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  1. CCleaner is incredibly slow now

    Thank you very much for your assistance. The old version saves me 56 seconds of analysis.
  2. Windows Steals 20% Of Your Network Bandwidth

    It doesn't only work on Professional. It works on Corporate as well. I'm not sure that I'll get a noticeable difference though. I set it down to 5.
  3. When I got the notice that you'd upgraded CCleaner I was like "oh, sweet!" I've loved using it, as it keeps space on my computer free. But with this new build I've come across one big problem - it's way too slow. Analyzing takes far too long to complete, and the actual cleaning is slow as well. Even if I only press Run Cleaner, it takes a massive amount of time to clean things up. If there's no way this can be fixed, could I please have a link to the previous build? I wasn't able to find it on your site. Thanks.