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  1. my mistake, it is not the portable CCleaner but a SFX made by bootzilla. this was the program that I used. http://www.bhtproject.org/library/BHT4x/?d...ccleanerSFX.exe I believe it is to do with the packaging of CCleaner into a SFX. just tried it today 28 Nov 08. the title bar goes grey, but then after about 2 secs it comes back. 0. make sure u have lots of files to clean, ie d'load some youtube files or browse net for 15 mins. 1. run CCleaner 2. Alt-R (Run Cleaner) when the cleaner is in operation the title bar goes grey.
  2. this seems to occur when it has a lot of stuff to clean. on portable CCleaner v2.12.660 1. run prog 2. alt-R CCleaner gets rid of temp files but notice that the title bar is shaded. now one has to click on CCleaner to bring it to the foreground. just noticed that sometimes the title bar comes back.
  3. this is due to version reported as rather than looks like a typo
  4. 1) after scanning 2) click in window 3) press Ctrl-Numpad+ to auto arrange the columns note how the first colum gets squashed so that it is very hard to select the check boxes.
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