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  1. I have an Excel icon on my taskbar. when I right click I get all my recent files. When I run CCleaner it deletes them. In Excel I have a high number as the number of previous files to show.
  2. There is no chrome history in ccleaner.
  3. how to stop ccleaner from deleting chrome history
  4. how to stop deletion of history in chrome
  5. Can I save my xfinity email site from being cleaned off? What I mean is that I set the switch to save the log in. Then after cleaning I have to log in again.
  6. CCleaner deletes recent docs in Windows 10. How to fix this?
  7. In win 10 can any of the following be excluded? Recent Documents (already unchecked) Quick access Recent files
  8. Windows 10 empties recent files whenever I run ccleaner. recent files is not checked.
  9. I notice in windows 10 my recent docs disappear although I have unchecked this in ccleaner
  10. I can do that, but I hate to. Then it won't clean out what it needs to from this area I presume.
  11. It appears that the program cleans out my recent docs list from MSoffice. I don't see anywhere to avoid this in the program. thank you
  12. Now that I think about it, you're right.
  13. i noticed that the File menu in Word and Excel is missing recent files. Does CCleaner destroy them? I want it to delete temp files, but not the recent opened file list.
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