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  1. Scroll wheel on Logitech mouse

    Think cos of driver. Old driver or maybe wrong driver. Try the mouse on a other PC.
  2. Something (un)original ?

    I dont know if you think this is spam, if you think this is, delete it. But I got that idea about that bunny, remember ? "I'll eat the bunny if I dont get 50,000$". Well, I made that kinda site But my goal is 700$ ! I wont eat anything/anyone. Just begging people. EDIT: Forgot link ... www.700mb.nl
  3. Missing Russian lake.

    Have you seen it no ? That kinda news would be on all channels - now, I didnt see a sh!t, I'll ask my Russian mates ... if the lake is still there, I'll get 30$ from you.
  4. Missing Russian lake.

    Btw, the lake didnt dissapeared, thats a hoax ... Nothing been on the news, Russian news paper sites ... nothing
  5. Missing Russian lake.

    Yeah ... maybe Americans really got us ?
  6. What Icons do you have on your desktop?

    Builtin in StyleXP
  7. Animated GIF Creation Software

    I dont know any good soft for making animated GIF's, but this could be a good start: http://www.google.be/search?hl=nl&q=Animat...le+zoeken&meta=
  8. What Icons do you have on your desktop?

    Lol, we have the same wallpaper.
  9. What the ?

    What is Google.com doing there ?
  10. Error when trying to see a movie

    I have Winamp But the problem is fixed now Just reinstalled WMP, and it worked...dunno why it didnt worked before.
  11. Real Firefox Desktop Icon

    Whohohow !! Nicee ...
  12. Windows Update

    Erm, I've just warned people, and I have an official copy of WinXP. The screenshot is taken from my laptop that I test everything on ... Just warned the users that have an illegal copy, you dont want 100 kids whinning on this forum "after update my windows crashed"; do you ?
  13. Is RegSeeker for real?

    CCleaner is a crap cleaner, not a registry cleaner. Get RegistryMechanic & WinASO Registry Optimizer
  14. Windows Update

    Thats why ...