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  1. AOL and RealPlayer

    Thank you Twisted Metal and DjLizard! I'm glad I waited and ask first....I wish I had not tried to remove AOL in the first place. But it was Try AOL Broadband and I didn't want it. It was already installed when I brought a new pc. I will leave those in i386 files alone. I have windows media and dvdsentry for movies? I don't use it maybe one time I did. I don't remember. Anyway, thanks!! Glad I could come in here for help....hugs, Rose
  2. AOL and RealPlayer

    Hello! I hope you can help me out...I no longer use AOL dial up. I used DSL now. AOL and RealPlayer are not in Add/Remove programs anymore. But I have found these files from search. So I was wondering if it's ok to delete? Also what is *Learn2Player (uninstall only)? That was in my Add/Remove. I will try to send screenshots I took and I hope it will show up here...Thanks! hugs, Rose
  3. Spybot Search and Destroy 1.4

    Thank you Peter....I thought it was strange to have that twice on my pc and laptop aftr I installed Spybot 1.4. I got it from majorgeeks.com. I did a scan to check to make sure it is clean before I install. I don't have anything on trusted sites listed. I don't use that. hugs, Rose
  4. Spybot Search and Destroy 1.4

    Why did Spybot have spyware on it * 139mm.com *? I installed spybot 1.4 on my laptop today and same thing happened again! Just like my pc other day! What's up with that? See my previous post.... Rose
  5. Spybot Search and Destroy 1.4

    I had to reply this post as I just saw it...I was really surprised to read that you also have *139mm.com* too after installed spybot. I also have that one trying to connect Trusted zone on my pc after MS gave me a warning asking if I want to block it. Of course I did block it...But it happened after I installed Spybot 1.4...I thought that was weird. Everything seemed to be ok too...Rose
  6. How to disable

    Ok thank you! hugs. Rose
  7. How to disable

    Hello! Will I still be able to read .pdf files? If I delete from start folder instead of disable from msconfig? hugs. Rose
  8. How to disable

    Someone told me to use start/run/msconfig...Uncheck Adobe reader. Leave selective mode or something...Is that right? Thanks for any help...I just don't want Adobe reader 7 to run background. I don't need that. I only need it for reading .pdf stuffs. hugs, Rose
  9. Does anyone use sun java for online games?

    I also forgot to say that I saved it to my documents so I won't have to go there again now that I know I can just double click and install it....Now that was easy...lol I am learning something new all right....Thank you so much...I really appreciated it! hugs. Rose
  10. Does anyone use sun java for online games?

    I found it Tarun...thank you I went to download center and found it there..hugs, Rose This time I put it in my favorites and my pc too....
  11. Does anyone use sun java for online games?

    Well Tarun I am back again! I want to download latest java that you gave me. It's not there anymore. Will you please send it to me again? I am using my laptop and I want to download and install now like I did for my pc. When on that link Sun java want me to register. So I don't know what to do now? hugs. Rose
  12. Does anyone use sun java for online games?

    Tarun Thank you!!!! I will keep that website in my favorites in case I may need it again ( hope not) Or if you will keep that link in your post...How did you come across it? I didn't know there was another update... Java.com didn't have that so I was wondering about that....I sure hope this new update will keep my java after I used CCleaner. ( crossing my finger) You are the best!!! hugs, Rose BTW Thank you for putting up with me.
  13. Does anyone use sun java for online games?

    Well that was strange...I know I clicked SAVE when I downloaded JRE1_5_03 and I went to look at my documents. I didn't have to click on it. I will send a screenshot if I did it right....lol That was in my documents and I didn't open or anything. All I did was click save.. So now what? Move that file to java program files? I don't know....Does that mean I don't have to install that file just move a file to java program files... Boy I am asking a lot of questions.. So sorry! Rose
  14. Does anyone use sun java for online games?

    I am sorry... Yes I did make a backup if I used registry issues. I didn't merge it yet b/c I already reinstalled java 1.5.0_02 and I didn't know what would happened If I do merge. I had a lot of fixed issues in there and I didn't want them all go back on my pc... Rose