathering?

    Yeah, I'm still hanging around. I do miss trying to help others on the forum. What a great group of people here. Nothing but the best, for all of us.
  14. More Tracking and Data Gathering?

    I switched to Linux on my old xp and vista boxes because of browsers no longer being supported. Since CCleaner is not a Linux application, I'm using an alternative. It looks like it may be a blessing, considering what I continue to read on this forum. Thanks for all the good years! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  15. CC Cleaner

    Check your security software. It may be a false positive blocking CCleaner.